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Communication skills
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Communication skills






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Communication skills Communication skills Presentation Transcript

  • Communication Skills The process by which people becomeaware of internal and external messages and interpret those messages
  • Perceiving the external worldO SightO HearingO TouchO TasteO smell
  • PhysicalO PleasureO PainO HeatO Cold
  • MentalO ThoughtsO DaydreamsO Fantasies
  • Features of perceptionO Unique to each individualO Depends on a wide range of factors O Age O Gender O Cultural background O Job
  • Perception errorsO Sensory limitationO Strong emotionsO PrejudiceO ExperienceO Cultural experience
  • Personal perceptionO AppearanceO RoleO Attributions
  • Discussion 1O Your are either a born communicator or you are not.O Learning communications skills is not going to make a difference
  • Discussion 2O I hate people who always thing out what they want to say.O It’s far better to be natural and say whatever comes into their head
  • Discussion 3O Most of our communication problems would be solved if people listened instead of talked
  • Discussion 4O I can tell within 5 seconds what a person is going is likeO All I need to do is look at them
  • Discussion 5O The thing about stereotypes is that most of them are true
  • Activities - Identify your own communication needsO Within a group identify the kinds of communication skills that you will need for your chosen professionO Then consider your own personal needsO List those areas that you can improve on
  • Strengths/WeaknessO WrittenO AuralO VisualO ElectronicO Mass
  • WrittenO Advantages O Written record of complex information O Can be duplicated O Can be reread easily many times O Time consuming to produce
  • Written contd.O Disadvantages O Takes time to produce O More formal than speech O Feedback is slow O Difficult change once sent
  • OralO Advantages O More direct and personal O Feedback is immediate O Message can be adjusted in light of feedback O Speech can be supported by body language O Qualities of voice can be exploited O Views can be changed quickly
  • Oral contd.O Disadvantages O Often no record O Impossible to unsay O Interaction difficult to control
  • Visual mediaO Advantages O Immediate impact O Reinforce with verbal interpretation O Simply information O Can represent reality closely O Cross linguistic barriers
  • Visual media contd.O Disadvantages O Possible to give ambiguous messages O May oversimplify O Verbal annotation usually required O Less easy to produce than text
  • Electronic mediaO Advantages O Fast communication over distance O Combines verbal and visual O Powerful impact O Easily recorded and stored
  • Electronic media contdO Disadvantages O Too much information O Lack of accuracy in content O Lacks nuances of human interaction O Lack of depth in communication
  • Mass mediaO Advantages O Important sources of information and entertainment O Large audience O Enormous impact O Powerful vehicles for advertising and opinion forming
  • Mass media contd.O Disadvantages O Production costs high O ownership and control by small number of people O Undue influence on politics and society