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Record enrollments, a new version of Blackboard, limited staff equals a recipe for disaster! See how Fresno State survived with the Blackboard Student Orientation course.

In this presentation you will learn first-hand how Fresno State prepared students for Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 13. Faced with a record freshman enrollment and skyrocketing online courses, ensuring that students had the technology and the skills to be successful in the online classroom was paramount. To meet this challenge, the Blackboard 9.1 Student Orientation Course was developed. This course, available to all students, was built on best practices in online course design with a focus on active engagement. Students enrolling in the course came away with hands-on experience with all the Blackboard 9.1 tools, knowledge of the Fresno State interface, and a Certificate of Completion, which they received after demonstrating skills through an assessment.

Encouraged by faculty, and the chance to win prizes, nearly 2000 students self-enrolled at the beginning of the fall 2013 semester. The course, facilitated by an Instructional Designer and student assistants, proved to help students became comfortable with the tools and technology used in online courses and provided a safe space for asking Blackboard related questions. This was clearly evident by the reduced number of "how to" calls to the Blackboard Resource Center on campus.

Using a backchannel to drive discussion and answer questions, the presenter ensures that you will come away from this session with a sustainable plan that you can immediately implement on your campus for preparing students to use Blackboard. In addition to the course, you may take away a module that instructors can import into their own course and customize . The goal is that students are prepared for the technology so that they are able to focus on the content and assignments once the course begins.

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  • With an enrollment of more than 22,000 students, Fresno State offers 59 undergraduate degree programs and 44 master degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences as well as in a variety of professional disciplines emphasizing agriculture, business, engineering and technology, health and human services, and education.
  • How do students know? All students enrolled in fully online courses are sent a letter at the beginning of the semester. Instructors are made aware of the course and those enrolled in faculty development programs through TILT are required to complete the course.
  • Course Menu was set up in such a way so that students would be able to easily find what they need.
  • Blackboard Preppers

    1. 1. California State University, Fresno Blackboard Preppers: Ensuring Student Success Mary Bennett, Instructional Designer Technology Innovations for Learning and Teaching California State University, Fresno
    2. 2. California State University, Fresno Welcome • Introductions • College Portrait • Blackboard @ Fresno State • The Challenges • Customizable Student Orientation Module • Blackboard 9.1 Student Orientation Course • Next Steps • Questions?
    3. 3. California State University, Fresno College Portrait Fall 2013 • Located in the Central Valley • Enrollment 22,000+ • 637 Full-Time Instructional Faculty • 1504 Instructor Head Counts • 59 Undergraduate Degrees • 44 Master Degree Programs • 3 Doctoral Programs – Educational Leadership (Ed.D) – Nursing (DNP) – Physical Therapy (D.P.T)
    4. 4. California State University, Fresno Fall 2013 Enrollment
    5. 5. California State University, Fresno Blackboard @ Fresno State • Campus wide transition from v7.3 to 9.0 Fall 2010 • Currently running 9.1 Service Pack 13
    6. 6. California State University, Fresno Fall 2013 Courses on Blackboard • 191 Fully Online Courses • 8 Hybrid • 3437 Course Shells
    7. 7. California State University, Fresno Blackboard @ Fresno State Technology Innovations for Learning and Teaching (TILT)  3 Instructional Designers  1 Blackboard Architect  2 Video, Photography & Multimedia Specialists  Blackboard Resource Center  1 Technical Lead  4 Student Assistants  scanning documents, compressing PPT files, formatting test questions, video editing, etc.
    8. 8. California State University, Fresno The Challenges Training faculty and students with limited resources – Face-to-face workshops for faculty – Faculty responsible for student training Ensuring Quality in Online Courses – eScholar/Bootcamp Programs – Individual Consulations
    9. 9. California State University, Fresno Statewide Program to Support and Enhance Academic Quality in Online Courses • The State of California Assembly Bill 386 (2013), requires the CSU to provide its students access to all fully online CSU courses across our 23 campuses by fall 2015
    10. 10. California State University, Fresno Seven Major Goals 1. Students should be prepared for success in fully online courses. 2. Online learning experiences should provide students with equivalent (or better) quality instruction as they receive from traditional face-to-face courses. 3. Online courses must be accessible and useable by all students, including those with disabilities. 4. Student achievement of learning outcomes should contribute to the metrics on quality education. 5. Academic integrity of student performance must be assured to minimize cheating and plagiarism. 6. Campuses need to support faculty designing and delivering quality online courses with professional development and support services. 7. Techniques, experiences and outcomes from the various campus projects should be disseminated widely across the CSU campuses through effective communications between campuses as well as the Chancellor’s Office.
    11. 11. California State University, Fresno Solutions • Customizable module for courses • Blackboard 9.1 Student Orientation Course
    12. 12. California State University, Fresno Customizable Module
    13. 13. California State University, Fresno Bb 9.1 Course Orientation Module
    14. 14. California State University, Fresno Navigating the Blackboard Environment • Information for Current Students at Fresno State • Working with Files in Blackboard • Working with Documents • Using the Content Editor • Sending Email • Checking My Grades • Practice Assignments
    15. 15. California State University, Fresno Instructions • Discussion Board • Learning Module • Tests • Assignments • Blogs • Journals • Wikis • SafeAssign/Turnitin
    16. 16. California State University, Fresno Bb 9.1 Student Orientation Course Beginning Fall 2011 Self-enroll
    17. 17. California State University, Fresno Marketing • Email to Instructors – Many required the certificate as a first assignment • Email to students • High visibility in the Library – First two weeks of the semester • Prizes
    18. 18. California State University, Fresno About the Content • Content and Videos by Blackboard • Content and Videos specific to Fresno State • Videos created by Students • Universal Design Principles • Accessible Content
    19. 19. California State University, Fresno Course Homepage
    20. 20. California State University, Fresno Course Menu Items  START HERE: Syllabus and Schedule  Announcements  Contacts  Bb 9.1 Student Guide  Course Orientation Modules 1. Technical Requirements and Getting Help 2. Global Navigation and My Blackboard 3. Social Learning Tools 4. Blackboard Basics 5. Working with Files, Documents, and Content 6. Communication and Collaboration 7. Assignments and Tests 8. Test Your Knowledge  Virtual Office  Blackboard Mobile Learn App  On Demand Video Tutorials
    21. 21. California State University, Fresno Syllabus
    22. 22. California State University, Fresno Consistent Module Format • Module Objectives • Content • Just for Fun Quizzes
    23. 23. California State University, Fresno My Practice Assignments
    24. 24. California State University, Fresno Required Modules 1. Technical Requirements and Getting Help 2. Global Navigation and My Blackboard 3. Social Learning Tools 4. Blackboard Basics 5. Working with Files, Documents, and Content 6. Communication and Collaboration 7. Assignments and Tests 8. Test Your Knowledge
    25. 25. California State University, Fresno 1. Technical Requirements and Getting Help • Ask Tilt? • Video to the Resource Center • Accessibility Information – navigation, accessing content
    26. 26. California State University, Fresno 2. Global Navigation and My Blackboard • Blackboard Environment at Fresno State • Notifications – how to manage the notification system
    27. 27. California State University, Fresno 3. Social Learning Tools • Profiles • Setting Privacy Options • What’s up with Facebook and Twitter? • Reporting Inappropriate Content
    28. 28. California State University, Fresno 4. Blackboard Basics • Is Online Learning for Me? • Courses vs. Organizations • Navigating Courses • Collapsing Menus
    29. 29. California State University, Fresno 5. Working with Files Documents and Content • Accepted File Types • Content Editor • Video Everywhere • Navigating Learning Modules
    30. 30. California State University, Fresno 6. Communication and Collaboration • Rules of Netiquette • Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Communication Tools • Groups
    31. 31. California State University, Fresno 7. Assignments and Tests • Instructions for Taking Tests • Assignment Manager • Safe Assign • Turnitin
    32. 32. California State University, Fresno 8. Test Your Knowledge Blackboard 9.1 Orientation Quiz Adaptive Release > Score of 30 > Survey > Certificate of Completion
    33. 33. California State University, Fresno Examples of Questions • Where is the TILT Blackboard Resource Center located? • Select the browsers that are compatible with Blackboard. • Who do you contact if you are having trouble with your email? • Which is the correct file name to upload into Blackboard? • Which synchronous tool may require the use of a microphone and a web cam? • What happens when you hold down the shift key when entering the Virtual Classroom or a Chat session? • It is okay to use casual and text language in course related emails. • When taking exams in Blackboard it is okay to have several browser windows open.
    34. 34. California State University, Fresno Course Orientation Enrollments • 3701 Fall 2012 • 2767 Fall 2013
    35. 35. California State University, Fresno Fall 2013 Outcomes
    36. 36. California State University, Fresno
    37. 37. California State University, Fresno
    38. 38. California State University, Fresno
    39. 39. California State University, Fresno Sample Comments • “The blackboard orientation has everything you need to learn how to succeed in an online course” • “Make the quizzes mandatory that way you can make sure they are paying attention” • “Add a tab where it shows the assignments that have been completed and the ones that need completion” • “A to do list or check off list of needed or required steps” • “Very long. It'd be better if the learnings were shorter, maybe more engaging rather than just watching a video” • “This orientation took me about 4 hours to complete. My eyes are cross eyed from looking at the screen for so long”
    40. 40. California State University, Fresno Interesting Facts • 1751 attempts on the Quiz • 42 In Progress • 199 students scored 100% on the Quiz • 1548 Certificates Issues • “How do I?” questions to the Resource Center -15%
    41. 41. California State University, Fresno
    42. 42. California State University, Fresno Revision Process • Blackboard Exemplary Course Program – Increase interaction between students and “instructor” – Q & A Board monitored daily
    43. 43. California State University, Fresno Next Steps • Include in Dog Days (new student orientation) • First Year Experience • Tablet Courses • Institution Badging System
    44. 44. California State University, Fresno
    45. 45. California State University, Fresno Questions? • Mary Bennett – – Twitter: @marybennett – G+: