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  • 1. Color Studies Mid-term Exam
  • 2. 1. Is color an abstraction/idea,or is it an actual sensory event?
  • 3. 2. The beginning of everycolor experience is aphysiological response toa stimulus of ___________.
  • 4. 3. As you look at yourcomputer screen, are youlooking at an example ofdirect of reflected light?
  • 5. 4. Name the threeattributes of color:
  • 6. 5. What does the word “achromatic” mean?
  • 7. 6. What are complementary colors?
  • 8. 7. What are analogous colors?
  • 9. 8. What are tertiary colors?
  • 10. 9. What is the difference between a tint and a shade?
  • 11. 10. In the example above, which color is figure and which color is ground?
  • 12. 11. What type of ground subtraction is happening here: hue or value?
  • 13. 12. What type of ground subtraction is happening here: hue or value?
  • 14. A. B. Chromatic Gray13. Which of these two grounds will make this chromatic gray appear more orange?
  • 15. A. B.14. Which of these two grounds will make the green appear darker in value?
  • 16. A. B. Chromatic Gray15. Which of these two grounds will make thechromatic gray appear to be more saturated?
  • 17. 16. What are all of the colors between the orange and blue called?
  • 18. A. B. C. D. C. B. A. 17. Assign names to the different saturations using these terms:chromatic gray, prismatic, achromatic gray, muted.
  • 19. A. B.18. Which of the above color schemes is prismatic?
  • 20. 19. Would you call the above composition chromatic or achromatic gray?
  • 21. A. B. C. 20. If you wanted to make this violet appear both darker and bluer, which of the above grounds would you pair it with?