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Simple Plan Tercer Album
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Simple Plan Tercer Album


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  • 1. Im sick of all this waiting And do it our way And people telling me what I should be future What if Im not so crazy You say we got no e past Youre living in thMaybe youre the one whos wrong not me So listen up on Hook Thats my generatiSo whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna say When were standing on top Chorus And do it our way Hey ho, Lets go night You say we got no future Its going down to Youre living in the past Hey ho, Lets go, till we die So listen up Were gonna do it ologize t no reason to ap Thats my generation Cause I, I, Ive go on Thats my generati Chorus Im sorry Hey ho, Lets go Dont need to say ated Its not so complic o Its going down tonight t the same thing to Hey ho, Lets go, Cau se I know you wan Were gonna do it till we die Hey ho, Lets go Chorus Hey ho, Lets go Cause I, I, Ive got no reason to apologize night Thats my generation Its going down to Hey ho, Lets go, till we die I dont need to say Im sorry Were gonna do it ologize t no reason to ap Cause I, I, Ive go I do what everybody wants to do on Its not so complicated Thats my generati Because I know you want the same thing too Hey ho, Lets go on Thats my generati Hook Hey ho, Lets go till we die Were gonna do it e So whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna say reason to apologiz Cau se I, I, Ive got no When were standing on top on Thats my generati
  • 2. s. In the night there’s a fire in my eyes. my knee a lling to And this paradise has become a place ain I’m f take it. Once ag I ju st can’t we’ve come to cry. e cause disease. I try to escap adin g like a When I open your letter, the words make it g is spre el keeps is feelin the whe better.Now th her day and turning. I fa ke anot It takes it all away. hetic. ce is so pat It keeps me holding on. This pla ybody ge t it. Do esn’t an e? ody hom Is th ere anyb Whenever I need you. ft. Wherever I run to. othing le T here’s n o I know where to find you. e used t of what w be. It keeps me holding on. st a shadow We’re ju Whenever I need you. my eyes. re’s a fire in e Wherever I run to. ight the e a plac In the n ha s becom . I know where to find you. paradise e to cry A nd this w e’ve com s make it er, t he word It keeps me holding on. our lett better. When I open y . all away It takes it I know where to find you. g on . e holdin It keeps m It keeps me holding on. In the night there’s a fire in my eyes. e’re ok. te nding w are, pre ou still And this paradise has become a place Here we u wa nt but y we’ve come to cry. what yo ol me. You can say can’t fo When I open your letter, the words make it de. asquera , it’s all a m better. ’re living Th e life we It takes it all away. w. It keeps me holding on mber ho can’t reme ile but I I try to sm ed. Whenever I need you. t so jad d id we ge d. Wherever I run to. So how mplicate Is it so co ? I know where to find you. p on me To n ot give u It keeps me holding on.
  • 3. W e wo nt com e back I look around , the w me orld its But all I seem Whoah calling to see h out Is people goin Leave g nowhere the pa And m st in th Expecting sym isery lo e past It’s like we’re pathy ves co gonna going through Well so mpany find th the motions long e futu Of the scripted You’ll m re destiny iss me Tell me where’ You’re when I s our inspiratio gonna ’m gone n You’re miss m If life wont w gonna e when ait When I miss m I’m gon I guess it’s up ’m gone e when e to me I’m gon e Let’s g No we’re not go Whoahh o…! nna waste ano Won’t ther moment in look ba this When I ck town say goo We’re g dbye We wont come Whoahh onna le back, the worl Gonna ave thi d its calling ou take w s world t hat’s m behind Leave the past in the past go Whoahh nna find the fu And misery love ture s company ‘cause Becom You’re ‘cause every w es a wa gonna asted d sted ch wake u ine ton ay ance ight me Well so long life wo p feelin I guess n’t wai g sorry You’ll miss me t when I’m gone it’s up You’re gonna m to you iss me when I’m gone Whoah Procrastinatio h n running circ No we While you sit th les in my head ’re not ere contemplat town gonna ing you’ll wind waste up anothe left for dead Whoah r mome (left for dead h nt in th ) W e wo is Life is what h nt com While you’re b appens Whoah e back usy making you h , the w r excuses orld its Another day, Leave calling another casual the pa out But that won’ ty And m st in th t happen to m isery lo e past e ves co gonna Well so mpany find th long e futu You’ll m re iss me You’re when INo we’re not go gonna ’m gone nna waste ano Whoahh You’re miss m ther moment in gonna e when this You’re miss m I’m gon gonna e when eWhoahh town miss m I’m gon You’re e when e gonna I’m gon miss m e e when I’m gon e
  • 4. You look so be ait forever) autiful today (I can w g When youre si ps beatin tting there yh eart sto eding Its hard for m u call, m stop ble So I try to find e to look away When yo e, it wont the words that ure gon I could say When yo I know distanc n wait e doesnt matte But I ca it r I can wa But you feel so far away (I ca n wait), ait) (I can w forever And I cant lie I can wait But every time r I leave e foreve feels lik My heart turn I know it s grey forever) otta pay And I wanna co me back home (F eels like t the price I g hats jus To see your fa ce tonight I guess t back ho me n I come Cause I just ca nt take it But whe ch your tou To feel r Another day w it bette ithout you wit h me It makes r) Is like a blade that cuts righ it bette t through me (Makes But I can wait, day an do I can wait fore Till that that I c When you call, ver not hing else When youre go my heart stops beating Theres nt take it ne, it wont sto And I just ca p bleeding e it) But I can wait, ant tak I can wait fore ver (I just c e u with m hout yo h me r day wit t throug You look so be autiful today Anothe at c uts righ Its like every ti blade th me I turn arou Is like a nd n wait I see your face But I ca ait) The thing I mis s the most is (I can w er it forev Waking up next I can wa to you forever) stops be ating When I look in to your eyes (I can wait y heart ing hen you call, m op bleed Man, I wish th at I could stay W e, it wont st ure gon When yo n wait And I cant lie But I ca ait) But every time I leave (I can w it My heart turn I can wa s grey ait) ver) And I wanna co (I can w ait fore me back home rever, (W ever I can wa it fo wait for a co To see your fa ce tonight ev er, I can re gonn Cause I just ca I can wait for day, c ause you nt take it for the (I c an wait me now ) ever Another day w back to wait for ithout you wit e r, I canIs like a blade h me it forev that cuts righ t through me I can wa ver it fore But I can wait, I can wait fore I can wa ver
  • 5. Tell me, where have I fall asleep by the It’s two o’clock an telephone. d I’m waiting up al you been? (where ha one. me when he f**ks you? ve you And do you think about ene? (be more obscene) I found a note with been) Could you be more obsc another name. sorry, or try to make it You blow a kiss bu t it just don’t feel So don’t try to say you’re Cauz I can feel th the same. at you’re gone. (fe right. e, el that you’re eath because it’s too lat And don’t waste your br I can’t bite my tong gone) it’s too late! ue forever, while yo u try to play it cool. ’s nobody else (but I You can hide behi nd your stories, bu You can tell me that there t don’t take feel it!) me for a fool! e home by yourself (but You can tell me that you’r You can tell me th I see it!) at there’s nobody else (but I s and pretend all you You can look into my eye feel it!) You can tell me th at you’re home by want, but I know, I know yourself (but e!) Lie! (Lie!) Your love is just a lie! (Li I see it!) e!) Lie! (Lie!) You can look into my eyes and preten It’s nothing but a lie! (Li d all you want, but I know, You’re nothing but a lie! I know Your love is just a lie! (Lie! Lie!) ’s nobody else (but I It’s nothing but a lie You can tell me that there ! (Lie! Lie!) feel it!) e home by yourself (but You look so innoce You can tell me that you’r But the guilt in yo nt, I see it!) ur voice gives you away. s and pretend all youYeah, you know wh at I mean (know wh You can look into my eye at I mean) How does it feel wh en you kiss when yo want, but I know, I know u know Your love is just a lie! that I trust you t a lie! (Lie!) Lie! (Lie!) [ Love Is A Lie lyr I know, you’re nothing bu ics found on ! (Lie!) Lie! (Lie!) You’re nothing but a a lie Your love is just a lie!
  • 6. Theres only pain. street. Staring out at the world across the There is no lo ve here. out to be. You hate the way your life turned So what will you do? dont Hes pulling up the driveway and you Theres only lies. make a sound. Theres only fear. the things Cause you always learned to hold Theres only pain. you want to say. There is no lo ve here. Youre always gonna be afraid. Youre fallin g. Theres only hate. Youre screa ming. Theres only tears. Youre stuck in the same o Theres only pain. Hes lying. ld nightmare . There is no love here. Youre crying . So what will you do? Theres noth ing left to sa Theres only lies. Kick the doo lvage. r cause this Theres only fear. Get me out o is over. f here! Theres only pain. There is no love here. Theres only hate. Theres only tears. d to pieces.Broken down like a mirror smashe Theres only pain. your mouthYou learned the hard way to shut There is no lo ve here. and smile. So what will you do? have so If these walls could talk, they would Theres only lies. much to say. Theres only fear. rs are Cause everytime you fight, the sca Theres only pain. gonna heal. There is no lo ve here But theyre never gonna go away. Tell me wha t will you do . Theres only hate. Theres only hate.Theres only tears. Theres only tears. Theres only pain. There is no lo ve here.
  • 7. , Take a breath together. I’ll pull myself r reach the doo Just anothe r step until I ow the way, you’ll never kn de to see you it te ars me up insi g to take u to kno w you somethinI wish that I could tell it all away. r, I want yo u foreve if it takes yo , ve you ble down ish I could sa you f all, stum S ometimes I w [that] If round. at I want you to ou up off the g there’s so many things th know I’ll pick y u, ith in yo hrough. If yo u lose fa to pull t p till it’s over ou stren gth I won’t give u I’ll give y p, ant you to kn ow n’t give u u forever, I w Tell m e you wo if you fa ll if it takes yo ing here l be wait cause I’l re for yo u I’ll be the ur voice, you know When I hear yo er, in the whispe rs he answ it’s drowning cou ld find t and bones if only I your just skin all away g left to take to take it there’s nothin uld save you r what I do wish I co nt you to and no matte So metimes I hat I wa u feel better gs t I can’t make yo many thin er th eres so find the answ if only I could know derstand l its over to know to help me un ont g ive up til want you Iw r, I u foreve u if it takes yo I could save yo Som etimes I wish t I want you to theres so m any things tha know p till its over ohh, ohh ave you.. . I wont give u I wish I could s ohh, ohh ... to know I want you h Ohh, oh ave you.. . I wish I could s
  • 8. Hey, hey Hey, hey go t let me ase don o now And ple let me g on t, dont Sometimes I feel like Dont, d ur eyes Everybodys got a problem Close yo go e let you Sometimes I feel like Do nt let m t nt, don Nobody wants to solve them D ont, do I know that people say Were never gonna make it nd tonig ht through this Ta ke my ha t tomor rowBut I know were gonna get t th ink abou Lets no tonight Close your eyes Take my hand to go e place er f ind som ed forev And please dont let me go We can s are lock ur heart Dont, dont, dont let me go now Cause o wil l never d ie Close your eyes And o ur love tonight Take my hand Dont let me let you go time Dont, dont, dont One last , hey hey, Hey Hey, h ey, Hey, Take my hand tonight ow Lets not think about tomorr drops Take my hand ton ight The rain ing keep fall We can find some place to go T he tears r face Cause our hearts are locked forever I see you me goin g it keeps And our love will never die And y) Take my hand tonight (Hey, he lost One last time If I get onna gu ide me e lights g me hom Your t you can take now tha Hey, hey And I k ome ke me h Take my hand tonight Hey, hey Yo u can ta Lets not think about tomorrow night Take my hand tonight hand to orrow The city sleeps Take my out tom t think ab We can find some place to go And were lost in the moment Lets no ht nd tonig (Find some place to go) Another kiss Ta ke my ha ce to go find some pla rever Cause our hearts are locked forever ent We can cked fo As were lying on the pavem ur hear ts are lo And our love will never die If they could see us Cause o never die r love will (Love will never die) They would tell us that were crazy And ou onight Take my hand tonight derstand Take m y hand tBut I know they just dont un time One last time One last (One last time) Close your eyes
  • 9. , ther day w aste ano want to gs right, ou, whe nI ju st don’t g to m ake thin t o save y I’m tryin face, omeone shove it in my u need s drown, But you one to When yo e gonna nd ou’ve d you’r nd me, a things y me , y ou think a rms arou all those rap yourThrough rase, Yo u just w ., I cant e down…. insid e, pull me goodbye , an’t k eep this It’s tim e to say An d I c bye, er day, e to say good st e anoth It’s tim nt to wa I just don’t wa t you, oodbye, day t hat I me to say g the sam e, the first lk away, It’s time ever be On own to wa s will n oulda kn crazy, Nothing goodbye , , I sh you wer e e to say alk away you, ce, It’s tim e ed to w I should a told ut a tra sick, I n peare d witho ing, You make me bye….. A nd disap th ere wait to say good instead I stood d, It’s time oodbye, But com e aroun to say g you wou ld me It’s time Hoping w ay to let found a down, ut yo u always gone, B od bye, Now I’m o say go te, It ’s time t Its too la istakes, ’t f ix your m om you, er day, You can av e you, fr te anoth ying to s t to was b ye, I was tr n’t wan say good eam, I just do It’s time to same, So u scr he ver be t So u cry , , hing s will ne oodbye, your lies Not to say g e through nge me Its time alk away, I can se g to cha ed to w ust tryin ick, I ne e….. You’re j e me s say good by You mak time to bye, istance, It’s to s ay good ere in the d It’s time Somewh e to go, a pla ce for m e, for you, There’s o hate m ed one a nt you t , hings I’v e, I don’t w to know all the t do the sam ink y ou need After tried to But I th oulders, Yo u never h e victim , eighin on my sh ys play t You’re w lin down , ’s like you alwa lw ays blame, k of fee y goodb ye It ne you a nd I’m s ic me to sa the o A ’s time f or And I’m guess it So I
  • 10. care? me you you tell Why do What if I le , ad, the way, he world What if I m Ic hange t ake, mistak es, What if way, the bla me, (Will you be there) If I le ad the ne, wh o takes What if I c e the o out you , hange, the world, Wh at if I b o on with What if I ta ke, the blam I cant g e, What if te, Will you be gradua I don’t? there? W hat if I ,What if I don’t if I don ’t? I remember What if ’t,What I don going back , What if To the plac don’t...) e we used t o lay, .), (W hat if I But I keep I don’t.. Now the d losing track , ( What if re, Ill b e ays they all turn black, be wa iting he And our dre ere, Ill ams all start aiting h ll me) to fade, (Ill be w u to ca here, Il l be But there’s no turning here , for yo waiting Cause the back, waiting here, Il l be (Why do yo world keep s turning, waiting to call me) e u tell me yo (Ill be or you re, Ill b u care if yo ure not go he re, f be wa iting he nna waiting ere, Ill aiting h ll me) stay) (Ill be w u to ca And my he arts still bu here , for yo Why do tell rning, waiting me you care ? Woah... What if I c way, hange the w ad the orld, Wh at if I le te, What if I b If I lead th gradua , e the one, e way, W hat if I he world who takes the blame, Ic hange t er me? What if I c ant go on w What if ememb ithout you, yo u still r What if I g Would raduate, he way, What if I d I lead t on’t, What if te, What if I d gradua orld, mean to on’t? W hat if I ge the w hat you I chan o tell yo uw Now I’m slo What if words t wly giving u d the As the worl d keeps losi p, Will I fin ng faith, l be And now t And you st ill turn you me? here, Il he path I f ollow, take r back, Ill be waiting s a toll on m g here, me e, on Ill b e waitin to call here, for you But there’s you, waiting te...) no turning gradua(Why do yo Cause the world keep back, (W hat if I re, u tell me yo s turning, iting he u care if yo I ll be wa ure not go aiting...) nna (Ill be w , ing here And my he stay) Ill be wait te...) arts still bu gradua rning, (W aiting...) re,(W hat if I iting he I ll be wa
  • 11. la n le P im pS