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  1. 1. BEGIN THE TUTORIAL: PUBLISHER 2007 >><br />Need a quick reminder of how to do something with Publisher? Click a task:<br />Publisher Basics<br />Create a new document <br />Work with text <br />Enhancing Documents<br />Change colors <br />Insert text boxes <br />Insert pages <br />Flow text to other boxes <br />Format text <br />Import text <br />Insert graphics <br />Add page numbers <br />Refining Documents<br />Check spelling <br />Change spacing <br />Align/distribute graphics <br />Rotate text and graphics <br />Flow text around graphics <br />Add tables and graphs <br />Brochures & Newsletters<br />Create a brochure from a template <br />Create a newsletter from a template <br />Create a newsletter from scratch <br />Advanced Features<br />Change defaults <br />Employ autoshapes <br />Employ Pack and Go <br />Check design <br />Bottom of Form<br />Create a new document<br />Start Microsoft Publisher. <br />You should see a screen that looks like this: <br />In the Microsoft Publisher pane, make sure Getting Started is selected. <br />Select a design type<br />In the Popular Publication Types area, click Flyers. <br />Select a design layout<br />Under Flyers, scroll down to Announcement. <br />Click Party. <br />Then click the button. <br />The screen should look like this:<br />Add personalized data<br />On the Menu Bar, click Edit, then Business Information. <br />When the Edit Business Information Set window appears, type: <br />Emma Publisher <br />in the Individual name box. <br />In the Job or position title box, type: <br />President <br />In the first line of the Address box, type: <br />826 Main Street <br />In second line of the Address box, type: <br />Anytown, Anystate 92346 <br />In the Organization Name box, type: <br />Anyville Preservation League <br />In the Tag line or motto box, type: <br />Preserving our past for all our tomorrows <br />Click the button. <br />When the Business Information window appears, click the button. <br />The personal information should be added to the flyer. <br />Save the document<br />On the Toolbar, click the icon. <br />When the Save As window appears, create a new folder within the Documents folder called Practice Publisher Files. <br />When the new folder appears, type: <br />Practice Publisher Files <br />Make sure the Practice Publisher Files folder appears in the Save in box: <br />Click in the File name box, then type: <br />Anyville Party <br />Click the button. <br />Work with text<br />Enter text directly<br />Click the blue text box. <br />Type: <br />Twenty years ago, the Anyville Preservation League formed to save the Johnson house from demolition. We have helped save over two dozen buildings. <br />The flyer should now look like this: <br />Insert Text<br />Highlight the words We have. <br />Press the DELETE key on your keyboard. <br />The text should disappear. <br />Type: <br />The League has <br />The second sentence should now read like this: <br />In the contact box after Anyville Preservation League, type: <br />Headquarters <br />Press the ENTER key. <br />On the next line after Headquarters, type: <br />Emma Publisher, President <br />The flyer should look like this: <br />Resize a text box<br />Click the text box that contains the text 826 Main Street. <br />Resize a text box<br />Click the text box that contains the text 826 Main Street. <br />Place the cursor on the right center circle in the outline around the text box. <br />The cursor should change to a double-arrow: <br />Click and drag the right edge of the box until it aligns with the left edge of the star graphic. <br />The text should realign in the new box size: <br />Alamat:<br />