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  • 1. INCOMPLETE DOMINANCEPresented To: Sir Khalid HussainPresented by :09040606-031
  • 2. Mendel’s Principles• Inheritance of biological characteristics is determined by individual units known as genes.• During sexual reproduction, genes are passed from parents to offspring.• Two or more forms of the gene for a single trait exist, some forms of the gene may be dominant and others may be recessive.
  • 3. What is Incomplete Dominance? Incomplete dominance is a type of inheritance in which one allele for a specific trait is not completely dominant over the other allele. This results in a combined phenotype (expressed physical trait).
  • 4. Example………………..• In Four O’ Clocks, if you cross a red RR (which is always pure) with a white WW (that is also always pure) , you get a pink RW (which is always hybrid /heterozygous)
  • 5. Incomplete Dominance
  • 6. Red Pink white
  • 7. Incomplete Dominance• In incomplete dominance, neither allele is dominant so there is a blending of traits when two different alleles for the same trait occur together.• Colors blend together heterozygous individuals = 3rd phenotype
  • 8. Incomplete Dominance• In another flower, if red RR and blue BB flowers are crossed, they produce a 3rd purple RB flower• What would be the genotype ratio and phenotype ratio if you crossed two purple flowers?
  • 9. Incomplete Dominance• Cross of two purple flowers RB X RB R B• genotype ratio RR RB 1RR : 2RB : 1BB R red purple• phenotype ratio 1red : 2 purple : 1 blue B RB BB purple blue