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BUY/SELL/RENT/ LEASE FLAT/ HOUSE FOR RENT Sell /buy/rent single bed or two bed room flat ready available at Manipal and Mangalore .INVEST IN RIGHT TIME GET RENTAL INCOME AND APPRICIATE VALUE OF PROPERTIES We are in the full-fledged services mainly related to students .Visit: invest in Manipal and Mangalore or Beach front place at malpe. We supply ayurvedic medicine from mangalore and udupi .Managlore: 9448152066/9448623789 Email: Manipal: A two and single bed room available behind university building.

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Manipal mart anything and everthing

  1. 1. Started with the Idea “how to get ranking in Google ? ” How to create pages online? How to use google ads? How to register domain ? Studied designing webpages for free for rotary club and junior chamber (NGO) Was member of Y2k team to KH.MU and a team member of taskforce for y2k for Udupi Dist. First to introduce internet/intranet @campus/ Linux-mail to MU/initiated to create post net.admin in manipal university Started in free web space and it was not accepting Google ads then he started his own domain It was part of MBA project for SMU(distance learning)
  2. 2. About CEO CEO says “We don’t think that we need any introduction on our service” • He get calls for our services · England / Malaysia /Dubai/ USA / Iran · India / Singapore He believes in hard work and honesty ?
  3. 3. Value proposition (Students targeted) Anything and everything •Print job online •Track flight •Affiliate market (New) •Buy/sell/rent/print online •Write a blog and win a prize (referral marketing) •Free SMS to friends(yet to activate) •List most of the services @ manipal
  4. 4. • NO competitors: this is one kind of business model where revenue is shared with local business vendors, making local business go from brick and motar to click and motar by listing their items and information in the website so that there is no competitor in the locality. (Weakness in other website is my strength)
  5. 5. How it hatches (Revenue model) • Rental service • Service apartment • Ad sense • Self driven cars to parents • Real-estate • Students centric services • Recharge(yet to start) • Online print job
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis • Born to businessmen family • Student and staff of MU • First @manipal with latest information • Owner is interested on brand building and not on revenue in initial stage(till his MBA) • Targeted to students and their parents • Used items for sale/buy/rent • Every page is research based including color • Unique services print /rental • Good communication with parents of MU students in abroad
  7. 7. Weakness. • Owner is not dedicated to ….(multi tasking) • One man show; yet to establish • Not concentrated on VAT and Tax • Time bonding • Yet to act on revenue sharing model
  8. 8. THREATS are Negative forces that are outside your control and may inhibit success. • Alternative sites and local broker • Manipal university – New hostels • Students community- • Service it self (terrorist /races) • new/exiting off-line competitors entering your market; • free search engine listings like • technology advances making your products or services obsolete.
  9. 9. opportunity • Not yet concentrated local ads • Building marketing team • Social networking • Blog is not in use to public • Can have branch in all manipal campus • Hot job@manipal is not included
  10. 10. "Then adjust your strategy! •Events and conference at manipal and mangalore •Target Malaysian/NRI students •Concentrate with priorities on service •Waste management@manipal •Medical tourism •Online services •Staying in touch with potential customers. •Local Advertisement and website design opportunity. •Affiliation markets
  11. 11. • “We never tried to become president of US. If I tried and worked hard I could and we never try” • Mr.Narayanmoorthy (Infosys) • “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best is now.” - Chinese proverb
  12. 12. Thanks Reviews from future customer; “This project is direct connected to bottom of my heart” faculty MIM “This website is better than other sites in manipal” classmate “choose marketing it will help you to build” faculty MIM “great job I will inform to all friends” classmate “you have everything and hell of a job in it” classmate “they told me that your website is discussed in class” classmate “sir, I saw your add in google today” classmate “sir, why are you doing MBA” classmate