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Iia 2009 International Conference  Securing Global Talent Mary Anne Burke
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Iia 2009 International Conference Securing Global Talent Mary Anne Burke


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    Playing For Change: Song Around the World 'Stand By Me'
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  • 1. Securing Global Talent Track 3 Monday 11 May, 2009 15:30 – 16: 15 Mary Anne Burke
  • 2. Key Questions Addressed
    • How can IA organizations build a competitive advantage in the global economy?
    • What defines IA competitive employment value?
    • How can IA organizations increase their competitiveness across critical talent segments?
    • How can IA organizations build credible employment value proposition in the global
    • labor marketplace and keep up with all
    • demands placed on the role?
  • 3. How Can IA Organizations Build Competitive Advantage?
    • By focusing on the Employment Value Proposition
    • Critical to talent attraction and commitment
    • Reduces New-Hire Compensation Premiums
    • When candidates in the labor market view an organization’s EVP as attractive, they demand less of a compensation premium when deciding to join.
    • Organizations need to vary their EVP geographically.
  • 4. Decreasing Compensation Costs
  • 5. What Defines the IA Competitive Employment Value
    • 7 Attributes
    • Organizational Stability
    • Development Opportunities
    • Sustainability of Career
    • Financial “health” of the organization
    • Compensation
    • Respect
    • Corporate Culture
  • 6. What Defines the IA Competitive Employment Value
    • 5 Unique Attributes
    • Location
    • Work–Life Balance
    • Meritocracy
    • Ethics (Moral Compass)
    • People Management
    • Top Drivers: Attraction & Commitment
  • 7. How Can Organizations Increase the Competitiveness of Their Employment Value Proposition Across Critical Talent Segments?
    • The winning EVP addresses geographic variation in the EVP preferences of critical talent segments.
    • Talent segments in emerging markets have unique EVP preferences that must be prioritized .
    • Must be locally relevant and globally consistent.
    • ID the points in the recruiting life cycle with the greatest impact .
  • 8. How Can IA Organizations Build a Credible Employment Value ?
    • A successful labor market communication strategy emphasizes organizational reality, message consistency, and self-assessment.
    • Three keys to increasing the number of employees advocating for the organization are trust, flexibility, and organizational values.
    • Employees are a trusted source of information – employee referral program.
    • The Employment Value Proposition (EVP) is critical
    • to talent attraction and commitment.
    • Sharing Best Practices
  • 9. Significant Global trends
    • An era of uncertainty
    • Recruitment themes
    • Competition for talent is intense
    • Rules have changed
    • ID seams of global talent
    • How do corporations secure global talent
  • 10. An Era Of Uncertainty
    • Recent Scandals
    • Governance Reforms
    • International pressure – what this means
    • Audit Committee’s proactive role
    • The future - change is constant
  • 11. Audit Functions Hold Steady
    • • How to maintain a course of “strong internal and external recruitment”
    • Inclusion and diversity of internal audit staff, including intergenerational integration
    • Use of SME’s – specific skill training into internal audit activities
    • Rotating “guest auditor” program from inside the business and recruiting directly from business operations
    • Strong internal and external recruitment, strong on boarding, training and staff integration
    • Campus recruiting and internships
  • 12. Major Challenges for Conducting International Operations
  • 13. Recruitment Themes
    • The Talent War
    • Making do with less
    • The aging workforce
    • Quality vs. quantity
    • Human Resources
    • Sustainability
  • 14. Your I.A Team in Tight Times
    • Budget crunch
    • Reinventing
    • Preparing to live with risk
    • Prioritizing – offer trust and respect
    • Commit to providing continuous learning
    • Transparent about the level of coverage
  • 15. Challenges of Developing a Global Workforce
    • Changes in demographics
    • The demands of Gen Y and X
    • Increasing diversity
    • New technologies have eliminated barriers of distance, time, boundaries.
    • Changing risk profile
    • Are we hiring the right skills for the task?
  • 16. How do you address challenges of maintaining the proper level of staffing?
    • The risk profile of organizations are changing
    • Creating a positive change with urgency
    • Transformation from financial reporting compliance skills to staff with operational, technical and specialized skills – Integrated Auditors.
    • Retaining talent
    • Investments are made through recruiting or with a third party relationship.
  • 17. Global trends in covering international operations
  • 18. Retention and Corporate Culture
    • Collaborative, supportive team players
    • Desirable place to work
    • Provide interaction with management
    • Personal contributions and success of the business
    • Encourage networking
    • Give employees more responsibility
  • 19. Developing Talent
    • Take a long term view
    • Keep staff challenged and grow professionally
    • Rotational programs
    • Encourage cross training
    • Career planning sessions
    • Mentoring
  • 20. How to Secure Global Talent
    • Look at your company’s armor
    • Empower your IA career
    • Audit Makeover
    • Be proactive
    • Get management buy in
    • Longevity
    • Create positive change
    • http:// =Us-TVq40ExM
    • Look at your company’s armor
    • Empower your IA career
    • Audit Makeover
    • Be proactive
    • Get management buy in
    • Longevity
    • Create positive change
  • 21. Results-Oriented Resumes
    • Contact Information
    • Executive Summary
    • Experience
    • Key Accomplishments
    • Education
    • Professional Associations, Board Affiliations, Awards and
    • Publications
    • Languages
  • 22. Thank You ! Siyabonga
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    • Cheers Muchas gracias
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  • 23. FERGUSON & BURKE Mary Anne Burke 800 .401.2323 [email_address]