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  • 1.  
  • 2. Symbols during Day of the Dead!!!
    • Water - Fountain of life and used to quench the thirst of the dead.
    • Salt - In Pre-Columbian México salt was called tlaxcal and it symbolized fraternity and love for one another. Since the evangelization, salt has come to symbolize purification of the soul by Christ.
    • Candles - Lit to light the path for the dead. Symbol of faith and hope.
  • 3. Symbols during Day of the Dead
    • Kopal Incense - Sacred offering to the Gods "food for the Gods."
    • Flowers - Symbol of love and friendship.
    • White flowers for children symbolize their purity. The yellow and orange cempascuchil (sem-pah-soo'-cheel) or marigold flowers are symbolic of the preciousness and gift of life.
  • 4. Symbols during Day of the Dead!!!!!
    • Dog - In Mesoamérica, figurines representing the hairless dog were used to help the dead cross the waters on the path to the underworld. Dog's also symbolize loyalty.
    • Petate - The woven floor mat is placed at the foot of the altar/ofrenda so that the spirits may rest after their long journey. In ancient México, the dead were rolled in a petate in preparation for cremation; this practice continues in present day México for the very poor who can not afford a casket.
  • 5.
    • The word ofrenda means offering in Spanish.
    • They are not for worshiping
    • Set up to remember and honor the memory of their ancestors.
    • Before setting an altar, they thoroughly clean their house.
    La Ofrenda
  • 6. Ofrenda/Altar Ofrenda/Altar
  • 7. La Ofrenda
    • The ofrenda is set on a table, covered with a fine tablecloth, preferably white
    • Then the papel picado , cut tissue paper, is set over the cloth.
    • Several levels can be set on the ofrendas . Generally on the top level the images of the Saints and the Crucifix are set.
    • Next they set out their dead relatives favorite food in hopes that they will come back and enjoy a good meal.
  • 8. American view of death vs Mexican view of death
    • Los Dias de los Muertos is not a sad time, but instead a time of remembering and rejoicing.
    • In America, we mourn for our deceased relatives and it is a sad time for us.
    • In Mexico they have a designated holiday for rejoicing over loved ones in USA we do not.
  • 9. Halloween vs The Day of the Dead
    • Halloween and Day of the Dead in much similar because people dress up as ghouls, ghosts, mummies and skeletons, and parade through the town carrying an open coffin.
    • Much similar to Halloween gifts are Day of the Dead gifts and decorations.
    • In Mexico it is a culture which believes in a vibrant afterlife and remembers the departed ones with joy!