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First Pitch presentation for my documentary
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First Pitch presentation for my documentary


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  • 1. Maryam LatifiIt is important to make it clear that my documentary will mainly be aboutinvestigating the extend to how far censorships or the classification of musicvideo can go to control what is being published on TV? In addition, I will alsolook at the severe negative or perhaps positive impacts on the objectificationof women. This will enable me to obtain polarized opinions.The objectification of women are more likely to occur particularly in R&B, Rapor Hip Hop music videos.The gab in the market for my documentary is big as it has become less of anissue in reality where men loves to see it more and more and a majority ofwomen aren’t really bother about the fact that their bodies are seen as sexobjects. For example, a man can used a woman’s body and when he is donewith her he throws her body away in the recycle bin for other men to useher, metaphorically speaking. In reality, prostitutes loses their person and ismade ‘into a thing’ for other men to easily use it. In a way objectification ofwomen in music videos is like a prostitution business.
  • 2. When did it become an issue in the eyes of the public? It all became an issue days back in the history of censorship of music videos, where a vast majority of music videos were inappropriately and unacceptably used by artists or musician to express their feelings, messages, thoughts, ideas and what they belief or think about certain things through the use of music videos Since then, that has lead to many controversy and the viewers started to complain more to the British Board of Film Classification. Therefore, the government stepped in officially announced on news programs that there is going to be censorships on sexually explicit music videos. This has started another generation where music videos must be censored to protect younger listeners particularly sexualised music videos. This is how the issue discussed in my documentary was introduced to the wider public by the highly qualified professionals who know and are aware of the serious consequences of sexualised music videos. At last, this is also how I got introduced to the proposed treatment of my documentary.
  • 3. British Board of Film Classification This means that any music videos or film is suitable for 12 years and over.To be shown only in specially Parental Guidance –licensed cinemas, or General viewing but somesupplied only in licensed sex scenes may be unsuitableshops, and to adults of not for younger children.less than 18 years This means Universal as in This means that any media it is suitable for all. texts are suitable for 15 years or over. Suitable only for adults aged 18 and over.
  • 4. Music videos being classified by the British Board of Film Classification. usic+videos This shows the amount of music videos being censored and the specific details of the music videos being censored (e.g. Mariah Carey/Lover boy).
  • 5.  I have decided for my documentary to take place in multiple locations. That is:- on the street for my Vox Pops asking questions to teenagers, parents and the members of the wider public.- In an office for my interviews with teachers- In a studio or music company where I can interview artists particularly women who are paid to reveal their clothing in music videos mainly for men. Yet also, I will also interview producers or directors who are in charge of producing such music videos where women are objectified and men are used to feed their appetite through the objectification of women’s bodies.- At last, I will also go to an institute that deals with the classification or censorship of music videos.- I will be using a range of locations to produce a good documentary and meet my purposes effectively by being able to visit the locations that I have chosen for my documentary. For example, I have to visit one of the major recording companies such as EMI to interview an expert in producing music videos including R&B, Hip Hop or Rap videos.
  • 6. My charactersFor my characters bit I will have to first make sure who is available and who isn’t. For example, if I want to choose a teenager as my character but I have to make sure that I record the scenes whenever or wherever the character can talk to me for Vox Pops.In total I might use approx. 7 characters.1- director2- female artist3- parents4- teenagers5- teacher6- psychologist interviewing him/her on the effects of Mass Media on teenagers physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.7- doctor- The presenters is going to be myself as I want to do a participatory and investigative documentary.- Some of the characters are teenagers, parents, teachers, artists in a record label, British Board of Film Classification staff in charge, where they also censor music videos.- The experts are artists from a record company, teachers in how it impact the educational attainment of boys and girls, academically, a member of the industries that censor or classify music videos.
  • 7. Why do people care about this subject matter? The reason why people should care or do care about what music videos actually publish, how it has got a negative influence in young girls and boys and how censorships or classifications can go to extreme messages to ban videos that objectifies women is because sexualization has negative consequences for girls and for the rest of society where women will start to see themselves as sex objects , spend lots of time and emphasis on their appearance and men can see themselves as sex machines who will believe that they are allowed to be violent, aggressive, disrespectful and promiscuous towards women.Violence in Mass Media will mean the use of common props such as guns, machine guns, knives or other sharp objects, gang culture and symbols and illegal drugs will be shown in music videos that lead to serious causes of offense, violence, threats, murders and many other obstacles in real life as many people can feel offended or discriminated against by certain things or certain individuals in the music videos. Therefore, it is very crucial to be aware what is acceptable or unacceptable to be aired on TV.Most importantly, what children or young people see on TV can have a negative or positive impact on them in reality. They are more likely to believe in what they see on TV and start to imitate the actions or activities that they see or hear on TV. For example, teenagers are more likely to start wear what they see as appropriate or stylish on TV from music videos that is worn by singers or celebrities such as mini skirts, shorts or more revealing clothing.
  • 8. Why are you doing it?The reason why I have decided to make a documentary about the government censoring music videos that particularly objectifies women is because I believe that a vast majority of music videos are going beyond the limit with what they think it is appropriate to publish on TV in their music videos. Their music videos are almost becoming so pornographic, inappropriate and unacceptable to watch for most of the viewers who are sensitive with certain inappropriate props or scenes in the music videos.But the government has got the authorization to do something about the dehumanization of women and exceeds the aggressiveness of men as it brings negative influence on our younger generation of teenagers who , instead, should be more positive, optimistic, respectful, mannered and know what is morally good or wrong rather than seeing women as sex objects and engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities through what they believe from the music videos is right and doable.Secondly, I want to also find out and know more about why music videos produce such videos where they intentionally convey the wrong message and confirm to their stereotypes. For example, a lot of Black singers recite in their music videos their own people ‘Niger’ such as Chris Brown. This is basically connoting to the viewers that it is acceptable to call people from Black backgrounds ‘Niger’.At last, I want to find out what possible impact it can have on our future generation if we continue to allow such music videos to be produced and published. How will the futures of these young people look like if we don’t stop this now. For example, will there be a higher rates of prostitutes as women may start to believe it is actually a good that and that they see nothing wrong with it. Yet also, we might have higher rates of gang voilence and gang culture within our societies.
  • 9. Is it an issue that links to the target audience? My documentary definitely links to my target audience because censorship companies are mainly protecting young people particularly teenagers who could be at risk of being persuaded or encouraged to do immoral, illegal or unacceptable activities that is often shown on music videos by their idols, favourite singers, celebrities, artists or role models. For example, a majority of R&B music videos encourage violence, inappropriate language or objectifies women more or less in a pornographic way. For example, the song of Neyo ft. Trey Songz and T- pain/ The way you move. Source: My documentary will mainly look at the impacts of the objectification of women, it has on teenagers and how censorships will not mean that it will stop teenagers from not hearing or seeing inappropriate scenes in music videos as they can always see it on Internet where a majority of music videos that has particularly women revealing their clothing on Youtube or other websites. I will be also looking at how such music video has an impact on teenagers, physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.
  • 10. Target AudienceMy target audience are going to be teenagers (boys and girls) who likes listening music and be free.My primary target audience are girls from any ethnic background and class aged 16- 19.Whereas, my secondary target audience are boys aged 16-19 from any ethnic background or class. This is mainly because any genre of music can objectify women so the target audience range is broad.
  • 11. Questions for the experts What are the impacts on record labels or artists when their music videos are censored or classified? Why are directors producing music videos that, intentionally, objectifies women and satisfy men what they want to see? Isn’t there any other way to reach a wider target audience than to use women’s body to appeal to men or women? Why? What is the directors view about music videos being banned, censored or classified by regulatory institutes? What do female artists think about portraying a highly negative role model for the younger females and greatens male sex drives by using their bodies? Do you think that in a way you are disrespecting females as a whole within our society? Why? How do you feel about being objectified or rather disrespected by men in music videos? Do you think you are being used? Why? To what extend are institutes like the British Board of Film Classification going to censor music videos?
  • 12. Questions for the Vox PopsThe following questions are open qualitative questions only: What are your views about the objectification of women in music videos? Do you think it is right for women do use their bodies as sex objects in music videos and entertain particularly men? Do you belief women are dehumanizing themselves allowing objectification in the music videos to take place? Do you think it is right or wrong for a young female to be obsessed about her body and appearance so that she get enough attention from men based upon her appearance and body shape? Why? What do you think should happen or could be done for music videos to stop objectifying women and start respecting their dignity and status within the society? What do you think we as viewers could do to protect our younger generation in many ways from Internet or TV?
  • 13. Censorship in music videos are the acts of adjusting, editing, banning, oraltering products, expressions, or items considered to beelicit, unlawful, lewd, or objectionable in nature with regard to the setting inwhich they exist. I believe that censorships are mainly done to protectpeople against any inappropriate elements that could be offensive in themedia texts.
  • 14. Examples of music videos being censored. Rihannas S&M video banned in 11 countries. Robbie Williams/ Rock DJ - The video’s ending (beginning with Williams taking off his skin) was cut by most music channels around Europe, including VIVA, MCM, MTV, The Box and VH1 Europe. Ciara- Ride - The accompanying music video features sexually-charged, provocative choreography, and therefore was not aired on BET, and banned from UK music channels.
  • 15. Two more new idea that goes withyour main idea.1) I could make another relevant documentary about the impact it can have on the viewers about the censorship of the objectification of women in music videos to girls and boys in reality.2) My other idea is more about the reasons, purpose or aims that the music videos want to achieve by having lots of naked women in their music videos. What are they trying to express or convey to us , as viewers.
  • 16. Conclusion to my documentaryThe conclusion to my documentary will be mainly focused on summarizing my overall findings and meeting my objectives to what I wanted to find out by producing this documentary.I will include what have I investigated about the censorships of music videos where it objectifies women.Have I found out to what extend the government or the censorship organizations have to go to control what is being published on television?In my conclusion I will also include what I have found out from experts or personal opinions of the negative or positive impacts the objectification of women in music videos has on teenagers in many forms such as physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. I will be emphasising on polarised opinions.Basically, in the conclusion bit I will just end the documentary by gathering all the information that I have obtained through researching and investigating.
  • 17. Relevant websites URL: objectification/ 13550879 ort.aspx
  • 18. Inspirational videos ordocumentaries/ URL ature=related ature=related on-Music-Videos.html