Retake plan


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Retake plan

  1. 1. Name_____________________________ Teacher ____________________ Period_______ High School Graduation Begins Today Retake Plan Students that wish to retake an assessment are required to complete tasks from the appropriate categories based on the score earned on the test. Fill out the top portion of this and place it into the turn in box: Name of test: _________________________________________________________ Your score: ______________________ Please be honest! I need you to reflect on how you are preparing for the tests. I think I do not do well because: _______ I did not study. _______ I was absent and missed some instruction. How many days? _______ _______ I studied, but still didn’t do well. _______ I did not complete all the homework to my best effort. _______ I did not focus during the instruction time. How did you study? While I studied: _______ I read through the book again. ________ The TV was on. _______ I made flashcards of key terms. ________ I listened to music _______ I reread everything and made new notes. Where were you? _______________ _______ I studied with a friend How long did you study? _________ _______ I studied with a family member Did you study more than one night? _______ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------ALL students who wish to retake the assessment MUST attach a COMPLETED copy of section/unit outline. To be completed by the teacher! Knowledge - (59% or below will need to PICK 2) _____ Flashcards Create a set of flashcards for the vocabulary _____ Finish all incomplete homework for this unit _____ Read the unit and do the end of section and end of chapter questions _____ Read the unit and create your own test with an answer key. At least 5 questions per section.
  2. 2. Comprehension - (60%-79% will need to PICK 2) _____ Graphic Organizer to demonstrate relationships Use a graphic organizer to demonstrate the relationships between the concepts in the lesson(s). Include all key vocabulary _____ Picture Notes/ Diagram Create a visual representation for the information in the lesson. Make sure to use vocabulary and key concepts. _____ Foldable Notes Create a foldable to demonstrate the key concepts in this lesson. _____ Complete Alternative Assessment Copy of worksheet from teacher and complete the tasks as described on the worksheet. Assignments may be chosen by teacher. Application - (80% and above will need to PICK 1) _____ Do one of the activities from the unit that you have not done (most assignments had multiple choices) _____ Design a lesson for this unit as if you are the teacher _____ Write your own test (5 questions per unit section) Develop at least 5 questions, multiple formats (2 essay, 1 multiple choice, 1 short answer) based on the concepts and vocabulary from the lesson. Must pertain to learning targets. Must include an answer key. _____ Create a Presentation Develop a poster, powerpoint, share the concepts/vocabulary in the lesson.