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NWE Presentation: The Power of Personal Connections
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NWE Presentation: The Power of Personal Connections


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A quick overview of how to get the most out of LinkedIn, and my FAST 50 free and fabulous websites.

A quick overview of how to get the most out of LinkedIn, and my FAST 50 free and fabulous websites.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Power of Personal Connections: Using LinkedIn to Market Your Business and Yourself Presented by: Mary Bahr 6/11/09
  • 2. Social Media • Conversation between your brand and your audience; one to one • Almost 50% of online adults participate in CGM Source: Forrester • Where you choose to participate should be based on your mkting objectives • Harness it, cannot control it • “Groundswell,” (Bernoff/Li) great intro to social media. CGM is the fastest growing segment of the Web, with more than 1MM new articles of content posted every 24 hours 2
  • 3. ©2009, Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Michael Stelzner 3
  • 4. ©2009, Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Michael Stelzner 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Some Background on LinkedIn • Founded in 2003 • Over 40 million members; 1 new member per second; 50% outside US • All Fortune 500 represented; over 4 million small businesses 6
  • 7. Why embrace LinkedIn? • Increase your visibility, improve your Google page rank and search engine results • Increase your connectability: locate people from your past, present and future • Research companies and people (staff movement, hiring turnover, job descriptions) • Give and get—ask questions, answer questions, write recommendations • Promote yourself and your business with added apps, and website, blog visibility • Scope our the competition, potential customers and employers • Keep track of job movement of your network 7
  • 8. How to do it… • Strive for 100% complete profile (click on the button that shows how complete your profile is: it will help you complete it!) • Use the “professional headline” for more than your current title: use it to describe yourself (in Basic Information section) • Use “current status” field to raise your professional profile: e.g.: what are you working on, what are you reading, what are you attending… • Make your profile and work experience as complete as possible: it will bring more potential connections to your attention 8
  • 9. How to do it… • Remember your LinkedIn profile should complement your resume, not duplicate it • If you’re a business owner, create a business page for your business • Change your public profile URL to your name; add this URL as a hyperlink to your email signature • Add your websites and blogs to website listings: you can list up to three (could also list causes that you are involved in) • Summary: is NOT a resume: use it to explain who you are and what you are passionate about 9
  • 10. How to do it… • Applications add functionality and visibility to your profile: select ones that you’ll use (I love Amazon Reading Lists, SlideShare and Blog Link, but choose what works for you) • Give and get recommendations strategically: do not give recommendations that you would not give in “real life” • Look for groups that will complement both your professional and personal interests • Ask questions when you are trying to solve a problem or find a solution: particularly if you are looking for something specific 10
  • 11. How to do it… • Use LinkedIn proactively: research someone before you meet them, if you are going on an interview or business pitch, request to LinkIn BEFORE your meeting, so that they can review your profile • Events: promote professional events you are involved in, invite your network • Create your own special interest group: create additional credibility for your expertise • To learn more: Guy Kawasaki’s article on LinkedIn ( • Check out LinkedIn movie:( 11
  • 12. The Fast Fifty (or almost free websites) you should know about! 12
  • 13. What are they saying about you on the web? Track it and your competitors… 13
  • 14. What are the hot words on the web? 14
  • 15. How does your website rate? 15
  • 16. How does your website rate? 16
  • 17. Keep all the blogs you follow in one place 17
  • 18. Free web- conferencing and audio bridge for up to 20 people 18
  • 19. Free SEO tool: easy to use and understand; also has facebook and twitter graders 19
  • 20. Read later icon in toolbar 20
  • 21. Create short URLs with one click: indispensable for FB and Twitter 21
  • 22. Personalize pictures to send or use in presentations: fun but functional 22
  • 23. Similar to hetemeel 23
  • 24. “Getting Things Done” David Allen’s process: GTD The god of productivity gurus 24
  • 25. A David Allen disciple: great productivity tips and tricks 25
  • 26. For those of you who love Tim Ferriss, or really hate him; either way he’s interesting 26
  • 27. Classes available for download on any subject from some of the best universities in the world 27
  • 28. Keep track of what’s hot around the world: great free reports 28
  • 29. My favorite shopping site: their Soupe du Jour: a product offered for only one day, is fabulous 29
  • 30. Need I say more? Can any woman have too many handbags? 30
  • 31. Integrated personal money management site 31
  • 32. For those of us who prefer snark to sincerity. 32
  • 33. A government site that actually works. 33
  • 34. Logos, logos and more logos 34
  • 35. Save paper: print only what you want from a web page 35
  • 36. Productivity tools and tricks: particularly involving technology 36
  • 37. Good advice for those of us over- scheduled, over- worked people 37
  • 38. Stay up to date on what’s going on in social media, and it changes daily 38
  • 39. Give yourself a gift and listen to at least one TED talk a week. Share on Facebook and LI 39
  • 40. Have to deal with powerpoint? This will help your presentations not suck quite so badly 40
  • 41. Free SFX. Can be used in ppt! 41
  • 42. Note: trial is free, website is not. If you write, you’ll love it 42
  • 43. 43
  • 44. Sometimes that cliché is right on the tip of your tongue…find it here 44
  • 45. Links to the best articles for entrepreneurs. Many other smart brief editions available. 45
  • 46. See what other people find interesting on the web and vote yourself 46
  • 47. A huge timewaster, but loads of fun 47
  • 48. Great deals, if enough folks sign up 48
  • 49. 49
  • 50. Set up alerts based on your own schedule and route 50
  • 51. 51
  • 52. A somewhat snarkier CNN. Good columnists that you won’t find elsewhere 52
  • 53. An aggregator of great information on almost any topic. Try here first rather than wikipedia… 53
  • 54. Gossip, gossip, gossip. 54
  • 55. Shameless plug: facebook watch for the next NWE seminar on FB and twitter… 55
  • 56. Shameless plug: our next series will twitter be on why twitter you want to tweet! 56