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contoh Soal ujian mid semester kelas vii m ts
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contoh Soal ujian mid semester kelas vii m ts


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  • 1. SOAL UJIAN MID SEMESTER MTs. N BATANG TORU TAHUN AJARAN 2011-2012KELAS : : VIIIBIDANG STUDI : BAHASA INGGRISAnswer the questions by choosing the correct one!1. Rita : can you get me some drink? Puput : ……. a. No problem b. You could, too c. I’ll make sure d. Be my guest2. Tyas : could you lend me some money? Clara : ….. a. No, thanks b. Sorry, I forgot c. You are right d. Sorry, I don’t have any.3. Limbong : Can I use your ruler? Rasyid : ….. I am using it now a. I’m sure b. I’m sorry c. I’m fine d. I’m alright4. Clerk : May I help you? Customer : ……. Clerk : The men’s wear department is over there. It’s next to the shoe department. a. Is the men’s wear department open now? b. Could you tell me where the men’s wear department? c. Do you mind if I use the lift to the men’s wear department? d. I need to buy some shoes before going to the men’s wear department. Complete the following dialogue to answer questions 5 and 6. Situation : Yanti and Ani are in the classroom. They are having an art class. Yanti : Ani, where’s my eraser? You borrowed it yesterday, didn’t you? Ani : (5) …… but, I lost it last night at home. I’m really sorry. Yanti : (6) …… but don’t let this happen again Ani : I won’t. I promise.5. a. Yes, I did b. No, I didn’t c. Don’t say that d. You make me angry6. a. well done! b. that’s alright c. fine, if you like it d. I think you are right Read the following text to answer questions 7 and 8 JACK AND ROSE Come share our wedding Saturday, 10 January 2009 ST. Thomas Church Maketu At 1 PM Reception and Announcement Whakaue Marae7. Who got married ? a. Thomas b. Maketu c. Whakaue Marae d. Jack and Rose8. Who takes care of the accommodation?
  • 2. a. Jack and Rose b. Whakaue Marae c. The Church d. Thomas Read the following text to answer questions 9 and 12 It was Saturday, August 23rd. Our school was holding a special event. It was called the “Performance Day”. At 9 a.m., the event started. Every student was taking part in the event. Some students were joining a chess competition and some others were taking part in face painting. I myself was working with my team. We were doing an experiment with some clay. The “Performance Day” finished at 2 p.m. We were all happy. We had a good time.9. What was the name of the event? a. Special event b. Performance day c. Clay work d. Experiment day10. How long did the event last? a. Nine hours b. Seven hours c. Five hours d. Two hours11. What was the writer doing ? a. He was playing chess b. He was painting his face c. He was working alone d. He was doing an experiment12. How did the writer feel? a. Tired b. Bored c. Fatigue d. Delighted Choose the correct verb (Past Continuous Tense)13. Redi ….. (eat) dinner when his friend called. a. Eating b. Was eating c. Were eating d. Are eating14. When Fini came home, Nana ….. (listen) Radio. a. Listen b. Was listening c. Were listening d. Are listening Choose the correct verb (Present Perfect Tense)15. She ….. (live) in this this city for twenty years. a. Lived THE ANT AND THE DOVE b. Has lived One hot day, an ant was searching for some water. c. Have lived After walking around for some time, she came to a spring. d. Live To reach the spring she had to climb up a blade of grass. While making her way up, she slipped and fell into the water.16. They ….. (play) football since 7 o’clock a. Played have drowned if a dove up a nearby tree She could had not helped her. Seeing that the ant was in trouble, the b. Have played dove quickly plucked a leaf and dropped it into the water c. Play near the struggling ant. The ant moved towards the leaf and d. Has played climb up there. Soon, it carried her safely to dry ground. Just as that time, a hunter nearby was throwing out his net towards the dove, hoping toRead the following text to answer questions 17 – 22 trap it. Guessing what he was about to do, the ant quickly bit him on the heel. Feeling the pain, the hunter dropped his net. Quickly, the dove flied away to safety.
  • 3. 17. What did the dove do to save the ant? a. It climbed the nearby tree b. It saw the ant struggling c. It dropped a leaf d. It carried the ant to dry ground18. What did the hunter do to the dove? a. He was hoping to eat it b. He was trying to trap it c. He was trying to shoot it d. He was running towards it19. Which statement is TRUE according to the text? a. The dove bit the hunter on the heel b. Both animals were finally safe c. The hunter killed the dove d. The ant bit the dove20. What is the purpose of the text ? a. To inform the readers about an ant b. To describe the job of a hunter c. To entertain the readers d. To describe a dove21. What can we learn from the story? a. One good turn deserves another b. Don’t be greedy, or you may lose c. When there is a will, there is a way d. It is wise to plan ahead for hand time.22. “……., she came to a spring.” (Paragraph 1) The underlined word means ….. a. Water in a pail b. River in the middle of the city c. Flood in the middle of the jungle d. Water emerging from underground Read the following text to answer questions 23 – 26. Yummy Milkshake Ingredients : - Chocolate ice cream - 10 coconut biscuits - Milk Procedure : - Put a few scoops of ice cream into the blender - Blend with enough milk to make the mixture thick, but fairly liquid. - Add the remaining ingredients and blend.23. What is the goal of the text?
  • 4. a. How to make ‘Yummy Milkshake’ b. How to serve ‘Yummy Milkshake’ c. Introducing the ingredients of ‘Yummy Milkshake’ d. Telling about the kind of biscuits used in making milkshake.24. “….. to make the mixture thick ….” (second step) What does the underlined word mean? a. Full b. Cooked c. Almost solid d. Almost fresh25. How many ingredients do we need? a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four26. When do we put coconut biscuits into the blender? a. When we pour the milk into the blender b. After we blend the milk and the ice cream c. Before we blend the milk and ice cream d. Before we put the ice cream into the blender27. Nia : Would you pass me the salt, please? Ratna : …… here you are. a. Help yourself b. Of course c. No way d. Be sure28. Ivan : Excuse me. Do you need a hand? Mr. Hadi : ……. a. Hello? b. Goodbye c. See you around d. Thanks. But I think I can manage it myself29. A : Excuse me, May I sit here? B : Yes, please. A : Have the jury informed the winner? B : Not yet, Do you follow the contest? A : Yes, I do ….. bye B : Bye a. By the way b. Tell me more about it c. Lovely day, isn’t it? d. It’s been a pleasure talking to you30. The followings are the expressions to close a phone call, except . . . a. It’s time for me to say good bye b. Anyway, can I speak to your sister? c. Can I call you back? d. I won’t keep you any longer.31. Would you like any help? a. You’re welcome b. I’m sorry, I can’t c. Sure, thank you d. What do you mean?32. Can you help me, please? a. Yes, what can I do? b. No, thank you c. That’s very kind of you d. Yes, please33. The generic structure of recount text are . . . EXCEPT ? a. Orientation b. Description c. Events d. Re-orientation34. Mother goes to market to buy some fruits . . . vegetables. a. But b. And
  • 5. c. Or d. With35. Do you prefer white bag . . . the black one? a. But b. And c. Or d. With36. I want to take a course . . . my father doesn’t have money. a. But b. And c. Or d. With37. My life has change . . . you a. But b. And c. Or d. With38. She doesn’t attend the class today . . . the rain fall a. Because b. So c. Because of d. As soon as39. I take a rest . . . I am very tired a. Because b. So c. Because of d. As soon as40. They are quite . . . the baby. a. Because b. So c. Because of d. As soon as41. I . . . to her party last night a. Go b. Goes c. Gone d. Went42. She . . . in hurry yesterday a. Is b. Am c. Was d. Were Batangtoru, 03 April 2012 Guru Bidang Studi ADELINA DALIMUNTHE, S.Pd43. We . . . the secretary two days ago. a. Choose b. Choosen c. Shoes d. Cheese44. Did you . . . to his party last night. a. Come b. Came c. Coming d. Was coming45. She . . . have breakfast yesterday morning a. Doesn’t b. Didn’t c. Don’t d. Isn’t For number 16 – 20, complete the paragraph below with suitable word! Cinderella
  • 6. Once upon a time there (46) . . . a girl called Cinderella. She lived with her stepsisters and stepmother. They treated her badly. She had to do all the house works. One day an invitation to the ball (47) . . . to the family. But, her stepsisters would not let her go. Cinderella was sad. The stepsisters (48)… to the ball without her. Fortunately, the fairy godmother came and helped her to get to the ball. At the ball, Cinderella (49) . . . with the prince. The prince fell in love with her and then married her. The (50) . . . happily ever after.46. a. was b. were c. is d. are47. a. come b. comes c. came d. coming48. a. went b. go c. going d. gone49. a. dance b. dancing c. dances d. danced50. a. lived b. live c. life d. living