Social Networking: Should it be more about Relationship Building than Selling Cars?


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Presentation deck for today's (Oct. 15, 2009) Social Networking panel at the J.D. Power Automotive Internet Roundtable.

A large number of the car dealers now on Facebook and Twitter use their status updates to list inventory. However, the real value in joining these social networks may be the opportunity to create relationships with both customers and colleagues alike.

This panel covered:
• OEMs and dealerships who are using social networks effectively
• Opportunities to build relationships with current customers and potential rewards (increased visits for service, referrals, etc.)
• Advantages of connecting with fellow dealers (information sharing/collaboration, etc.)

- Christopher Barger, Director of Social Media, General Motors (@cbarger and @GMblogs)
- Jared Hamilton, CEO and Founder, (@drivingsales)
- Tom Chisholm, Midwest Sales Director, Facebook
- Eric Miltsch, IT-Web Director, Auction Direct USA (@AuctionDirect)
- Ralph Paglia, Director of Digital Marketing, ADP Dealers (@ralphpaglia)

Moderator: Mary S. Butler, Editor of and Razorfish Senior Content Strategist (@msbutler and @SocialDealers)

Presentation deck designed by Leon Li, Razorfish (@leonbignogin)

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  • To read about, see a few photos, watch videos and learn some of the insights gained from a panelist within the Social Networking Panel at the J. D. Power Automotive Internet Roundtable, be sure to check out:
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  • Several video clips taken from the vantage point of being on stage as a panelist during the Social Networking Panel at the J. D. Power Automotive Internet Roundtable in Las Vegas on October 15, 2009 are available in the video section of the Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community. Here’s a link to the first clip uploaded to the ADM Community from this event:
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  • This was an excellent panel on a topic that will be discussed in great length over time to come.

    There are many reasons why dealers should have a focus on social media...
    1. Branding and Awareness Opportunities
    2. Search Engine Saturation
    3. Build Link Popularity
    4. Traffic to your Dealers Website
    5. Interaction with the Public – Online Reputation

    However, there are many reasons why dealers are not OR should not be focusing their effort on social media…

    1. Most dealer still can’t answer the phone with professionalism while asking the right questions to get to know the customers’ wants and needs.
    2. Most dealers lead response time is still over an hour on average AND when we do get a lead, most don’t know how to respond to the customer with relevancy.
    3. Most quit following up with the customer after 48 hours and then wonder why the customer bought from the other dealer.
    4. Most dealers still struggles with its “Brand” / its “Message”, a strong Why Buy from Me.

    These are just a few...
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Social Networking: Should it be more about Relationship Building than Selling Cars?

  1. Social Networking Should it be more about Relationship Building than Selling Cars? 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  2. Meet the Panelists Chris Tom Jared Eric Ralph 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  3. Christopher Barger Director Global Social Media, GM @cbarger @gmblogs Chris leads the company’s social media communications efforts; he is responsible for setting GM’s communications strategy in the emerging social media. 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  4. POV on Social Networking Done most effectively, interaction on the social web is about relationship marketing, not sales – in fact, engaging overtly in direct selling often has a negative effect on an audience’s perception of you.
  5. Tom Chisholm Midwest Sales Director, Facebook Tom has been at Facebook since 2006; he opened the Midwest office of Facebook 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  6. POV on Social Networking We are moving from an anonymous web to an authentic identity-based web. ... There are now toolsets that allow businesses to have first-class citizenship and share with consumers who care.
  7. Jared Hamilton CEO, @drivingsales Jared is a third-generation dealer and founder of one of the largest social-networking sites for automotive industry professionals. 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  8. POV on Social Networking The car business has always been about relationships; social media allows us to scale those relationships. Social media strategy is not new – the technology is.
  9. Eric Miltsch Internet Director, Auction Direct USA @auctiondirect Eric created the company’s successful online strategy three years ago and continues to expand its online presence. 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  10. POV on Social Networking Social Media’s power stems from its ability to harness our basic human need for social interaction. This new “interaction layer” has built a unique, emotional relationship opportunity limited only by our creative and technological abilities.
  11. Ralph Paglia Director of Digital Marketing Solutions, ADP Dealer Services @ralphpaglia Ralph is the founder and General Manager of the Automotive Digital Marketing professional community. 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  12. POV on Social Networking For dealers, the most ROI-effective social media strategy uses a community for centralized content creation and network syndication, leverages OEM-supplied assets and involves employees and suppliers, who are the first 100 members.
  13. How are we doing? Send us feedback via @JDPowerInternet #Social 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  14. Areas of Discussion • Why are we here today? • Who is doing it right? • Best practices • What’s coming 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  15. Why are we here today? 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  16. Low follower ratio 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  17. Automated inventory as status update 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  18. Twitter TOS (updated 9.18.09) 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  19. Practices that will get you bounced 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  20. Who is doing it right? 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  21. Learning from success 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  22. High activity, engaging with followers 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  23. More followers than friends 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  24. Deliver value in 140 characters 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  25. Personalized engaging content 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  26. Be where your shoppers are In July, the site most visited by new-vehicle prospects was Facebook. - J.D. Power 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  27. Be where your shoppers are 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  28. Best Practices 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  29. • Create an authoritative voice • Build trust and confidence • Manage brand reputation • Create customer loyalty • Learning and information sharing • Driving traffic • Leveraging Social Media Optimization 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  30. Create an authoritative voice 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  31. Build trust and confidence 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  32. Manage brand reputation 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  33. Customer loyalty 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  34. Learning and information sharing 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  35. Driving traffic 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  36. Leveraging social media optimization 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  37. What’s Coming 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  38. Location-based services 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  39. Q&A Contact us via @SocialDealers on Twitter or the Social Networking for Dealers Facebook event page 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
  40. Thank You!
  41. Appendix Image (and related content) sources; listed in order of slide number: 1: Network of Hands via: networkcentral-hands.jpg 2-3, 5, 7, 9 & 11: Each panelist supplied his own head shot 4: Mosiac Twitter collage via 6: Facebook collage via Image via friends-32.jpg 8: Human icon network image via: human- networks1.jpg 10: Image via Image via 12: Social networking image via: social-networking.jpg 16-17: Images via 18: Twitter: Terms of Service 2009 Automotive Internet Roundtable
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