Australia how do location climate and natural resources effect trade


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  • New Zealand--it’s closer. Other places are too far away and too expensive
  • Australia how do location climate and natural resources effect trade

    1. 1. Good Mafternoon! 4/15/14 EQ: How do location, climate and natural resources impact trade? HW: Aussie Map Quiz on Wed. Cumulative Map quiz on Friday. GA OAS by 4-28 SPONGE Pick up a handout from the blue tray and glue onto page 76 DateDate ## TitleTitle 4-15 76 Where do you live, Mate?
    2. 2. DirectionsDirections Step #1. Using the CoachbookCoachbook -- Read pages 177-183, andRead pages 177-183, and do #463-471do #463-471 Step #2. Using the what you learned from the CoachbookCoachbook ,, as well asas well as your BYOT (connect toyour BYOT (connect to edmodo), complete youredmodo), complete your Where Do You Live,“Where Do You Live,“
    3. 3. DirectionsDirections 1. Paper Plate: Finish your Australia Paper Plate 2.2. Textbook-Textbook- Read pages 736-739Read pages 736-739 - In the Section 1 Assessment“ ”- In the Section 1 Assessment“ ” answer # 3,4,5,6answer # 3,4,5,6 3.3.CoachbookCoachbook -Read pages 173--Read pages 173- 179, and do #450-462179, and do #450-462
    4. 4. Paper Plate Directions He wants you to create a plate that includes the important physical features of Australia: Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, and the Great Victoria Desert. Feel free to add any additional illustrations to your plate design—the more Australian, the better! The plate should be colorful, informative, and creative.  On the back, explain the important information about each physical feature
    5. 5. TOTD- On an scrap of paper Complete the sentences I feel confident about… I feel I need to study more about…
    6. 6. EQ: How do location, climate and natural resources impact trade? HW: No HW » SPONGE:SPONGE: » Did you go on vacation for spring break?Did you go on vacation for spring break? If so, describe where you went and why youIf so, describe where you went and why you chose to go there. If you didn’t gochose to go there. If you didn’t go anywhere, choose your dream vacationanywhere, choose your dream vacation destination and why you chose that place.destination and why you chose that place.
    7. 7. How do Location, Climate, & Natural Resources Impact Trade? Australia Notes
    8. 8. Location » China is Australia’s neighbor to the north » Australia exports tons of natural resources to China » 1/2 of iron ore goes to China » In return, China provides Australia with affordable finished goods (cars, kitchen appliances, etc.)
    9. 9. Location » Australia’s location makes it is expensive for people to visit from other countries » Most international tourists come from New Zealand and China
    10. 10. Location » Foreign tourists create only 1/4 of Australia’s $81 billion tourist industry » Australians do the majority of tourism within their own country » Remote location in the Southern Hemisphere makes it expensive for Australians to leave & visit other countries
    11. 11. Climate » Tourists from the northern hemisphere visit Australia’s warm beaches when it is winter in their country » Tourists usually wait until spring or fall to visit the rural areas & the outback--not too hot then
    12. 12. Climate » In the non-desert regions, Australians grow many grains » Grown in inland regions of the coastal states (not too hot/dry here) » Grains include a wide range of different crops: » Wheat, barley, sorghum, rye, rice, chickpeas, lentils, & oilseeds
    13. 13. Natural Resources » Across much of Australia, the ground is barren & not ideal for farming (outback) » Many minerals are found here: gold, silver, uranium, coal, copper, & iron ore » Australia has exported nearly $400 billion worth of metals, minerals, & fuels in the past 20 years » Natural resources account for 1/3 of the country’s economy!
    14. 14. Natural Resources » Australia exports more coal & iron ore than any other country » Leads the world in mining bauxite, titanium, & diamonds » No other country has more reserves of lead, cadmium, or nickel
    15. 15. Natural Resources » Have always been important to Australian trade: » In the mid-1800s, Australia had a gold rush in the southern region » Thousands of immigrants moved to Australia to find gold » Many came from England, Ireland, Germany, & China
    16. 16. The Super Pit The wor l d’ s l ar gest
    17. 17. Questions to Consider: 1. Which nation’s citizens visit Australia more than any other? Why? 2. What resources attracted thousands of immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century? 3. Which country is most important to Australia for trade?
    18. 18. Directions » Finish Paper Plate » Finish GA OAS if you have not done so. » Coachbook: 180-183 # 463-471 » 177-179 # 457-462