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Kaylee's electricity log report new


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Kaylee's Electricity Log Electricity is cool. Hppt:/Bing/images.
  • 2. Closed Circuits
      A closed circuit is an electric circuit providing uninterrupted endless path for the flow of the current.
    • pic is from hppt:/bing/images.
  • 3. Open Circuit
      An open circuit is when the electric system breaks and the current does not flow.
    • This pic is from hppt:/bing/images.
  • 4. My homemade flashlight
    • Connect two wires to a battery.
    • 5. Then connect the wires to a metal for a florescent light bulb can work! pics fromhppt:/bing/images.
  • 6. Why does a light bulb stop burning?
      The gas runs out and the light has nothing to keep it running as a back up.
    • This pic is fromhppt:/Bing/images.
  • 7. How does a light bulb work?
      A light bulb works on a wire called a filament. Current flows through to get to the light bulb working.
    • This pic fromhppt:/bing/image.
  • 8. Who invented the light bulb?
      Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb.
  • 9. Insulators
      Insulators are materials that are not a good conductor. Some examples are a toothpick, rubber band,and Styrofoam.
    Images from hppt:/Bing/images.
  • 10. Conductors
      Conductors are the flow of electricity light,heat and magnetism. Some examples key,nickle,and penny. ?​ ?
    Images from hppt:/Bing/images.
  • 11. Series circuit
      A series circuit has more than one restorer. When a bulb is removed and there are two lights both do not work.
  • 12. Parallel circuit
      A parallel circuit is is one of the electrical circuits. When you have two light bulbs and you pull one out the other one does work.
    Images from hppt:/Bing/images.
  • 13. Comparing
      The parallel and series circuit are similar because.....They both have kinda the same electrical system.
    Source hppt:/Bing/images.
  • 14. Contrasting
      The series and parallel circuits are different because.....If you pull a light bulb out, the other one works. Parallel is different because it is the exact opposite .If you pull one out on parallel both do not work.
    Images from hppt:/Bing/images.
  • 15. How does static electricity work?
      Static electricity is caused by the rubbings of things like fabric,cotton,carpet material and much more. Static electricity is also can be caused by balloons.
  • 16. How does lightning work?
      Electric charge builds up and when it gets enough it strikes .Thier strikes are faster than our earth's space ships.
  • 17. Lightning safety tips
    • Do not use a phone while there is lightning.
    • 18. Do not swim during a storm when there is lightning.
    • 19. Do not hold an umbrella or something metal when there is lightning
    • Do not be by a telephone pole in a storm when there is lightning.
  • 20. Thanks!
      Thank you for reading!!!!!!