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10 step marketing plan tasha tan

  1. 1. 10 Step Marketing Plan for The Medical City’s Pediatrics Community Services Tasha Tan November 2010
  2. 2. The Medical City’s Pediatrics Community Services Primary Target Market are  Parents with children aged 18 and below who are residents of Ilugin, Pasig City  Social Class C and D  Lifestyle: Blue collar workers, unemployed, self-employed with small businesses  Behavior: Good health seeking behavior, desires empowerment through knowledge, wants the best for their family members, willing to make a change
  3. 3. Need, Wants and Expectations I am entitled to quality medical care which is a basic need. I am the best I can be when I keep my family and community safe from diseases. I play a role in the health of my community. Holding office in the organization is a status symbol.
  4. 4. Direct Competitors  Baranggay Health Centers  Caritas Charity Clinic and other Charity Clinics  Pasig City General Hospital and other hospitals within the Surrounding Area
  5. 5. Indirect Competirors  Self medication  Consult with neighbor (who is of coure not a doctor)  Hilot, Albularyo and other forms of traditional medicine
  6. 6. Variables  Price  Available Services Poor Service Basic Services Advanced Services Low Cost High Cost Albularyo, Self – Medicatiion PCGH and surrounding hospitals Baranggay health center, TMC Pediatric Services, Charity Clinic
  7. 7. Positioning is shown in this Competitive Map TMC Charity Clinic Baranggay Health Center PCGH Traditional Medicine Provides medical care Community Involvement Tailorfit Programs to families Low cost Advanced screening and treatment options Patient Education
  8. 8. TMC’s Position and Edge Over Others  TMC is the only institution with Family Medicine Specialists who tailor fit programs to each index family’s needs through family meetings  Affordable  Offers a Position in the Organization that can be seen as position of power and prestige  Offers basic medical services by a team of health care professionals led by pediatricians  Seeks to involve and empower the community through patient education
  9. 9. Estimated market size  TMC Pediatric Services is a non-profit and non stock organization  No proceeds are made through its operations  Operates once a week and sees 40 to 50 pediatric patients  Offers Daily Patient Education sessions and home visits for enrolled patients and their families 5 days a week  Total number of enrolled families: 100  Total numbers of families residing in Ilugin: 400  Total Market share of 25%
  10. 10. Consumer data Medical Consult: 70 million Filipinos seek consult at a Free Clinic once a month. Assuming we charge P5 per consult 60 M x P5 X 12 = P 360 M Profits are of course made through the cost saved through disease prevention and early treatment
  11. 11. The Medical City Pediatric Community Services Family Meetings Patient Education Medical Consult in the Community Referral System t o the Main TMC
  12. 12. The Medical City Pediatric Community Services: The Competitors
  13. 13. Product Description  The Medical City Pediatric Community Services not only seeks to promote better health through patient consultations ◦ Involvement of family through family meetings ◦ Patient education sessions ◦ Day care center to allow greater participation of mothers in activities ◦ Referral system for cases that need certain specializations  It’s seeks to transform health from a commodity into a way of life  Patients have stakes in their lives as such they are treated as partners
  14. 14. Price  The best thing about our product? ◦ It’s absolutely free ◦ It only requires your attention, time and a little extra effort for walking to our facility!
  15. 15. Promotion  Advertisements: Through Posters, Flyers, Announcements from Baranggay Hall, Barangay Newsletter  Public Relations: Corporate Social Responsibility, Partnership with similar charity organizations and even the barangay health center  Marketing: Solicit and gather more sponsors! More aggressive recruitment of families
  16. 16. Competitor promo
  17. 17. Competitor Promo
  18. 18. Place  The Medical City Pediatric Community Service is available in Ilugin Pasig City ◦ Plans for expansion and acquiring of more communities in the Pasig City area ◦ Plans for including areas with nearby satellite Medical City affiliated branches
  19. 19. Generic winning strategy? The Medical City Pediatric Community Services ◦ Seeks to provide low Cost but Quality Basic Pediatric Services ◦ Differentiation through offering family medicine services and patient education ◦ Accessibility to Ilugin Residents ◦ Community Involvement and patient empowerment through treating them as partners
  20. 20. SUMMARY 20
  21. 21. 5 Steps for Part 1 (PTM and Positioning) 1. PTM are Class C and D parents of children younger than 18 in Ilugin, Pasig City 2. Who want to secure quality health care for their family and be a driver of change in their community’s health status 3. Can choose Pasig City General Hospital, Traditional medicine, Self-Medication, Charity Clinics and Barangay Health Center 4. Gap is all other brands focus simply providing health care 5. The market size is P 360 million and 400 families in Ilugin. TMC niche is 2,400 OPD patients and 100 enrolled families
  22. 22. 5 Steps for Part 2 (Marketing Mix & Strategy) 6. The Medical City Pediatrics Community Services 7. Is 100% free of charge 8. Uses partnerships, flyers, posters, announcements 9. It is well known and distributed within Ilugin 10. Creates patient partners to win!
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