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Motin (063140056)

  1. 1. North South University Assignment Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh. Course: ETE-605 Prepared By: M. R. Q. Motin ID: 063140056 Course Teacher: Dr. Mashiur Rahman Dated: 08-04-2008
  2. 2. Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh. Outsourcing Call Centers to India India has become the favorite destination for Call Centers in the world. In the span of last 10 years, Call Centers in India have grown rapidly with steady growth rate providing cost-effective services. India has one of the largest English-speaking skilled resources in the globe. Call Centers in India are able to match the expectations of the outsourcing companies from around the globe. In today's internet age, many companies are eyeing India to outsource their non-core area of business largely to reduce costs, and to focus entirely on their core area of business. What Call Centre India offers that others cannot? There is no shadow of a doubt that the competition is turning its face towards the global environment and large organizations are doing everything that they can to stay ahead of their competitors in order to stay in the game. Keeping this in mind, it is seen that large organizations are approaching Indian call center more than call center located in China, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. The most important aspect that call centre India capitalizes upon is the fact that the number of advantages that it offers is way more than any other country can offer. Some of the reasons for call centre India gaining such a lot of attention is because of the reason that majority of the population of the country are educated. Another thing is that India comes second when it comes to the country having the largest English speaking population, the first being the US. Also, due to the difference in the time zones, especially that of India and the US, large corporations are assured that their customers get 24 hours service. The latest technology that India uses and its cost effective methods are the other reasons for call centre India to be the number 1 choice when it comes to business process outsourcing. Indian Call Centers formulate business strategy by completely studying the process employed by the outsourcing companies and provide the most cost-effective services to their clients. They constantly update their clients with the progress made and provide them with full information 1 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  3. 3. regarding the process on every stage. They follow customer-specific approach. In terms of cost, the Call Center services provided in India are far more cost-effective, which is one of the main reasons why the outsourcing companies chose India as their favorite destination. Quality conscious companies in India, make an in-depth analysis of the process of its clients and draws up the plan from hiring to delivery. Through this in-depth planning and subsequent implementation of the process, they are able to save costs up to 40% to 50% to their clients with uncompromising quality. Moreover, and it also helps to broaden the customer base of its clients through commitment, strategy, and high focus on customer satisfaction. Why outsource to Call Centers in India? 1. Magnitude of workforce India has one of the largest number of qualified, IT-literate, tech-savvy professionals in the world. Also, it has a large pool of English-speaking resources. The size of India's workforce is one of the biggest advantages through which it is able to meet global Call Center demand. India also provides Call Center services for major languages in the world such as German, French, Spanish, etc. 2. Diverse Call Center services. Call Centers in India offer an array of Call Center services such as inbound and outbound Call Center services, telemarketing services, technical and non-technical helpdesk services, E-mail and Chat support. They also provide a host of IT enabled services such as helpdesk services, accounting services, transaction processing services, remote network management and end-to- end processing. 3. Latest technology and robust Infrastructure Call Centers in India employ the latest technology available and are equipped with world-class infrastructure to match the requirements of its clients. They deploy top-class servers, solid power 2 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  4. 4. backup, and dedicated internet lease line, etc., which enables them to deliver their services to the clients without any hindrance. Some of the features of infrastructure, • India's strong telecommunication network enables high-speed transfer of voice and data across every corner of the globe. • Providing critical Computer Telephony Integration and Interactive Voice Response systems regardless of the customer's PABX, ACD, computer or database. • Deployment of world-class telecom infrastructure with various redundancies at critical junctures and honor uptime commitments of nearly 99%. • Availability of 24x7 support with uninterrupted power supply with solid power backup. • Use of high-grade voice and data communication systems. • Dedicated leased line of internet. 4. Hiring process Growing companies hire the creamy layer of talented customer support representatives into their fold to bestow superior inbound and outbound Call Center services to their clients. The hiring process support imparts the importance of customer focus to their potential candidates. Once the potential candidates are thoroughly trained on the client-specific inbound and outbound process, rigorous tests are conducted to test them. Only successful candidates will be absorbed into the delivery team of the Company team. Also, the clients are given the complete list of customer support representatives who work on their project. Any updates from the clients will be immediately followed by the delivery team of Company Support. Some of the training imparted is the following, • Accent training. • Process oriented certifications. • Etiquette of Call Center. • Internet skills. • Promotional and sales skills. 5. Cost-effectiveness. 3 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  5. 5. Another significant aspect why companies prefer outsourcing to Call Centers in India is because the cost of running a Call Center in India is nearly 50% less than running the same kind of Call Center in Americas, Europe, Australia, etc. Moreover, Indian Call Centers are always quality conscious and they meet up the higher standards set up by the outsourcing companies. Indian Call Centers functions on 24x7x365 days basis with strong customer focus. This has encouraged many global giants to outsource their Call Center services to India since they are able to get the same or better quality of Call Center services at nearly half the cost that they used to spend normally. Indian Call Centers Industry Call Centers are required for large companies to sell their products to the customers, proposing a product or service as well as for the after-sale enquiries made by the customers. Call centers in India are at its peak today. Customized solution through customer interactive programs in the success mantra of numerous corporate firms nowadays. For the strategic business development - that requires acquired skills for customer queries, solutions etc., Indian call-centers are at par with the current marketing demands. Call centers not only handle the task of interacting with customers but also provide a wider base for official tasks of inventories, bill handling, web- solutions and various other business requirement proceedings. 4 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  6. 6. Call centers in India are prospering upon the upscale rise amongst the entrepreneurs who are trying to allure their customers through inbound and outbound calling facility. This concept raving in US have enabled many offshore call centers establishments, majorly is India. The quality of English is at par with the international standards. Indians are technically literate and comfortable with new technologies arising in the industry. Indian call centers work round the clock and provide 24-hour support for the customers of these US based clients. From the concept of being just a voice based medium of customer support, today call centers are referred to as 'Contact Centers' which are capable of handling customer queries over phone or the online medium. Qualified professional talent with fluency in English and a neutral accent with the ability to shift to different accents have made India, a preferred destination for offshore clients. 5 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  7. 7. Call center industry in India is projected at $142 billion by the year 2008 as per NASSCOM. With its built-in potency, India is advertised as the hot destination for 'offshore outsourcing hub'. The booming Indian call center industry is the benchmark of the changing global trend. Reducing cost for business proceeding is the prime focus of the corporate houses. They realized that shifting their call-center operations to India would heavily cut down their costs. Business settlement laws were reviewed and it was easier for alien firms to settle in the Indian soils. The country produces technically sound work force with high standards of English. 6 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  8. 8. The call center industry estimated to grow into $301 billion industry by 2010 is a sheer pleasure for the aspiring workforce in India. Call centers in India has also effectively developed a niche in the areas of data verification, data capture, tele research, service follow-ups and renewing subscriptions, which becomes the core outbound activities of a call center. Unless there is talented enough manpower to handle such queries, no business organization will make a move. Thus India have taken a leap step in call center industry, which in recent have been the home more developed nations like Australia, New Zealand, and European nation. Outsourcing from Bangladesh DEDICATED TO THE CREATION OF CUSTOMER SURPRISE Customer focus has become the barometer of organizational performance. And for this very purpose call centers have gradually yet steadily made a niche for themselves. In a world of cutthroat competition, survival is the keyword - which involves not only multifarious and dynamic business attitude but also ensuring a flawless customer service. And that's where the inevitability of a call center stands. We need to establish Call center completely relate to the importance of customer care needs. So the focus is on an incessant deliverance of world-class quality support through our highly 7 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  9. 9. professional support team and state of the art technology. This, in totality, enables you to soar in your business aspirations, as would your customers' optimism in you. • Low cost on per-call / response basis • 24/7 customer support services • Reduced turnaround time • Reduced time to market • Excellent quality and consistency • No extra infrastructure cost • High-level of call pick-up / customer response • Best of customer care professionals • Highly systemized and professional style of working. • Zero over-heads on customer response / activity with-in your organization. • No cost over-runs; since the entire service will be operating on a fixed charge basis. • No infrastructure requirements at your end; since the full call-center is owned and managed by us. • Ready-to-start resources with absolute minimum setup time. • Use of latest technology in telecommunications and customer-care. • No extra manpower cost and involvement because of high turnover and tight domestic labor pools, it requires ongoing investment in recruitment, training, background checks and other human resources costs. • The top 400 companies declare they currently outsource several business functions. • Worldwide revenue for outsourcing will continue to grow at the rate of 15%. • The user typically realizes cost savings of 60%. Why Bangladesh THE BANGLADESH ADVANTAGE Language 1. Bangladesh has one of the largest English- speaking populations in the world. 8 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  10. 10. 2. English is the principal language for the business transactions in Bangladesh. Manpower 1. Bangladesh has the second largest and the fastest growing pool of technical manpower. 2. High availability of Computer literate, English speaking & educated customer care professionals. 3. Bangladesh has the lowest manpower cost. Manpower cost is approximately one tenth of what it is overseas. The annual cost per agent in USA is approximately $40,000 while in Bangladesh it is around $5000. Reliability and Security The work force is highly reliable and can deliver world-class quality and ensure rapid delivery of service. Bangladeshi companies are also increasingly adapting to international quality and security standards. Infrastructure 1. Bangladesh is outfitted with well-connected telecommunication systems on a world-class scale· High availability of infrastructure resources. 2. Bangladesh's satellite-based and Submarine cable based telecommunication network enables almost instantaneous high-speed transfer of voice and data across the globe. 3. Basic, Cellular and Internet Services privatized. 4. Domestic leased circuit tariff reduced by 80% in last 1 year. 5. International Internet Gateway privatized-likely reduction in tariff. Legislative Framework 1. Highly liberal Government policies on Call- center operations 2. Maintains High cost-competitiveness in service sectors 3. Proactive Government - 10yr. Tax holiday · Duty free import of capital machinery and software. 9 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.
  11. 11. Cost Benefits Bangladeshi companies can provide call center services to clients based in the U.S. or the U.K. at one-sixth to one-fourth of what it costs in the U.S., U.K. or Australia. Time Zone A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with the USA and other markets for Call Center services is in Bangladesh's favor. Pro-Active Government The department of telecommunications, Government of Bangladesh has given a special thrust to the industry by reducing the prices of high-speed international private leased circuits. The recent IT boom has prompted the Government of Bangladesh to announce exemptions from income tax and customs for the exports of IT enabled services. Private Internet gateways and 100 foreign direct investments have been given approvals. "Potentially 50-80 percent of total process costs in most IT enabled services can be out sourced offshore. As much as 70 - 80 percent costs can be reduced primarily because of wage differentials. However, in order to manage operations in remote locations, expatriate management may initially be required to support the remote locations. This together with higher telecom costs could result in additional costs of 10-20 percent. Hence there could be 50-60 percent saving on out located processes. Conclusion Call centers in the US and other countries are facing margin pressures on account of high operating and labor costs. Bangladesh is going to be the preferred outsourcing destination for offshore call center operations. Bangladesh needs to rapidly build capacity and capability for Call Center. 10 Call Center Analysis Between India and Bangladesh.