Linux On V Mware ESXi


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Linux On V Mware ESXi

  1. 1. Linux on VMWare ESXi Masafumi Ohta Japan OpenSolaris User Group/OpenNSUG User Group © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. What is VMware?  Vmware is major application in Virtualization Solution.  Many Applications are officially supported running on VMware.  Vmware is now releasing ‘free’ Applications – ‘VMWare Servers’,’VMWare Player’,’VMWare ESXi’.You might use such applications for evaluations. 2
  3. 3. Why ESXi on laptops  ESXi is bare-metal systems – being closer to physical systems than OS virtualization like Vmware or VMware Server or Virtualbox.And it is ‘Free’.  Low consumption watts laptops have save the costs and running all the day without cooling conditions.  There were many laptops I didn’t use some of them would work ESXi so I would re-use them. 3
  4. 4. The point of using ESXi on laptop  Does the laptop have Gigabit adapters?Gigabit is needed for network traffics.  Does the laptop have NIC for ESXi?Check carefully there are a bit adapters VMware has certificated except Intel’s NIC. • Check the link:  I strongly recommend CPU supports Intel VT or AMD-V so that Virtual Machines on ESXi would work fine.  I strongly recommend not to use Intel Works Veeeery Slowly we cant impatient! 4
  5. 5. Installation of VMware ESXi  Installing ESXi image to USB • I tried to use ‘unetbootin’ to make it. • Change customized ‘oem.tgz’ with ‘oem.tgz’ in USB image. • DO NOT forget renaming the name for changing oem.gz  Installing ESXi on your laptop. • Following the menu,you can make it.but if you fail to change ‘oem.tgz’ installer stops.  Making Linux LiveUSB image for mounting ESXi on your laptops • Just after the installation,we miss customized ‘oem.tgz’ so we should reinstall customized ‘oem.gz’ on your laptops. • DO NOT forget including ‘customized’ oem.tgz to the LIveUSB. • LiveUSB running you should check with ‘mount’ command to find ESXi on your laptop. • Finding the mountpoint for ESXi,you should copy oem.tgz for it.  Then you can use ESXi :) 5
  6. 6. Installation of VMware ESXi (Checking image with LiveUSB) Check the ESXi image in the disk with LiveUSB using 'mount -l' command. # mount –l ...(snif)... /dev/sda4 on /mnt/disc/sda4 type vfat (ro,uid=500) [Hypervisor0]/dev/sda5 on /mnt/disc/sda5 type vfat (ro,uid=500) [Hypervisor1]/dev/sda6 on /mnt/disc/sda6 type vfat (ro,uid=500) [Hypervisor2]/dev/sda8 on /mnt/disc/sda8 type vfat (ro,uid=500) [Hypervisor3] ...(snif)… */dev/sda5 is used for ESXi # ls /mnt/disc/sda5 boot.cfg cim.vgz mod.tgz pkgdb.tgz vmkboot.gzcimstg.tgz license.tgz oem.tgz sys.vgz vmk.gz Checking the oem.tgz it is empty file and /dev/sda5 is prohibited writing so you should remount /dev/sda5 to overwrite customized oem.tgz # umount /mnt/disc/sda5 # mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/disc/sda5 # cp -p /mnt/disc/sdb1/RTL8111_8168_P55_integr_SATA_Ctrl.(AHCI).oem.tgz /mnt/disc/sda5/oem.tgz 6
  7. 7. Short demonstrations(connecting my home through pptp) PPTP-VPN Network Atom based Netbook My Laptops bringing here Core2 Duo my home based Laptop 7
  8. 8. ESXi 3 running on ASUS N10Jb (Atom-based Netbook) 8
  9. 9. ESXi 4 running on KOUZIRO Laptop(Core2-based Laptop) 9
  10. 10. OpenSolaris Running on ESXi -using it on my ALIEN:)) 10
  11. 11. Wrap up  ESXi is useful bare-metal virtualization tool.and Free.  Many of software vendor now have certificated their softwares on VMware.  ESXi works good on some Laptop,that has,you know,ultra low consumption watts can work on all the day.  Before you try it,you should consider network equitments built on your Laptops(how it can work and it has a gigabit Ethernet)  When you installing it,you should take care of changing 'oem.tgz' for network driver for ESXi.(follow the instruction in this preso)  I hope Client software (Vsphere Client) running on Linux or Some OSS-based OS.  Give a try,have a fun :) 11
  12. 12. Thanks! Have a Question? Masafumi Ohta Japan OpenSolaris User Group/OpenNSUG User Group © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved