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Published in: Technology, Travel

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  • 1. Earthquake that occurs in ChileThe massive earthquake occurred at the center ofthe geography. 214 dead went out for the present.This earthquake destroyed the building, thebridge, and the road. The widespread damagewas caused. Electricity, water, and the line weredrained. President Michele in Chile said that twomillion people had been influenced.The tsunami was generated and the country of thePacific Ocean suffered from a high wave always.The tsunami of 1.8m in height was generated inPolynesia in France. There was no immediatereport concerning damage at all.
  • 2. Precise map of shakeIt was noted that the resident in the coast regionmoved to high ground in Hawaii, Tahiti, and NewZealand. The wave that measured less than 1mhigh was generated in Hawaii.
  • 3. Pacific Ring of Fire The oceanic plate in the Pacific Ocean in which itcenters on Pacific Plate is formed, and it sinksunder a continental plate and an oceanic plateand the volcano islands and the volcanic cluster ofthe circumference are formed by crowding. It is athing including sinking of the plate. The seismicactivity besides the volcanic activity is also active.It is thought that it was formed after the mesozoicwhen Pacific Plate was able to be done.
  • 4. Pacific Ring of Fire(2) Pacific Ring of Fire is an area where a lot ofearthquakes and the volcaniceruptions happen in the PacificOcean basin. It is related tothe deep, the volcanic arc, thevolcanic zone, and themovement in the plate of an almost consecutiveseries by the horseshoe shape of 40,000km.There are 452 volcanoes in Pacific Ring of Fire.
  • 5. Pacific Ring of Fire(3)About 90% of the worlds earthquakes and 80%of the worlds largest earthquakes occur alongPacific Ring of Fire. The next most seismic regionis the Alpide belt, which extends from Java toSumatra through the Himalayas, theMediterranean, and out into the Atlantic. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the third most prominentearthquake belt.
  • 6. Eruption of Mount St. Helens The Mt. St. Helens is famous because the largeeruption was caused on May 18, 1980. Theeconomy of the United States received big shockby this eruption. 200 buildings and 47 bridgesdisappeared, and the life of 57 people wasdeprived.
  • 7. Tunami warning The earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in thekerumadeikku islands offing of northeastern NewZealand according to U.S. Geological Survey ofJapan on the seventh.The time of occurrence is local 7:03 AM in time.The hypocenter is the east 211 kilos of the Raulisland that is a part of kerumadeikku islands. Thefocal depth is 48 kilos.The tsunami warning was given to New Zealand,kerumadeikku islands, and Tonga by the strongearthquake.
  • 8. New ZealandIt might have destroyed this tsunami according to thecoastline in the area near the earthquake epicenter.Civil Defense of New Zealand issued a tsunami warning toNorthland, Bay of Plenty, east coast, and Hawks Bay in NewZealand. It was said that the first arriving wave got to NewZealand at 8.52:00AM of Thursday.It was said that people in thecoast region did not have to refrainfrom the beach, to make no relationsto water, and to go sightseeing.The first wave might be not thelargest. The wave might continuefor several hours.