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Chance Favors The Prepared Network Chance Favors The Prepared Network Presentation Transcript

  • Chance Favors The Prepared NetworkUniversity of Minnesota Neuroscience Department April 19 2012 Mary Canady Comprendia LLC
  • Who Am I? •1992 –Biochemistry grad student (Duke) –Did Crystallography for pretty pictures –Loved bench work (and to organize events) •2012 –Comprendia/San Diego Biotechnology Network •Network of 20,000 •Marketing, events, writing, speaking •Results –I can find help in myriad areas –People find me easily for business (and speaking!) –I have found my niche and am happy at work2 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Headed to U of Minn. today to talk to scientists about networking...whats your advice? “My advice is to not be afraid to talk “It would probably also help if you tell to scientists outside your own fields the grad students/post-docs the of interest/collaborations. You might different career options they might get inspired..” explore, especially in this job --@InnovaBio, Twitter market, so they learn to network in right areas!” “Dont think of networking as a -- Saugata Ray, LinkedIn quick gateway to a job/collaboration. It is about “LinkedIn is a necessity, but not a cultivating good relationships over replacement for meeting people in time.” person!” --@omespeak, Twitter --Heather Buschman, LinkedIn “Be positive but realistic. In the “Mention the huge amnt of scientist current scientific job networking on here. There is a market, connectivity will help but is untrue stigma that Twitter is self not a panacea. Let us know what indulgent and egotistical.” sorts of reactions you get.” -- @ProteinWrangler, Twitter --Peter Kenny, LinkedIn3 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • WHY?4 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Why? Be Smarter Item 1992 2012 Instant PDF, share and Photocopy from library Publications meet others (Mendeley, every few days BioMedExperts) Just got 1st account! Pervasive, drives Email The TELEPHONE used collaborations often. Forums, Blogs, Wikis, Interest groups Mailing lists LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages Search abstracts online, find common Conference Email paper authors, connections on LinkedIn networking meet or BioMedExperts, blog/Tweet about meeting beforehand.5 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Why? •Be Richer •SciFund: Researchers ‗crowd fund‘ their research •$76K raised •Larger network=more funding (link) •Be Happier •Share your experiences •Help people and be helped •Find your niche6 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • WHAT?7 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • What Is Networking? • Can be online or IRL (in real life) • Formal or informal • Science or non-science • Can be with people you know • Started by anyone, anywhere8 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • What Online Tools Should I Use? Application Description Good for How To Use LinkedIn Professional •Personal brand •Complete profile networking •Job hunting •Join/start groups •Leads •Engage Twitter Sharing •Personal brand •Find a niche information •Connecting via •Follow with short content hashtags/users updates •Events Blog Dynamic •Personal brand •Create blog acc. website with •Connecting with To channel daily-weekly peers •Find others, articles interact via comments/Twitter Our 3 recent posts on scientific social networks9 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • HOW?10 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • IRL: On Networking: A Rant by Scicurious (link) • How do you overcome awkwardness and meet the big wigs in your field? • Lots of great comments – Ask them for advice – Dont just focus on big wigs – Try smaller meetings – Be outgoing but do what feels natural – Hang out with people11 you like © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • IRL+ Online: SDBN • 2008: Unsatisfied with San Diego life science networking opportunities • Using personal network, began SDBN – Now 7000 members on LinkedIn, Facebook – Monthly meetings featuring hot science,100+ • Casual atmosphere, plenty of time for networking – Speed networking – Networking bingo • Networking events in high demand, more easy to organize these days12 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • LinkedIn…What Is It Good For? • Finding a job • Building your personal brand or channel – What problem can you solve for others? – Post relevant news and items • Serendipity • LinkedIn (LI)Works best – With a large network – Leveraging groups – In conjunction with social media & face to face interactions13 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Maximizing Your LI Profile • Should be as complete as resume – Use action words and bullets – Headline—what ‗pain‘ do you address? – Adding all past relevant positions with information for each helps others to find you (leave out the Olive Garden) • Get a ‗vanity‘ URL – Add to email signature, business card • Add a head shot – Friendly, professional – Next best thing to face to face • Check for spelling errors!14 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Maximizing Your LI Profile • Link to your company or sites of interest – Choose ‗other‘ and put in name • Include complete contact information • Get recommended – Don‘t be shy • Look through contacts, you‘ll be amazed • Only ~50% may respond, don‘t be offended – BUT don‘t ask people you didn‘t work with directly – Reciprocate? Up to you15 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Build Your Network • Bigger Web=More Opportunities – Better search results – More people will find in search • Places to look – LinkedIn • Upload contacts • Others‘ contacts (get lab members on!) • Groups • Events • ‗People You May Know‘ – Ouside LinkedIn • Events you‘ve attended, collect business cards16 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Leveraging Groups • Benefits – Directly email any group member (check out our howto) – Can post questions to group – Searches give more results • Join up to 50 groups • Choose large, relevant, active groups – Your posts will not be seen in spam-y groups • Lots of great discussions going on – Antibodies, recombinant proteins, medicinal chemistry… – See our tips and list to start17 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Other Useful Features • LinkedIn PDF Resume • Subscriptions – Send ‗InMails‘ – See more search results • Introductions • Follow companies – Your targets • Events – Add RSVPs, connect with others • Ask/answer questions18 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Don‘t Forget…Etiquette • Invitations to connect – ALWAYS include a short note – Remind them how they know you – Give them a compliment & benefit to linking with you • 90/10 Rule – Post 9 helpful items for every 1 self promoting – ADD VALUE19 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Whither Twitter? #SFN11 Tweets •6290 Tweets •1363 Twitterers •―Tweetups‖ Follow hashtags on our list20 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Basics • Overview – Provide 140 character updates, AKA ‗microblogging‘ – @[user] to send a public message (reply) – D [user] to send private message (DM) – #[text] is a ‗hashtag‘ to follow events or chats • Follow based on content, don‘t need to know – Hint: this is huge for meeting people • Provide information based on ‗channel‘ • Should be a conversation if you‘re doing it right!21 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Tactics • Fill out profile completely and carefully • Get followers – Target: 1,000 – To be followed, you must follow • Twitterer will be sent message that you are following • Search twitter for terms (e.g., ‗kinase‘) • Conference hashtags (#acs_boston) • Scientist lists • Don‘t follow more than 100/day • Provide content from RSS or other twitterers • Engage with twitterers22 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Tactics: Applications • Posting – Hootsuite • Web-based & apps • Schedule Tweets (best to space out—3-4 tweets/day) • Post to many other apps – Tweetdeck • Desktop & apps • Very popular – Twhirl • Desktop App (smaller windows) • Good for multiple accounts To see which apps people are using, check bottom of tweets.23 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Link and courtesy @brianreid24 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • • Find blogs you like – ResearchBlogging – ScienceSeeker – ScienceBlogging – Google Alerts/RSS feeds – Twitter • Create one – – Blogger • Write and interact! – Post comments on blogs, @ authors on Twitter – Some are just ‗microbloggers‘ on Twitter25 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • RSS: Your New BFF • RSS Feeds & Readers – Monitor individual website changes • Blogs • News • Pubmed – Monitor the entire web – Monitor Twitter • Tools – Google Reader (create bundles, use Feedburner for email) – Yahoo Pipes See ‗Comprendia RSS Resources‘26 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • What‘s Your Career Gene? • R&D is one of many options • Other avenues may afford more flexibility • Look to other interests, proclivities • Meet people See Transitions to Industry presentation (2nd half)27 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.
  • Get Started NOW • Networking is not just for job seekers! • Face to face is still important – Conferences – Networking events (start a Minn. Biotech group?) • Meet for lunch ‗just because‘ • Pay it forward Follow your instincts on what makes you happy28 © Comprendia, LLC All rights reserved.