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Newspaper advertisements

  1. 1. By Maryam Eskandarjouy 06/12/2013
  2. 2. Newspaper advertising has been around longer than any other form of advertising we see today and is still the first kind of advertising that businesses think about doing.
  3. 3. The issue of my local paper contains twenty pages: There is not any full page ad, but they all are half or quarter page ones in different sizes. Page 1 has all the headline news, and about 1/3 of the page is an index for the included ads which are going to be explained in certain next pages.
  4. 4. The ads like this are all informative so there is no need to take into account here, out of an analytical discussion.
  5. 5. As the first page biggest ad in size, we have an employment advertisement related to a hypermarket called “padideh” which means “phenomenon”. Firstly I would say the reason that they have put it on the first page ,why it is the biggest , and why the used color is red. The only reason here is to make the newspaper selling high. As it is clear, there is just some words on the first page so if anyone wants to know more, he/she needs to buy it!
  6. 6. Page5 has one advertisement that has taken up ¼ of the page; it is about a contest on Architecture for everyone who concerns, it has been also provided with great cash prizes for the first three winners. From an analytical point of view I need to say the colors, yellow and blue, are both Islamic symbolic colors mostly used in mosques’ architecture and design. It is a sort of big size ad because it is related to the religion and based on government’s view. The words are in a diagonal format to make it different and also modern!
  7. 7. On page 5 we can also see some other ads on “travel and tourism industry” which have taken ¼ of the page all together in different sizes. They are filled up with too much words and colors that I think it is not really photogenic so as to make an ad effective. They are mostly informative.
  8. 8. Page 12 has ¼ of the page ad which is related to the online format of the given newspaper “JAM-E-JAM” only to introduce the “health” section which is called “Jam-e-jam sara”. Firstly it is big in size because of the self-sponsorship. There is something like a drawer at the left hand which shows all the included sections, and one of them which is related to health is bold to advertise only on this part here. At the right hand we can see a laptop computer which symbolizes that this section is on the web. The fruits stand for the heath, that are put in an online pot! To show all the information you need is available here, so you can surf through your personal computer.
  9. 9. Page 17 includes an ad which is placed at the bottom of the page, related to one of the supplements of the given newspaper which is called “Ghab-e-kouchak” published every Saturday, the first day of the week in Iran. According to the statistics, people don’t read much newspaper on the first day of the week than the other days. As you can see, this No. has published on Thursday, 5th Dec.2013 so as I have understood, that’s why they have found it necessary to advertise on this supplement version to persuade readers to buy it.
  10. 10. Page 19 has an ad about ¼ of the page on “SAMSUNG LOTTERY” for Football World Cup Brazil 2014. The first principle in advertising, simplicity, is observed here as all the other SAMSUNG’s ads to make it more effective. They have used the number”100” to show there are 100 opportunities to win. Making use of “100” is really effective because it makes a sense of exaggeration which is pleasant to the readers.
  11. 11. Page 20, the last page has only one ad on a movie which is running at all the movies around Iran called “Nazanin”. It has also taken about ¼ of the page space. First of all I need to say it is placed on the last page to attract more attention because the first and last pages are the most attractive ones in each newspaper. As you can see they have used not such a famous actress’ photo in spite of the fact that the other great actors’ names are written in a very small font and no picture, I think to make it eye-catching or to advertise the new actress. The girl’s face is in a shade of fog to show that there is ambiguity in the scenario. The trace of blood, drops in dark red, says it could be a horrible movie, including murder. The actress’ factual name is written in dark red too, at the top of the name of the movie “Nazanin” which means ”the lover” I guess to show the murder is related to her so as to move people’s sensation. The gray color for background and her face make-up also show it could be a scary one.
  12. 12. * Entertaining industries: Contests, lotteries, etc. * Cinema * Tourism * Self-Sponsors