National University: Can We Make Online Group Projects Work?


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Three faculty collaborate as a group and demonstrate examples of what works well with online group work, as well as the challenges.

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  • Greetings. This is Ben Radhakrishnan, your instructor for SEM604.
  • Our Share Price Index increase as we learn to find a balance between price and production planning.
  • The objectives of this session
  • The objectives of this session
  • National University: Can We Make Online Group Projects Work?

    1. 1. Can We Make Online Group Projects Work? NU Spring Symposium March 2014 Copyright © National University 1 Nelson Altamirano (SOBM) Ben Radhakrishnan (SEC) Mary Beth McCabe (SOBM)
    2. 2. General Approach to Group Learning • After listening students must do something Learning by doing • Students not so comfortable. Instructors help build confidence Motivate creativity • A group learning project shows who are dependable and who are not (free riders) Group and individual responsibility Copyright © National University 2
    3. 3. We want people who.. work together to generate new ideas and find solutions commit to the team and be dependable willing and wanting to cooperate and pitch in to help communicate clearly, concisely, creatively coordinate with others Copyright © National University 3
    4. 4. ECO203: The Assignment Objectives • At the end of this assignment students will understand economics at a deep level and learn how to differentiate theoretical results from real situations; gain excel skills, team working skills and game creation skills that are useful in their working environments; • reinforce their writing and presentation skills; and finally learn economics by doing it and having fun. • The deliverables of the game assignment are three: a paper in word, a game engine in excel and a presentation in power point. Game Paper • This short written assignment is 5 to 10 page long without including the pages for the title, references and appendixes. It contains the following distinguishable sections: A. Abstract B. Instructions C. Game Board and Excel Engine D. Microeconomics Debriefing Section E. References F. Appendix G. Attachments Copyright © National University 4
    5. 5. ECO203: The RubricThe Products (80%) (i.e. Paper, Game Board and Engine) The Process (20%) (i.e. your participation and contribution to the team work) This is a group grade, all members receive the same grade based on the group submission. One group member should submit all 3 documents (paper, excel engine and board) by Week 4. This is an individual grade with two components to be evaluated when you submit the paper, excel engine and game board in Week 4. At that time, each group member must send the self and peer evaluations. Paper (40%) The paper will be graded based on Content Structure Style Self Evaluation Give yourself 10 if you did as much as everyone else in the team, i.e. a ‘fair’ contribution 6 if you did below the ‘fair’ contribution but helped the team 3 if you did almost nothing over the entire week 0 if you did nothing Game Board (15%) The game board will be graded based on Design Integration with Engine Engine (25%) The engine will be graded based on Design Formulas that express game rules Formulas that calculate winners Peer Evaluation (average of points you receive from your teammates) Evaluate every other team member’s contribution to the team project. Give each of them 10 if you think this person did as much as everyone else in the team, i.e. a ‘fair’ contribution 6 if you think this person did below the ‘fair’ contribution but helped the team 3 if you think this person did almost nothing to help the group 0 if you think this person did nothing Copyright © National University 5
    6. 6. ECO203 - Logistics Tue Thu Fri Sun W1 Session 1 Excel Basics Session 2 Excel D/S Office Hour Exam1 Group members W2 Session 3 Excel Elasticity, Consumption Session 4 Excel Profit, Costs Office Hour Game Description Exam2 Comment on Game Description W3 Session 5 Excel Perfect Competition Session 6 Excel Monopoly 30‟ Advising Office Hour Assignment W4 Session 7 Session 8 Game Presentations Office Hour Exam3 Copyright © National University 6
    7. 7. ECO203 – Student Work Copyright © National University 7
    8. 8. ECO203 – Problems & Challenges • Time needed: “after listening they MUST apply concepts to games” • Faculty time intensive. Can all ECO203 instructors do the same? • Huge effort, big accomplishment reward for students Copyright © National University 8
    9. 9. Groups in Simulation • Online marketing simulation • 7 students/3 groups • Graded on performance of value and decision making ability • 60% of grade group driven • Six decision rounds completed • MBA Marketing Capstone 9Copyright © National University
    10. 10. Sample: Group work Advertising and Research Strategy: Advertising and research were spent focusing on the target market for each product. For the earlier rounds, it was only necessary to promote for the Sonite Brands; we attempted an even split between MOVE and MOST. Once MOVE took the market lead for high earners and professionals we began to allocate more budget to advertising MOST and to target shoppers and savers. Group: Mobile Final Report, 2013
    11. 11. Share Price Index
    12. 12. Feedback • “We had to alter different strategies in each round in order to stay ahead of the game. Therefore, I think it was important and imperative that we worked in teams because it helped make our decisions more quickly and effectively. It was nice to go over and get the advice and suggestions of my team member. We started very strong in first place at the start of the game and we ended in second towards the end.” (Student) 12 Copyright © National University
    13. 13. Challenges – One Freeloader – Technology – Complex subject matter – No textbook, just manual – Timing and holiday schedule (Nov/Dec) – Faculty time intensive, esp. prior to class begins. 13Copyright © National University
    14. 14. MS Sustainability Management Online • Capstone Project (SEM610A & B) – Clear Indication of „Team project‟ in the course outline – Complete a project Idea paper in SEM610A, and full project implementation in SEM610B – Team selects a Team Leader • Facilitates Team activity • Leadership and project management opportunity • Instructor promotes situational leadership • Team feedback is part of the final grade evaluation 14Copyright © National University
    15. 15. MS Sustainability Management Online • Capstone Project Teamwork Feedback Process – Team‟s responsibility to keep the instructor in the loop when team is not working right • Follow team • Time is short and recovery is hard; quick resolution is important • Chat session Agenda item on teamwork – Recommend resolution from within the team • Instructor will intervene as necessary and as required – Formal Feedback from each member of the team, a requirement for grading. • Individual grade can be different (lower) for poor teamwork per formal feedback 15Copyright © National University
    16. 16. MS Sustainability Management Online • Feedback Form • Real Feedback 16Copyright © National University
    17. 17. MS Sustainability Management Online • Project Completed – LEED Certification for a commercial real-life building in CA – Team worked with a company sponsor – Team made a fine final capstone presentation to our Faculty (Dean, Chair and others) 17Copyright © National University
    18. 18. MS Sustainability Management Online • Challenges - Students from across the country with time differences - Students who have not completely been with the cohort for all courses - Cultural and communication differences 18Copyright © National University
    19. 19. MS Sustainability Management Online • Support to the Team Members • Instructor‟s encouragement and talking-up why teamwork is important • Reflects most of real world environment • Remote working is the new norm • Instructor‟s unwavering support and availability (phone calls, emails) • Instructor‟s offer to intervene and meet only with team • Do not take sides but be objective • Reflect on the positives of working together 19Copyright © National University
    20. 20. Q&A What advice would you have from your group online projects? 20 Copyright © National University