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Asug 5 stepscustomermasterdatainteg


5 Steps to Customer Master Data Integration presented at the GA Chapter ASUG on October 28, 2011

5 Steps to Customer Master Data Integration presented at the GA Chapter ASUG on October 28, 2011

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 2. [ Agenda – 5 Steps to Customer Data Integration  Overview - CIBA VISION/ Alcon/ Novartis Merge  Overview - Experian QAS  The Business Problem  The 5 Steps – Challenge, Purpose and Approach  Step 1 – Extract  Step 2 – Standardize  Step 3 – Match  Step 4 – Group  Step 5 – Maintain  Technology as a solution  Lessons Learned Real Experience. Real Advantage. 2
  • 3. [ Global Leader in Contact Lenses and Lens Care Products  #2 Weekly / Monthly Contact Lens Continued Innovation: Leveraging Core  #2 Disposable Contact Lens Competencies  #1 Multi-Purpose Solution  #1 Peroxide Solution Silicone Hydrogel Material Technology Lightstream Process Technology Lens Wetting Technology Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  • 4. [ Novartis is a world-leading healthcare company  Leading market position  One of 25 largest companies by market capitalization  Among most respected companies globally Key figures Sales by region – 2010 Canada/ Alcon, Inc.1 2010 USD billion Latin America Europe Net sales: 50.6 Asia/Africa/ Net income: 10.0 Australasia R&D investment: 8.1 US 1 Regional data for Alcon, Inc. not available Real Experience. Real Advantage. | Novartis company presentation | March 2011 | Business use only
  • 5. We believe our portfolio best meets the varied and[ often complex needs of patients and societies Environment Patient needs Novartis portfolio Pharmaceuticals Innovative medicines Alcon (Eye care) Prevention Full range of healthcare Sandoz options (Generics) Affordable options Consumer Health (OTC and Animal Health) Self-care Vaccines and Diagnostics Real Experience. Real Advantage. | Novartis company presentation | March 2011 | Business use only
  • 6. [The New Alcon: World Leader in Eye Care Surgical Pharmaceutical Vision Care  Most complete line of  Products for chronic  Alcon Multi-purpose ophthalmic surgical and acute diseases of disinfecting solutions products the eye • Cataract • Glaucoma • Vitreoretinal • Allergy • Refractive • Anti-infective / Anti- inflammatory  CIBA VISION portfolio • Dry eye of contact lenses and lens care products • Silicone hydrogel • Daily disposable  Novartis Ophthalmic • Color portfolio • Hydrogen peroxide = $3.2 bn = $3.5 bn = $2.7 bn 2010 pro-forma sales Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  • 7. [ About Experian QAS  Contact data verification, standardization, & enrichment tools  Division of Experian Marketing Services  11,000 global clients / 2,000 Enter our raffle contest! clients in North America  Thought leader in contact data quality  Best practice contact data quality standards Real Experience. Real Advantage. 7
  • 8. [ Strategic Goals are Supported by Data Productivity Compliance Satisfaction New Business Customer Cost Sales Retention Reductions  Success is driven by the level of data quality collected, stored, and managed on a daily basis  Optimize CRM/ERP experience  Create a singular customer view  Biggest challenges:  Not physical asset  Identifying and consolidating across the right channels Real Experience. Real Advantage. 8
  • 9. Definitions: What is Master Data and Customer Data[ Integration? Master Data: Data that is a critical company Finance/ asset used by multiple businesses, Credit functions, and users across one or many systems. Web Services CRM Customer Data Integration: Wikipedia definition: “customer data integration (CDI) combines the technology, processes and Customer services needed to set up and Master Data maintain an accurate, timely, complete and comprehensive representation of a customer Marketing BI/ Reporting across multiple channels, business- lines, and enterprises — typically from multiple sources of associated data in multiple application systems ERP (Transactions) and databases”. Single version of the Truth Real Experience. Real Advantage. 9
  • 10. [Primary Business Driver to Integrate Master Data Novartis A single view of the - Pharma Ophtha customer was needed to support 1. New CRM/Sales CIBA VISION Force Realignment Alcon - Ophthalmologists, 2. Supply Chain and Optometrist, – Surgeons, Opticians; Retail Distribution Changes Ophthalmologists, stores, other Optometrist, Opticians, Retail Stores, other Real Experience. Real Advantage. 10
  • 11. [Challenge: Create a Single View of the Customer CIBA VISION Alcon SAP CRM (Siebel) Partner Functions Sales Calls Banking Data Customer Address (Front Office) Sales Objectives “F” Accounts Sales Sample Drops Customer Master Sold-to Party: Dr. Joe Brown Customer-to-Commercial • Address Account Affiliations • Partner Functions • Banking Data ERP (JDE) Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial (Back Office) (Back Office) (Back Office) (Back Office) (Back Office) JDE Accounts JDE Accounts JDE Accounts JDE Accounts JDE Accounts CTI Screen Pops CPaks ($$) IOLs ($$) Equipment ($$) Shipments CS SRs TS SRs TS Service Agreements Business Value: Minimize customer impact by ensuring customer data is available to support integrated business functions. CARS Contracts Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  • 12. [ The 5 Steps to Customer Data Integration  Step 1: Extract  Step 2: Standardize  Step 3: Match  Step 4: Group  Step 5: Maintain Real Experience. Real Advantage. 12
  • 13. [ Step 1 – Extract Data Challenge: What data needs to be integrated? Purpose: Identify data to be integrated Approach:  Identify all Source Systems  Understand Data Model across source systems  Data Attributes  System of Record  Define Criteria  Account type  Partner Function (Bill to/ ship to)  Definition of „Active‟  Complete Data Profile and Measures  Manage Extract Date “Devil is in the details” Real Experience. Real Advantage. 13
  • 14. [ Step 2 - Standardize Challenge: How do we ensure we keep the right record? Purpose: To support the matching process Approach:  Identify a common industry reference  Standardize address data in extract file against the same source “Data is dirtier than you think” Real Experience. Real Advantage. 14
  • 15. [ Step 3 - Match Challenge: How do we get to a single customer record? Purpose: De-duplicate Approach:  Initial Match  Standardized records  Source to Target  Detailed Match  Custom Tool for Business to compare initial matches  Define more detailed business rules (“Survivorship”)  Automated Match  Using verified business rules “Survivorship” Real Experience. Real Advantage. 15
  • 16. [ Step 4 - Group Challenge: How do we support the business integration needs first? Purpose: Categorize the work to prioritize Approach:  Define Categories  High Match  Low Match  No Match  Define Action for each category “Get Quick wins” Real Experience. Real Advantage. 16
  • 17. [ Step 5 - Maintain Challenge: How do we ensure customer master data administration across multiple systems Purpose: Minimize the risk while on separate ERP systems Approach:  Define a new system of record moving forward  Define an on going maintenance process  New customer accounts  Changes to existing customers “Centralize Data Administration” Real Experience. Real Advantage. 17
  • 18. [ How do we know if we are successful? Impact Order Customers Sales Force Data Processes Scenario Customers easily 100% seamless and Higher level of 100% fully integrated Best day identified transparent to the customers called on; customer. increase in business; dream Exceed customer no distractions No data quality issues. expectations. resolving data related issues. Able to take orders and Can meet customer Sales Reps are calling Majority of customer ship in JDE or SAP. expectations. on the right account. data available in Alcon As planned and stable. Volume of new creates does not overwhelm process. Wrong customer Can‟t meet customer Customers not called Wrong accounts Worst account or not expectations and lose on by Sales Rep matched, not available, available, ship to wrong customers and resulting in loss of data quality degrades, nightmare customer. business sales. duplicates created, CDA process overwhelmed High resource impact to request new setup. Real Experience. Real Advantage. 18
  • 19. [Customer Master Data Integration – High Level Process IT – CIBA VISION Extract Files IT – CIBA VISION IT – Alcon IT - Alcon Proposed AddressExperian QAS Low Match Standardization Load Cross (50%<X< and Reference 87%) Auto Match Apply Rules to Proposed Good improve IT - Alcon Matches (> 86%) one to one Maintain match CDA Tool Manual Verification Alcon CDA One to One match Steps (high level) 1. Extract 2. Standardize No Create as 3. Match Alcon CDA One to One New Alcon 4. Group Match? Customer 5. Maintain Yes CIBA VISION Verify results Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  • 20. [ Where Experian QAS Fits  Data management needs to be a company-wide initiative  An address is more than a physical mailing location  Verification: accuracy  Standardization: duplicate identification  Enrichment: profiling & intelligence  IT needs to empower data users (and eliminate the potential for human error) Customer Spotlight: CIBA VISION % normalized • 64% High Match versus • 27% Low Match % requiring rework • 9% No Match Real Experience. Real Advantage. 20
  • 21. [ Products & Services Products Data Verification • Real-time verification • Addresses • Bulk processing - Lists & • Email DBs • Phone numbers • De-duplication • Demographics Deployment & Services • Integrations in mySAP and other enterprise applications • On premise & On-demand (hosted web services) • Bureau Services Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  • 22. [ Experian QAS & SAP  Seamless integration into every version of SAP ERP & CRM  12 year accredited software solution partner  SAP‟s only provider of real-time interactive functionality  Pre-packaged native integration  The ideal solution:  User-friendly  Interactive  Enforced  Available across all channels: back office, web, call center, and EDI/IDOC Real Experience. Real Advantage. 22
  • 23. [ The Journey of an Address Lack of knowledge Confusion Metrics Customer volume & diversity Real Experience. Real Advantage. 23
  • 24. [ Market Problems  Organizations have multiple data collection channels  Common errors :  Incomplete responses  Outdated information  Misspelled entries  Barriers to accurate data entry:  Knowledge of changes  Human error  Budget  98% say budget is wasted on contact data errors  The average % of budget wasted was 16-20% Real Experience. Real Advantage. 24
  • 25. [ Current Strategies  82% currently have a data quality strategy  Data cleansing responsibilities lie within IT  Data quality efforts tend to be manual  Staff measurement  Manual review  Training Real Experience. Real Advantage. 25
  • 26. [ Key Lessons Learned  Customer name and address are at the core of every record  Defining “success” up-front ensures project is aligned with business drivers  Focus on “quick wins” first  Full circle: Point of capture and Batch tools  High confidence in data quality and integrity unleashes the potential of your SAP platform Real Experience. Real Advantage. 26
  • 27. [ Questions?  Remember – visit us at the Experian QAS table following this session. Learn more – and enter for a chance to win. Real Experience. Real Advantage. 27
  • 28. [ ]  Thank you. Real Experience. Real Advantage. 28