DW dealer training 2014


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DW dealer training 2014

  1. 1. Denis Wick Product Training I. Mouthpiece Features and Benefits II. Understanding The Mute
  2. 2. Maurice Murphy: Indiana Jones: trumpet solos Star Wars: Opening movie trumpet fanfares Denis Wick: Star Wars: Darth Vader Theme Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark London Symphony Orchestra
  3. 3.  Embouchure: Mouth Position to focus air.  Aperture: Lip Position for released air  Mouthpiece: Placed against the face to facilitate maximum vibration. Embouchure Aperture Mouthpiece  Vibration = Sound The goal of the relationship between the performer (air, embouchure, aperture) and mouthpiece is maximum vibration. A I R
  4. 4. AIR + = SOUND+ Vibration Translate sound to instrument  A brass instrument no matter what the size, the quality, the cost, is an over-glorified megaphone. It just magnifies the sound produced by the player/mpc relationship. Why is the Mouthpiece Important?
  5. 5. Rim The part of the mouthpiece that comes into contact with the players face. Cup: Diameter Affects the area of vibrating lip supported by the embouchure. Cup: Volume The cup is the resonating chamber of the mouthpiece. It’s volume will affect the sound it translates to the instrument. Throat Affects the air as it enters the mouthpiece. The Throat is the first place the air passes through after exiting the vibrating lips. Backbore Affects the air as it exits the mouthpiece into the instrument.
  6. 6.  The funnel cup must be proportional to the funnel throat.  The mouthpiece Rim, Cup Diameter, Cup Depth, Backbore, and Throat all have specific measurements that must be proportional to each other. Imagine that you have 2 gallons of water that need to flow through a funnel.
  7. 7. Competitor Mouthpiece  Use a stock backbore and throat. Mouthpiece size relates only to the cup diameter and volume.  This creates a disproportion between the measurements  May stifle the sound and create more work for the performer. The Denis Wick Difference  Measurements and sizing designed to proportionally compliment each other  Offers a wide variety of “support options” that do not sacrifice tone production  Superior sound production, tuning, facility The Denis Wick Difference
  8. 8. Mouthpiece Options Classic Heavytop Heritage American Classic PaxmanMaurice Murphy Steven Mead/Ultra Cornet Trumpet Flugelhorn French Horn Alto/tenor Horn Trombone Euphonium Tuba (Classic) Cornet Trumpet Flugelhorn French Horn Trombone Cornet Tenor Horn Trombone Tuba (2-tone & silver) Trumpet Trumpet Baritone/ Euphonium French Horn
  9. 9. Comparisons: What’s the Difference? Heritage Classic Heavy Top MassDistritbution • Thinned upper walls and rim/ mass placed in base of cup • Focused sound with easy articulation and higher register • Great for classical/orchestral players • Mass added all around • Aids in extreme focus to sound • Great for marching band and Jazz Band • Classic weight distribution • Great for all types of playing
  10. 10. Backbore: The backbore affects the air as it exits the mouthpiece. There are three main types of backbore contours: • V-Shape: faster exit into the instrument and creates a brighter, more focused sound. • Barrel: most open of the three designs, resulting in a less direct air flow and freer blowing mouthpiece. • V-barrel: air flows slightly less directly than a V-type which offers a slightly less bright tone. Backbore
  11. 11. Rim: Mouthpiece rims are characterized as rounded or flat. Rounded  Less Stability  More flexibility Flat  More Control/support  Less Flexibility
  12. 12. Translating Customer Complaints My mouthpiece is uncomfortable.• Cutting into lip • Slides off my embouchure • I want more flexibility • I have response issues Rim Contour • Flat Rim – More comfort • Rounded Rim – More flexibility Cup Diameter • Large Diameter– More Flexibility • Small Diameter– More Support • My Sound is too bright/dark. • I want to play higher/lower notes. Cup Volume • Deeper Cup – Darker Sound/low register facility • Shallow Cup - Brighter Sound/high register facility • My mouthpiece is stuffy. • I want better projection. Throat/Backbore • Larger Throat – More Open • Backbore – V-type Barrel will offer better projection Comfort Tone/Range Sound/Projection
  13. 13. Beginner 5182A-7C or 5c, 5882-4B 5880-SM9 (Steven Mead) 5885-4 5880B-9B Orchestra 5882A-1.5C, 5882-MM1.5C 3180-5ABL, 5880-5ABL 5286-2.5CC 5885-4 N/A Jazz Band 5286-4L 5882-4x, 5882-4E 5880-10CS N/A N/A N/A Sound Production Darker Tone/ Projection Brighter Tone/ Projection/ Range
  14. 14.  Denis Wick mutes are constructed to encourage optimum sound production through sensitivity to the function of a mute and it’s relationship to it’s corresponding instrument.  Denis Wick began creating mutes a year after he produced his first mouthpiece
  15. 15. Mute Function • Sound emits through the instrument bell • The mute manipulates and retransmit the sound through the mute. • Various materials and shapes are used to create many different manipulations.
  16. 16. There are two criteria that separate the good from the bad: Tone Color and Intonation. Tone Color Intonation VS. VS.
  17. 17. • Mutes are hand made/hand spun using high purity aluminum • Measured to strict standards to provide excellent intonation and response • Premium all natural cork to ensure a proper fit and long life. • The hand-spinning process hardens the metal and gives Denis Wick mutes their unique tone color while preserving perfect intonation • Superior intonation is trademark for Denis Wick mutes Tone Color Intonation
  18. 18. New! Straight Mutes Adjustable Cup Extending Tube Practice Mute Travel Mute
  19. 19.  Guiding your customers to make choices that will prolong their musical career  You do not need to teach them good sound but you can focus them on good sound. Denis Wick precision results in products that do not perform well by chance, but provide peak performance by design.