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Technology ideas for lessons 5 th

  1. 1. Ag379uzDIGITAL STORYTELLING=(Step1:Story Strategy, Step2:Story Development, Step3:Story Implementation) Authentic Audience/family Why: 1. Parental connection to school: Prents see children’s writings an videos, pics,hear voice 2. Learning Fun & Fresh and maintain motivation before/during/after projects: Video of kids holding up their story after complete, Video kids working on science project 3. Authentic Audience: Publish to parents/friends can see..Kids write/illustrate and read their story online. 4. Collaborate: Publish student writing so others can help edit because editing is so time consuming. Science Fair mentors can see student progress and verbally comment on VoiceThread 5. Science Fair: Parents can post questions on Wiki? Post the science fair booklet and requirements on a website, blog, or wiki? Parents: Blog, Website, or Wiki? Maybe Scholastic website and put a link on their to a video sharing site, or powerpoint/slideshare, storybird, Piclit, Scholastic My Class Home Page 11/1/07 Teacher signin: maschmidheiser Maggie Parent: User Name: PrinceHall Password: Room211
  2. 2. Need .MOV converter..Download free VIDEO CONVERTER from camera’s .MOV to Power Point (AVI, MPEG and WMV) or Wiki ( NEED TO PUBLISH (wiki, class website, blog, project in class) THEIR WORK SO OTHERS (PARENTS,FRIENDS,PRINCIPAL, AUDITORIUM) CAN SEE Text…Let stressed student routinely text parent to maintain good behavior (iep goal) Project super big images on wall that kids can mentally ‘enter’ into…Ex. A colonial background, plant parts that they can point to, their illustrations from digital camera for their stories, big scanned photo of their father, Google for Educators Google Docs - Students and teachers can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations and then collaborate with each other in real-time right inside a web browser window. If you need to create email addresses for your students There are a number of free email clients (Gmail at being one) that will allow you to create accounts for each of your students, or allow your students to create an account for themselves.Please note: Students must be 13 or over to use Google Docs Google Sites - Create a class site and edit it the same way you'd edit a document -- no technical expertise required. Your site can bring together all the information you want to share with your colleagues and students, including docs, calendars, photos, videos and attachments. IT decision-makers: learn more about Google Apps Education Edition
  3. 3. Google Docs COLLABORATION ag..zz ME: ag..zz STUDENTS: phall6101 How diff than Wiki? Group Edit writing!! Uses gmail email..must recipients have gmail acct? Can include drawing? Or I write beginning of a doc. Share it thru googledoc by adding emails. Emailed people can make changes directly to the doc instead of me attaching then looking at their changes and me having to go back to the original and make their changes. Time saver. • . Use for Thanksgiving dinner Build class or project websites without using HTML, so everyone can contribute and learn. From Google Docs, I opened my doc > sharing settings > Can set read only or edit access> bottom added email addresses > Share…Person 2 gets email, open doc, make changes,save, Share(top right), send msg to collaboraters. • Aug 2010 New gmail acct for student docs: pass: phall6101 • Sign in Http:// • “Type with Me” Google Presentations embed in Google Docs & present like power point?Create and share presentations on the web. Add text, images, video and more directly to your presentation slides. 8/10 unable to insert video Slideshare maschmidheiser ag.. Brainshark ma… Add audio to Power Point NEED TO RECORD THRU PHONE ….NO GOOD (slides can zoom into small detail) Irony, Compare,contrast, etc Give book def, your own def, 2 examples (4 square model) Google Video 10GB free private video sharing Google Sites with videos,images,docs
  4. 4. Power Point 07-Write story (Keynote $25 Mac’s Power Point) Only video in formats of AVI, MPEG and WMV can be inserted in this way. How to: powerpoint2007.html Slideshare/maschmid ag = Looks like Powerpoint online…don’t think it takes videos Match with voice: Brainshark Word..MAKE A DICTIONARY…find pics for new vocab words and write sentences. Digital Camera/iMovie/iPhoto: Kids write story. Illustrate. I take pic and import into Word, or Blog, or Wiki so another student can add to their story, and parent can see. Upload video from my camera to iphoto then tried to add to Scholastic website, Online activities>Add attachments>Add a new image or document>add attachment (can attach Jpeg or Doc but no MOV (movie) need to put movie on Wiki first then put wiki link on website? Wiki…PrinceHall Pass:grade3( COLLABORATION…Wikispaces acct set up 8/10) for my class so kids can show their work to parents and parents/everyone can make changes. Benefit: Get more help edit writing… coordinate science projects w/mentors. Scrapbook..way to save all kids’ work..I can limit to our class
  5. 5. PrinceHall, Edit, Widget, Video..Can’t add video from MyPic..must be from YouTube,GoogleVideo.. So where can student store their work?
  6. 6. Storybird – maschmid.. 8/10: My book “First Day of School” Bookemon: Nick: princehall ag… Students create/purchase books. Can other people make comments on your book? ** Group write..Postcard pic..This site offers vocabulary word ideas. 1 sentence, site gives you words GREAT FOR WEAK WRITER **Blabberize…animal speaks works I say or type. Use as funny intro to lesson. Say, “Shout out to Qyikneef for a great story” When recording..hit red circle to record then play to listen(Choosing an image;Post full size bing pic to desktop from Bing first cause their ‘browse’ won’t open internet) Story from an animal’s POV, Present science project, understand facts about animals,plants,rocks…not easy to link or email. They recommend just sending people right to Blabberize website. **Voki (8/8/10 Voki for Educators..masch.. ag..): create their own…kids read a story into mic then their avatar reads it back Select ‘Create’ up top…But I have little control on my character style. Must ‘roll the dice’ icon and the site picks it. 90 seconds max recording WAV MP3
  7. 7. Wow!!!!Embedded my Voki Don’t Give Up Dog on Scholastic…Can have kids do a weekly Voki to update the site. I also emailed the dog voki to my school email so kids can email to home Type in your text or say into microphone. Glogster: Digital Poster, includes writing, photos, and video NICE Nick:princehall pass: ag.. Animoto: My Classroom Code: da6ce0 (last digit is zero, not letter o) Download still pics, choose their song, it creates a video (No writing, no talking, but maybe use to show science fair participants, how can I use to improve academics?) Story Something: SO SO Can personalize a prewritten story then read online. kids can’t write their own story, they’re reading a prewritten story that might be too difficult. You change character names to your choice but it doesn’t correct for ‘his, her’. VoiceThreads..COLLABORATION AND STUDENT’S VOICE $60/year Just still pics, don’t see any videos. This will need practice at home. Pic and text or recorded. Post pic or videos and people voice their comments about it. Can use clipart instead of scanning to save time on first projects. Copy the existing 4th gr project about student family history “I am from… and kids draw pic of themselves which I scan in and they each read their life history”
  8. 8. Writing component: Student needs to write their narration in advance but you won’t SEE their writing. (Bing Image…don’t let the kids look themselves… it’s got dirty pics…Create a clipart folder or put on the filter that Bing offers – see ‘clipart’ folder on laptop desktop), Twitter: World community. Spanish teacher tweeted” What’s favorite food?” People around world answered She projected their answers and kids read it. Blog (started one 8/10) or website Goanimate Xtranormal Blabberize Top 100 Tools 2009 1.Twitter 2. Delicious (store bookmarks online and share w/students,colleagues,parents) 3. You Tube
  9. 9. 4.5. Google Docs:Create,Store,share docs & presentations and work collaboratively 6. Wordpress: Blogging platform 7. Slideshare: Can store and share presentations 9. Audacity 8/10 downloaded on laptop: sound editor and recorder for podcasts 11 Ning:Create your own private social network $ 14. Blogger: A way to start blog 19. VoiceThread: Group of still shots, verbal, not written though could use camera to take a pic of a written story but could you read it? Collaborative slideshows..lets you create collaborative presentations by collecting comments (pick a student w/agreeable parents, take pic of illustration, student records story, then they write story… Use camera to copy journal page, voice thread
  10. 10. To practice writing creatively.Using the computer and a publishing program the student will write a story and use the six photos to illustrate it. The student will write the story, import the images, save and print their story. Create a cover for each of them to make them into small books. To take home Students write story, draw pics, video tape them reading their story next to matching picture. VIRTUAL REALITY IMOVIE POWER POINT Project WALL SIZE HISTORICAL IMAGE..STUDENT STANDS IN FRONT AND USES AS SETTING FOR CHARADES WHAT WAS DAILY LIFE LIKE IN COLONIAL TIMES? ============================================ ================ KompoZer Easy Web Authoring ?? Creates a website Storybird: maschmidheiser (My First Day of School booklet) Storyjumper: Publish your own children’s books Write, add pic, publish book Hardcover $18 Big Universe schmid ag..z Youtube: download at home onto flashdrive Ex Chris Biffle’s rules and how to implement his steps, Invictus poem CarrotSticks
  11. 11. Internet for Kids Make your own comics So..So masch.. ag.. Comic Life create animations from your drawing but I only saw still drawings at their site. Sketchfu: draw anything and share with friends Collaborative group draw Genius Kids Books Library 3 Little Pigs Audacious Software:Books Make your own speech bubble Mr. Free s/w for teachers BigUniverse Create books but can’t save w/o a $80 membership Don’t need this site, use ‘Bookemon’ for free COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG TRADES, PUNISHMENTS COLONIAL VIEWS End of project-Project to big screen, go thru each item and explain to class WIKI-anyone can edit anytime Email is not good at coordinating a trip or dinner, easy as erasing and rewriting on wh board Need somewhere to work on essays together? A wikispace for a class is a great place for students to post their work so that teachers and classmates can correct, improve, and discuss their work. A wikispace lets you post schedules, plans, and lists that the rest of your group can update and edit any time they like Keep track of what you've learnt about your latest passion in a Wikispace. By inviting others who share your interest to the space you can build a better website than you ever could alone.
  12. 12. A wikispace is a great way to build a family website that the entire family can work on. Put up family news, stories, and pictures and your family members can then update, add, and comment helping it become the place you go to for family news. Wikispaces is so easy to use, everyone can participate. Manage Wiki, Upload Files, Pictures, iPhoto NO Good Opened iphoto, selected pic, drag/drop to desktop THEN can ‘insert files’ by typing the name of the photo Video problem: Said my tiny iPhoto video of my living room was too big 25.6 mb though only a few seconds! Users>princehall1>Pictures>iPhoto library>2010>o8>09>Originals (held the .MOV video clip from my camera) VOICETHREAD Could scan in pages of book and child reads it aloud to celebrate reading accomplishments…practice reading a book for homework then prove he is ready then scan pics. Challenges/Setbacks As usual, with VoiceThread, the easiest part was uploading the images and arranging the slides. The most challenging part of creating this VoiceThread was to write a concise, informative and substantive narration.Tools: I used a hand- held digital audio recorder (My Creative Zen or Digital camera or straight into laptop?)to record my comments, then uploaded them onto VoiceThread because my laptop's fan made an annoying buzzing sound in the background w! hen I tried to record my comments directly into VoiceThread. Some of the invitations got caught in our institution's spam filter and were never received by the guest, but we muddled through. The thing that was most time consuming was scanning the children's art work! A scanner, a microphone, and my laptop was all it took! Have the students practice their poems several times before they come to you to record. We had to re-do the recordings more than once due to mistakes. Also, refresh VoiceThread after every couple of students - we had issues with the recordings either not being saved or being cut off early for no apparent reason. Eventually I would like to have the students make comments on each others poems. I would like to give them some comment starters so that they can provide supportive and kind feedback to each other. I would like to have students make individual VoiceThreads with more hand drawn images of family and friends, and then provide the background story with their voices. The hardest part was getting all of the voices entered into the VoiceThread. We needed a quiet
  13. 13. room as our microphone picked up the slightest of noise (even recess noise with our classroom door closed made its way into the recordings). We learned a new phrase to keep our class quiet during the recordings: "Quiet on the set!" embed the VoiceThread into our classroom blog so that the other students could enjoy at their leisure. I also realized that this gave families at home a chance to enjoy and recognize the uniqueness of our students. Hardest: The hardest part was putting the VoiceThread together. This was my first one and I was learning as I went along. I messed up with not uploading their images first so they could select their picture before they recorded their VoiceThread. add images of everyone who is going to be part of the VoiceThread to your account before you start, or you can just use the VoiceThread avatars. My students preferred having their own image connected to thei Currently, we accept image types: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, doc types: PPT, PPS, PDF, DOC, XLS and varying video formats (my camera videos are .MOV format). Since VoiceThreads can zoom in and out on images and documents for detail, we recommend your images be at least 1280x960 (which a 2mp or higher camera can produce). Think of an identity as your VoiceThread personality. Each time you leave a voice or text comment, your VoiceThread will attach your identity to the comment. By creating more identities you can share a single account with an entire family, so the whole group can comment on a VoiceThread without ever having to sign into another account. This feature is really great for parents or teachers who wish to monitor a child or student as they leave comments in a VoiceThread, or for those of you who enjoy wearing costumes and role-playing. One thing to remember is that all identities share the same account, and so there is no privacy between identities. If you would like a totally private account, we would recommend that you simply register a new account. Here's a 1 minute tutorial on making and managing Identities. There are several ways to share a VoiceThread, the most common is wherever you see the word 'Share' you can click it to open up your list of friends and decide who to send invitations to (Free accounts can send 50 per day, while VoiceThread Pro accounts can send 500). If someone is not on your friends list yet, it's easy to add them, all you need is their email. Timeshare: the slide show won't upload at all until you turn it into a real live Movie first. You may unfortunately need QuickTime Pro which I think costs $25 last time I checked. After you've upgraded you'll be able to 'Export' your Slide Show as a movie, I would choose h.264 as the video codec and if you have any control over the size you'll want to make it 600 X 450 pixels. JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, are all acceptable image types that you can upload into a VoiceThread. Because a VoiceThread can zoom in and out on images and documents, we recommend your images be at least 1280x960 (which a 2mp or higher camera can produce) so that when you zoom in on an image it appears crisp and detailed
  14. 14. 1. There are a number of 'container' formats like QuickTime, WMV, and AVI, that are like an envelope containing the video; i.e. a QuickTime movie can be encoded by close to 40 different codecs. We can convert the vast majority of them but not all, so I can't say we can accept 'all' QuickTime, wmv, or avi videos, but we do accept most. Unfortunately a little trial an error is the only way to know for sure; we're constantly adding to the list of file types we support. Having said that, we can definitely recommend the best format, both for us to convert as well as produce the highest quality possible. There are only two key parameters: o Use the H.264 codec to encode or compress your videos o Upload videos that precisely match the native size of a VoiceThread which is 600 X 450 pixels. For the video that's fresh from your camera you might have to do the same, export it again, as an h.264 video. We're adding video types that we can convert all the time but unfortunately the list is remarkably long;(convert Flip videos to a compressed format usable for emailing, I can then upload to VoiceThread Free Video to MP3 conversion is part of the VideoSoftFreeStudio I already have. Project: Prince Hall… Tuskeegee Airmen and contact the airmen that know Prince Hall Local musicians West Oak Lane Jazz Police..35th district Bully…Get Nelson Floyd, Anthony Cobb, Ruben,Brian Savage,Demetrius Cardwell to make comments Behavior..Show videos of good and bad behavior…pics of kids acting right around the bldg…bully Parents could comment…Used as a meeting place to discuss images. ======================================= Comic Life $20 1. Biography 1 person st 2. Historical Event:Timeline, Key events 3. Characters,Problem,Solution: Use as outline for a larger story 4. Weather story from perspective of person experiencing it 5. Invention and how it has effected people, ourworld,
  15. 15. 6. Story from animal or insect, rock, plant, ear’s POV 7. Take story and change the setting. 8. Change ending to story 9. Explain body organ’s pov 10.Bring a poem to life 11.BULLY STORY…HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEM 12.Share cultural bkgrnd of family 13.Make me feel… 14.Timeline a day in the life of a slave 15.How-to 16.Rock cycle 17.