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  • City branding is an emerging agent for urban socio-economic development. It is a strategy that provides cities with an image, a cultural significance, and a source of economic value. The basic steps are Research ; studying and determining the dynamic of the city (strengths and weaknesses). The contruction of a structure - through a strategic plan. The cooperation with authorities and the coordination with all city actors. A very important factor is the resident Involvement. FEATURES : Culture, Economy, Knowledge, Technologies, Architecture.
    Athens co-creation project – 2013 Panteion University of Athens
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City branding Moscow Rome-Istanbul

  1. 1. Overview ofCity BrandsNascent MoscowEternal RomeConstantly in Progress Istanbul
  2. 2. Nascent MoscowМОСКВА• Capital of the USSR and since 1991 the Russian Federation• Population of 11,514,330 inhabitants• Industrial Center of Russia• The name of the city derives from the river Moskva• The first reference to Russian history for the city dates back to 1147• As the capital and administrative center is the most important transportation hub. Has four airports.
  3. 3. Branding : A New Idea• 2006-2008: the municipal authorities of the city designedan integrated program to enhance the internationalprestige of Moscow• Main objectives:• eliminate the negative biases based and lack of objectivedata.The main axes of action announced:- Public Diplomacy in favor of Moscow within the countryand internationally mainly- Extensive use of the Internet- Promotion of Russian science, culture and sport- Increase the attractiveness of investment in the city-Create image of Moscow as a city for tourism
  4. 4. Reasons for BrandingA shift from "a wild countrywith oil, vodka and a lot ofmoney" to a modern cityBuilding Confidence carrying out internationalprojects
  5. 5. Basic Guidelines for the Developmentof Moscow until 2025• Resolution : creating an international center of financialservices strong branding of Moscow as a financial center• Concept for international relations in the capitalbranding of Moscow as a symbol of national success inthe 21st century• Concept development of external economic relationsMoscow-city open to cooperation• Resolution program for tourism development Moscow -a safe and comfortable place for tourists• Concept : development of conference activities to 2015branding of Moscow as the largest international congresscenter
  6. 6. Private Initiative•“Perestroika-restructuring” Program: to develop a vision of branding andlogo for Moscow( conducted by online newspaper «The Village»)• “City - worthy of beauty” advertising campaign : News Outdoor supportedby the studios Wowhouse•Biennale of Contemporary Art - a series of exhibitions and installations ofcontemporary art.
  7. 7. Competition for the logo of Moscow
  9. 9. BRANDING THROUGHT EDUCATIONCULTURE & SPORTSThe reputation of the Moscow University, the Moscow International Film Festival, Musical competitions, International tennis tournaments -Kremlin Cup, the Bolshoi theater, all contribute and promote Moscow as an international cultural center
  10. 10. The unique & distinctive characteristics thatmake Moscow recognizableBUT under consideration• City of wealth, luxury, large business opportunities and employment• City of greatness, where everything is big and impressive, the capital of a greatcountry and of a rich history• Long-term peaceful coexistence of many nationalities, religions and cultures• City bridge between East and West• City of possible experiences, speed, city of variety and-why not-and of beautifulwomen!The real problems to be solvedtransport, lack of balance between quality oflife and level of economic development,corruption, crime, housing, poor ecology.
  11. 11. Discriminated for:The Saffron European City Brand Barometer:5th place for the power of its brand name,7th for the power of actual data and9th for the use of its brand nameGlobalization and World Cities ResearchNetwork :Rome category Beta + among global citiesthe 28 most important global city2008 9th of the most powerful Brand namesworldwide
  12. 12. Branding cellConnecting Rome with its religious characterand inseparable from the history of the Catholic religion.Highlights the intense architecturalactivity through the creation of modern buildingsProjection of Rome’s cultural tradition inarchitecture, painting and gastronomy tradition of the city. Le Pagine di Roma electronic platform( people stay aware of cultural issues: cultural events,major events of all kinds, governance issues, trafficconditions of cities  through messages at mobile phonesItalian government legislative measures :to reduce the bureaucratic process, and to raise the financialsupport for start-ups.Auditorium Parco Della Musica
  13. 13. 110th anniversary of the Harley :A fortnight tour of Italy.Rome: the participants will stay for three days, where therewill be events such as marches in the city with visits to keyhistorical sites, including the Vatican, the ancient city andthe port of Ostia.The most important music festival in Italy with theparticipation of some of the greatest bands in the world rockscene.For 2013 it is estimated that 300,000 spectators will attend;concerts of artists who laid the foundations of the genre butalso new artists of the contemporary music scene.
  14. 14. Conclusion Remarks on tourismculture of the past and presentpromoted as a religious center
  15. 15. Key factsIstanbul ProvinceGeographical area:5,313 sq. kmTotal population:13,624,240Percentage of totalnational populationliving in the city: 18.2%Education level –percentage withdegree level or higher:9.2%GDP per capita in 2008(PPP): US$13,359Percentage creativeindustriesemployment: N/A•the pilot city for Turkey•Knowledge City•the Olympic Games 2020City verbal Logosa‘’Eiffel Tower has been identified with Paris, San Marco Square with Venice, Topkapı Palaceand the Mosques of Sinan with Istanbul. The Colosseum of Rome, Acropolis of Athens, RedSquare of Moscow, Pyramids of Cairo have all become symbols each. One cannot think ofNew York without the Statue of Liberty or Istanbul without the mention of its uniquesilhouette’’(Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality)Istanbul the largest city in Turkey, formingThe city of culture’’Istanbul love of continents’’
  16. 16. Istanbul as World City: Different PeriodsIstanbul as atrade colony7th CenturyBCBetween1st andEarly 20thCenturyIstanbul as imperial capital ofByzantineand Ottoman EmpireEarly 1980sIstanbul as economic andcultural capital of TurkishRepublicIstanbul asworld city1990sIstanbul as anemerging Knowledgecity?21stCenturyISTANBULSource: Yenen (1993); GAWC(2000)Dr Koray Velibeyoglu & Dr Tan Yigitcanlar: ‘’A quest for knowledge-based (urban) development: knowledge assets and networks ofIstanbul, Turkey “
  17. 17. Source:Dr Koray Velibeyoglu & Dr Tan Yigitcanlar: ‘’A quest for knowledge-based(urban) development: knowledge assets and networks of Istanbul, Turkey “A quest forknowledge-basedurban development
  18. 18. 2013 Istanbul, Turkey•a Knowledge Metropolis•a regional hub for activities like finance, logistics, tourism and culture for the Balkans, the Black Sea region,the Central Asian Turk republics, and the Middle East.•focuses on three main economic fields: (1) finance and services; (2) logistics; and (3) tourism and culture.•3rd International Symposium on Knowl edge Ci t i es17-19 November 2008 Istanbul – Turkey•Universitiesperform the role of ‘local knowledge hubs’ bringing global knowledge into the region.•knowledge clusters and technology hotspots in Istanbul:Maslak-Taksim Axis: big media conglomerates and ICT firms in new business centreKadikoy-Pendik Axis: ICT-based services in the Asian side of Istanbul•Istanbul Inventory of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Economy Compendium Project
  19. 19. Istanbul ceremony honors real forest heroes’the world community in Istanbulto focus on some of the pressing issues at stake tosecure healthy forests worldwideUPHOLDSTURKEY’S GREEN GOALSto becomeenvironmentalLeaderforyoung peoplearound the worldA CLEANER ESTHETIC LIVABLEGLOBAL CITYClimateClean energyEducation and engagementPublic access and clean waterPlanting of one million trees forthe 9th UN Forum on Forests..
  20. 20. smart grid technologies+ financing mechanismsMinistry of Science, Industry and Technology &The Directorate General for Metrology and Standardization↓Istanbul hosts “International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress andExhibition” 9th – 10th May, 2013↓Companies operating –representatives from concerning public corporations, international metrology andstandardization establishments,international smart grid associations, electricity-water and gas meter producing companies,importer companies, electricity and natural gas distribution companies,organized industrial zones, municipalities, conformity assessment bodies, automationcompanies, examination, testing and calibration corporations, R&D companies, energyproduction/transmission/distribution companies, GSM operators, smart building companiesand software companies.
  21. 21. Tourism•sector of tourism at a time of economic recession across Europe.• According the data, 2/3 tourists came to Turkey between Oct. 2012 and March 2013 visited Istanbul•838,201 tourists visited İstanbul in the first three months of 2013•23,8% increase to 2012•9.5 million in 2012•expected to spend at least $11 billion this year contrary to NY($21.1 billion) and London ($19.4 billion)..Not offering all the possibilities that Istanbul has to the same individual..Produce different kinds of products to different segments..
  22. 22. “We are developing the Golden Horn as a valley of culture, Cendere as a replica of siliconvalley and Harbiye as a congress valley. These projects will add value to the esthetics,culture and social life in the city.” Mayor Topbaş: The Brand Value of Istanbul Has RisenBoost of Society
  23. 23. Logo a beneficial visual tool‘’The most inspiring city in the world’’..Istanbul is a Musea Muse that inspires→a ‘’timeless city’’←a capital city of various empires‘’Being Middle Eastern and European at the same time’’589 events.. reflect the whole theme andindicate the ideology lying behind-visualarts, theater, music, film documentaryanimation, traditional arts, urban culture,education, literature, cultural heritage,urban implementations, maritime andwater sportsA city brand is a promise of value..differentiation-attract foreigninvestments –reflectEuropeannessa historical charactera creative atmosphere..cultural andartistic centerof attraction
  24. 24. BRIDGE TO A NEW CULTURE: Istanbul 2020will provide an iconic setting and a uniqueexperience for a Games that captivates theworldBRIDGE TO EXCELLENCE: Istanbul has matcheda 20-year desire with commitment andcapacity: now the city is ready to deliver aGames founded on technical excellenceBRIDGE TO A HISTORIC IMPACT: Istanbul 2020will have profound and immediate impacts forTurkey, the region and the entire OlympicMovement
  25. 25. İstanbul deserves to host the 2020 Olympicscore valuesof theOlympicsrespectexcellenceandfriendship
  26. 26. •To add a new dimension and depth to the greatest sporting event in the world•As one of the most ancient global cities•The Ministry of Youth and Sports -the National Olympic Committee of Turkey (TMOK)-the mayor and governor of İstanbul - the largest Turkish companies in cooperation.
  27. 27. Were supporting İstanbul 2020
  28. 28. centerInternational center for conventions,congresses & meetingsTourism culture &entertainmentEnvironmentEnergyKnowledgeCenterTechnology
  29. 29. Researching ; studying and determining the dynamic of the city(strengths and weaknesses)Structure through a strategic planCooperation with authorities and coordination with all city actorsResident InvolvementFEATURES: Culture, Economy, Knowledge, Technologies, Architecture
  30. 30. Maria Giouleka Neokleous Vaimaki Kopsiavivikopsia@gmail.comKaterina Vlassopoulou youfor yourattention!Panteion University of Social & Political SciencesMaster in Cultural ManagementCourse: Cultural Marketing and Communication-Athens Co-Creation Branding ProjectCourse Instructor : Betty Tsakarestou