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  1. 1. / / :Name Date Period _________________________________ &Population Urbanization Notes ( . - )Vocabulary p 60 67 Population .Total number of people in an area Population Distribution The way the population is spread . ’out over an area The earth s population is spread unevenly all .over Demography The study of how populations change and why population .distribution is uneven They study , , .birthrates marriage and death Population Density The average number of people per .square mile or square kilometer Population divided by the square /miles kilometers in that area equals .population density Birthrate The number of live births each ,year per 1 000 people Death Rate The number of deaths each year ,per 1 000 people Urbanization The movement of people to cities and the growth of cities Rural Areas in the countryside Urban Areas in cities or nearby towns
  2. 2. Answer the following questions using complete sentences . ( . )1 Why do people move? p 60 .One reason people move is because they can live better in another place ,In some instances people are forced to move due to lack of resources and .ability to feed their families . ( . )2 Why are some parts of the world more crowded than others? p 61 ( . . , ,Overcrowding is often caused by the location of the goods i e water food ). ,shelter In the past most people lived on farms where they grew their ,; , .own food however these places became overcrowded and still are .3 What happened in 1800 that made it easier for people to move from ( . )one place to another? p 61 In 1800 the world experienced the invention of railways and steamships , ,that allowed people to move freely and cross large areas even oceans . ,with little avail With new jobs in factories and offices on the urban areas .people left their rural farms to live where they could make a living . ,4 According to the map which regions of the world have long histories of ( . )farming? p 61 , . .,The areas that have long histories of farming as far back as 500 B C : , , , ,are Mexico the southern potion of the US Central Africa Europe and / .Asian areas located near the edge of Pacific Indian Ocean . ( . )5 How is population density different from population distribution? p 62 Population density is the calculation of people and the square miles or .kilometers Population distribution is where the population is located .sporadically around the world They are different in what it is they .measure Population Density gives an average number of people in an , .area whereas population distribution gives actual numbers for an area . ,6 Which has a higher population density a city or an area in the
  3. 3. . ( . )countryside? Explain why p 63 A city has a higher population density because it is the average of people . , ;in a given area In the countryside there is more land per people , .therefore the averages are much lower A city is known for having a high .density . ,7 Looking at the map on page 62 and 63 which regions have the highest ( . )population densities? p 62 and 63 : , ,The regions with the highest population densities are New York US ( ), , , , .Northern Africa the Nile River Tokyo Japan Asia Europe . . ( .8 Does vaccinations raise birthrates or lower death rates? Explain why p )64 Vaccinations lower death rates over raising birthrates because people stay .alive longer and therefore reproduce more .9 Which two countries shown on the graph in 2002 have the highest birth ( . )rates? p 64 The two countries in 2002 with the highest birth rates are Yemen with , , .roughly 44 births per 1 000 and Zimbabwe with roughly 25 births per 1 000 . ,10 Where is the population growing faster the United States or Zimbabwe? ( . )p 64 The population is growing faster in the US because you subtract deaths , .from births per 1 000 people to measure the natural growth .11 How is population distribution today different from the days before ( . )modern science was developed? p 65 .Population distribution is different in that people are living longer Ways
  4. 4. ,this has happened is the new innovations of farming methods which has .caused more food Science has also found ways to improve agriculture .such as pesticides and growing with less water The other scientific improvement comes from health and medicine where countries are providing .clean water and sanitary waste removal This results in a lower death rate .each year . ( . )12 Why has population risen so rapidly during recent times? p 66 The population has risen rapidly due to the new technology of food , , ,production health and medical advances better living conditions and the .increase of life expectancy .13 Before you read pages 70 and 71, why do you think people move from the countryside to the city? I think people move because of the availability of jobs in the urban . , .settings Also there is more food supply and housing options .14 After you read pages 70 and 71, what are the causes and effects .of urbanization? List three causes and three effects