Riner 50th


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Riner 50th

  1. 1. The One I Laugh With…
  2. 2. Live for…
  3. 3. DreamWith…
  4. 4. Love.
  5. 5. The Adventure begins
  6. 6. And baby makes three…
  7. 7. And four…
  8. 8. Andfive…
  9. 9. Six…
  10. 10. And Seven
  11. 11. Happy 50th Anniversary!
  12. 12. Warm greetings,Here are a few words for Tom and Bonny’s 50thanniversary:Tom and Bonny, it was a pleasure to work together from 1985 to1993 while we were in the Macon area. We have many fondmemories of those eight years, especially the many baptisms atyour home. We congratulate you on your 50th weddinganniversary. You have set a wonderful example as a close coupleand a family blessed with many children and grandchildren. Thiscountry needs a lot more like you and your family. May you havecontinuing good health and many more happy anniversaries! Withlove and best wishes, David and Sandy MillsThanks for the opportunity to contribute to the memory book. Wehope the celebration in July will go well.Best regards,David and Sandy Mills
  13. 13. Thank you for always being there withsmiles, hugs, words of encouragement, andthe occasional fire ball : ) I am glad to havebeen able to share so many wonderful yearswith you both. Congratulations on 50wonderful years together and best wishesfor the future.Love,India & Alexis
  14. 14. I recall a small house somewhere in Macon, with a small yard. It was fenced inwith poultry wire and there were chickens under the house. (at least when wewere in the yard playing). I remember once, we made real home made ice creamon the back stoop and uncle Tommy let me crank till my arms hurt! It is a littlevague, but I think Aunt Bonnie played the piano sometimes, because there was noT.V. In the house. I really dont remember too much about that house, but thehouse I remember most, was the big house that Grandma Jones lived in. I evenhave some memories of her that I will share later. I recall playing in the sideyard of that big ole house under a metal stair. We would get in trouble if wewent up it. I can see Uncle Tommy in my mind just as he looked then! He wouldcome home from work when he was a police officer in uniform. I will alwaysremember how tall and so much like a super hero to me. I would run up to him,and he would pick me up over his head and laugh. I knew he wouldnt drop me,even though I was up two stories high!( it seemed like) I remember playing in theyard and smelling Aunt Bonnies cooking from the kitchen. We would all be sohungry, we could hardly play! I can remember when Laura was born. Wecouldnt play with her because she was too little, but I loved to look at her. Iremember how I always felt Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Tommy were like a Queenand King from a fairy tale. That big house, with all the girls, and I loved itthere. They made me feel that they loved us all, even when there were so manyof us!!! I always knew they would be together forever, .......... just like a fairytale.I love you both so very much!
  15. 15. CONGRATULATIONS !Tom and Bonny on your 50 years ofmarriage.May you have many more in goodhealth and love.Ron and Sondra Selzer
  16. 16. Tom and Bonny Riner live the Christianprecepts of love, mercy, humility, duty. Weare blessed to have among us such models ofChrist-like behavior (Tom’s dubiousattempts at humor notwithstanding).Phil & Amelia Haynes
  17. 17. We send you limitless congratulations onattaining 50 years of marriage!! It is a rareand amazing occurrence in this day and age!We hope to be like yall when we grow up!!Much love from Butch and Martha
  18. 18. Our heartfelt congratulations to a very special coupleon your golden wedding anniversary! Yourcommitment to God, to each other, and to your familyis a shining example to all who know you...and we aredelighted to be among those who are so blessed. MayGod continue to bless your marriage with health,happiness, and the love of family and friends, as youenter into the "Golden Years." Congratulations, Tomand Bonny!Tom, Anna, and Rachel Blackston
  19. 19. I have known both since high schooland before they married. We oftendouble dated. Tommy wasprobably my closest friend duringSr. High and my first year ofcollege at Wesleyan.Happy Anniversary!Homer Scarborough
  20. 20. We are honored to have Tom and Bonnyas our friends. They are not just friends,but family in our hears. I have known themfor 37 years and my husband for 25 years.I have always looked up to them. They arekind, honest and God-fearing people.Church services would not have been thesame without them. They have raised theirchildren to be the kind of people you wantfor your friends. We love you Tom and Bonnie! God blessyou with many more years together! Patricia and James Mossbarger
  21. 21. Each Sabbath aswe look around,we still see themany pictures ofyour Mom andDad’s labors oflove to thebrethren. Rachel & Bobby DeVito
  22. 22. Congratulations to ourfriends from many yearsago. We appreciate yourwonderful example foryoung couples today on alasting marriage! Now, gofor another 50!Love,The Gores
  23. 23. Love and Congratulations on your50th Wedding Anniversary. As youcontinue your life’s journey withhands and heart together, may Godbless you both in a special way.Again, love and congratulations!Love always, Mama Riner
  24. 24. Mom and Daddy –Wow! Fifty years!What an amazing journey! From snow covered Canadian prairies to the red clay ofGeorgia; from two to seven to thirty four (did I count right?); from “just married” togreat-grandparents; from “you gotta listen to this guy” to the backbone of a congregation;through thick and thin; through tears and laughter; through bitter and sweet. And, theadventure continues….We are all very blessed to have you as parents, mentors and friends. Thank you for theexample you have set for us and countless others as you have made your way on thisjourney.We love you very much!Tom and Mary
  25. 25. Happy Anniversary Mom andDaddy! We all love you bothvery very much! We are so luckyto have you as parents! We havetruly been blessed! Sharon
  26. 26. Happy 50th Anniversary!! Love yall!!! Rebecca
  27. 27. Dear Grandma and Grandpa,50 years is an amazing accomplishment and we are thankful that our family isbuilt on such a strong foundation that has weathered the test of time. Yourdedication to each other and to our families has created a family tree thatcontinues to grow strong with each year passing. You are both dearly lovedand appreciated more than you will ever know.Love,Bri and Sam
  28. 28. I love my grandparents very much. Grandpataught me how to shoot., and gun safety. Hehelped me learn to hunt. And the importance ofear protection. I really enjoyed the time I gotto go to their house and stay with them for 2weeks. Grandpa and I went all over the placelooking at guns and practicing our marksmenskills. And grandma always cooks deliciousdinners. My Grandparents are so smart, anyquestion I have they have the answer within
  29. 29. Mom and Daddy,50 years is quite an accomplishment. In this day and age where marriage and relationships are treated as disposable, your marriagestands in contrast to the shallowness and temporariness of our culture. You have been an example of what is good and right not onlyto your children and grandchildren but to others as well; people at church, at work and all around. I am sure that there are peoplewhose lives you have impacted without even knowing.Your desire to do Gods will is the foundation on which all this rests. You have rolled with the punches, had good times and bad,shared good health and illness, found the best shortcuts but sometimes take the long road home. You experienced hell and actual highwater, but kept your head above it. You have risked life and limb and youve bet your bottom-dollar; you have buckled down, dug inyour heels, fought tooth and nail, flown by the seat of your pants, kept your nose to the grindstone, hoed some very long rows, herdedcats, thought way outside the box, held all the aces, and known when to fold em. You have become old friends with square one, broughtthe house down, ridden the crest of the wave, and made hay when the sun was shining.Thank you for keeping going when it was tough.Congratulations on 50 years. I hope you have many more happy years together full of laughs, good times, and good health. I love you!Hannah
  30. 30. Mom and Dad,I would like to thank you both for the countless ways you have servedas examples for your children and grandchildren. But, I would like tohighlight one area in particular that has been influential for mepersonally. That is your well-grounded sense of money and its place inthe world. You have not lived in debt, which is so common for familiestoday (and our country.) You have been an ideal example of livingwithin your means. Debt is an area Hannah and I have struggledwith, but this year we have gotten entirely out of debt. It has broughta great peace of mind.Beyond that, you have both had a healthy view of the importance ofmoney. You have shunned materialism and the constant "need" to havemore or better stuff. You have shown the benefits of contentment. Itleads to lifelong happiness and an absence of want. This has alwaysappealed to me and I have strived to make it a priority in my life.Of course, I doubt any of this would be possible without theimportance you have given God in your lives. You are a Christian manand wife that raised five Christian girls that are raising Christianfamilies. This may be your greatest legacy. Thank you and I love youboth.Scott