SPS Dayton Roadmap to SharePoint success


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SPS Dayton Roadmap to SharePoint success

  1. 1. SharePoint Saturday Dayton, Ohio June 30, 2012Creating a Roadmap for SharePoint Success Michelle Caldwell
  2. 2. General Information
  3. 3. About Michelle @shellecaldwell linkedin.com/in/michellecaldwell mcaldwell@iccohio.com
  4. 4. SharePoint Projects
  5. 5. •••••• Absence of governance••••
  6. 6. Social BI Search Internet
  7. 7. SHAREPOINT ROADMAPwww.iccohio.com
  8. 8. 1 2 3 4 Establish Develop Define Drive business a governance the technical adoption andrequirements plan architecture change management
  9. 9. Brendon Ford, Director, Provoke
  10. 10. • • •• •
  11. 11. •••••
  12. 12. , Pentalogic Technology• •• • •
  13. 13. What are the What are the METRICS and how BUSINESS Modify the measures OBJECTIVES? should we PRESENT them?How should the SOLUTION be How can we DESIGNED to Modify the solution COLLECT the meet the metrics? objectives? Who are the What dothe metrics Aid decision making metrics TELL USSTAKEHOLDERS? about how we might CHANGE? http://www.susanhanley.com
  14. 14. THE ROADMAP PROCESSwww.iccohio.com
  15. 15. •••••••
  16. 16. Allows for Connects identification Provides a employees Encourages of subject secure across Captures, Knowledge Enables Provides matter mechanism regions, stores, and Sharing Collaboration Increases Transparency experts and for sharing Priority ProjectedSolution lines of leverages Throughout and productivity across the resources to corporate Ranking Phase business, corporate the Communication organization accelerate knowledge projects, knowledge Organization business with the and decision right people interests makingCorporate Employee PortalEmployee Search x x x x x x x x 8 Phase 1Company News x x x x x x x 7 Phase 1Audience Targeted x x x x x x x 7 Phase 1Empoyee PortalCareers Site x x x x x x x 7 Phase 1Personalized Quick x x x x x 5 Phase 1LinksStock Ticker Web Part x x x x 4 Phase 1Lunch Menu x x x x 4 Phase 1Whats Hot? x x x 3 Phase 1Front Page Personal x x x 3 Phase 1RemindersWeather Web Part x x x 3 Phase 1Web Analytics x x 2 Phase 1Enterprise Document ManagementForms Repository x x x x x x x 7 Phase 1Digital Asset x x x x x x 6 Phase 1/2Management/VideoForms Automation x x x x x 5 Phase 1/2
  17. 17. GETTING TO THE MOUNTAINwww.iccohio.com
  18. 18. •••••• Emphasizes the need importance
  19. 19. Questions and Evals…
  20. 20. mcaldwell@iccohio.com
  21. 21. SharePoint Saturday Dayton has been made possible because of generous sponsorshipfrom the following friends…
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