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Film 260

  1. 1. New Media Celebrities By: Mason Fischer Image courtesy of Kaustav Bhattacharya (Flickr)
  2. 2. New media is defined as on-demand content available on any digital device, usually through the Internet. Image courtesy of Keoni Cabral (Flickr)
  3. 3. Another aspect of new media is its low production costs and massive amount of unregulated content. Image courtesy of jontinjordan (Flickr)
  4. 4. In comparison, old media is considered to be standard television programs or movies, with high production costs and a small amount of content. Image courtesy of Rojier Nort (Flickr)
  5. 5. Youtube is the most common platform for new media, as it allows for content to be created and uploaded to the entire world very easily. Image courtesy of (Flickr)
  6. 6. Twitch is another common platform that allows for livestreaming of content to a global audience. Image courtesy of Visual Vandal (Flickr)
  7. 7. A popular style of new media is the combination of video games and commentary. Image courtesy of vladeb (Flickr)
  8. 8. Many new media celebrities earn their living with this style of new media, on Youtube and Twitch. Image courtesy of adamjackson1984 (Flickr)
  9. 9. Pewdiepie is one of these celebrities, who has the most popular Youtube channel with over 27 million subscribers as of May 23rd, 2014. Image courtesy of greenxdayfan50 (Flickr)
  10. 10. However, not all new media content creators are individuals. Image courtesy of vernieman (Flickr)
  11. 11. Many companies of likeminded content creators have arisen due to the increasing popularity of new media. Image courtesy of tronnic (Flickr)
  12. 12. Due to the ease of new media content creation and sharing, it is much easier for people to break in to the new media industry. Image courtesy of Guerrilla Futures (Flickr)
  13. 13. To become prevalent in the old media industry, extensive networking is required, making it near impossible for the average person. Image courtesy of Micheal Savage (Flickr)
  14. 14. Due to the constant flow of content and more personal approach, new media celebrities are more relatable and present an attainable goal. Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee (Flickr)
  15. 15. In that way, they can be seen as better role models than old media celebrities Image courtesy of pauls95blazer (Flickr)
  16. 16. External sources, such as managers and production companies, have too much influence on the public image of old media celebrities. Image courtesy of iceninejon (Flickr)
  17. 17. The result of this influence is dishonesty in old media celebrities. Image courtesy of pareerica (Flickr)
  18. 18. New media fame can be achieved from anywhere around the globe, whereas old media fame is only achieved in Hollywood. Image courtesy of peyri (Flickr)
  19. 19. Through the use of comments, chats and forums, new media celebrities receive much more direct feedback from their audience. Image courtesy of vevg (Flickr)
  20. 20. New media celebrities are exceptionally more transparent about their personalities and daily life than their old media counterparts. Image courtesy of mikelo (Flickr)
  21. 21. It is only a matter of time before new media celebrities become more popular than movie and TV stars. Image courtesy of JeffreyTurner (Flickr)