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Welcome Welcome Presentation Transcript

  • Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll take a deep breath and stay a while.
    • Everyone is on a journey to self knowing. Whether you're seeking, struggling, or savoring, a bit of company and encouragement can do you a world of good.
    • This site is for dialogue, news sharing, information, and tips among people who are dedicated to making a living through the expression of their own personal best.
    You survived the Struggler stage by being both smart and creative. You’ve figured out how to give endlessly without burning out. You are living the good life. Working in your chosen field, you couldn’t be happier, and couldn’t be more stressed, either. Exhaustion threatens. On a vision quest, unsure of your gifts but sure you have one or two and you dream of the day when you will know what to do. Savorers Strugglers Seekers
    • This Page is for you if you've been
    • dancing around thoughts of doing work that is more closely aligned with your talents and loves . Work that you enjoy , while it contributes positively to the lives of your follow human beings . Work that is sustainable because it comes from your natural self .
    • Your dance may be merely flirtatious at this point, or it could have become a full blown tango .
    • Wherever you are on the journey, your commitment is definitely increasing. In your heart, you know there's no going back .
    • So no more fancy footwork. It's time. You're here now. It's time to
    • follow your inspiration
    • find your dream
    • work from a mission
    • work with meaning
    • do things you value
    • respect your natural talents
    • prepare to die knowing you did your personal best
    • Welcome. Please settle in and make yourself comfortable.
    • This Page is for YOU to * Question * Discuss * Discover
  • Livelihood means …
    • live•li•hood 'liv-le-hud n [ME livelode course of life ... more at LODE] 1: means of support or subsistence 2 obs: the quality or state of being lively
    • lode'lod n [ME ... course, support ...]
    • 1: Waterway 2: An ore deposit 3: Something that resembles a lode: an abundant store.
    • Click the LIKE button above for:
    • Updates about the search for and understanding of right livelihood
    • Tips and resources for planning and marketing (sharing) your right livelihood practice
    • Tips and resources for online branding
    • A community of people like you who are dedicated to being what they were cut out to be
    • The satisfaction of knowing you are not crazy, or hopeless, or a misfit: you are, instead, a remarkable gift to humanity!