Complete all of the following sections. Set up a conference with your teacher to review this
Circle the best method(s) for sharing this project:
map                puzzle                    song                    q...
Kinesthetic Products
apparatus                        hand puppet

aquarium                         hat

ballet           ...
Visual Products
advertisement             editorial cartoon      painting
album                     fabric                ...
Written Products
advertisement                joke                quatrain
autobiography                joke book         ...
Oral Products
anecdote                            lecture

audio tape recording                lesson

ballad             ...
Catalysts                             Actions               Products
advertisements                       accepts         ...
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Student project contract


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Gives multiple options for student's projects

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Student project contract

  1. 1. STUDENT PROJECT CONTRACT Complete all of the following sections. Set up a conference with your teacher to review this information. Have a parent or guardian sign it before your conference. Name: Period: What things about the subject we are studying interest you? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Circle the best goal(s) for this project: making comparisons dissecting something conducting an evaluation collecting something measuring something analyzing/taking item apart composing something identifying parts of item labeling writing summaries criticizing something explaining something demonstrating something solving a problem making a substitution memorizing dramatizing defending something observing something making a guess/testing it changing something improving something using item in different way building something surveying something putting something in order originating new idea adding to something defining something describing something starting something getting people’s reactions conducting an experiment predicting the future forming a philosophy designing something making recommendations imagining something finding examples writing painting inventing Circle the best resources for this project: phone book pamphlets brochures magazines books library atlas dictionary encyclopedias almanac films slides interviews surveys photographs observations television experiments models textbooks radio catalogs field trips how-to books questions letters samples pictures/prints diagrams graphs newspapers business visits school visits biographies industry visits schools farms service agencies records clubs travel agency community agencies senior citizens friends, neighbors laboratory stores performances games computer programs hypercard stacks video tapes other:
  2. 2. Circle the best method(s) for sharing this project: map puzzle song questionnaire diagram flag model dictionary sculpture scrapbook time line CD/DVD PowerPoint discussion graph demonstration collection toy debate advertisement poem museum display diary entries cooking learning center machine model mobile portfolio samples book mock trial charts news account photographs play diorama letters product award art work shadow box pop-up models 3-D models dance board game game show placemat teach lesson radio show secret code cartoon bulletin board collage family tree costume party/celebration puppet show statue debate recipe campaign painting story poster music composition time line mural flip charts speakers overhead displays Podcast Blog Webpage Interactive computer experience Circle the equipment and materials you will need to share this project: CD Player VCR computer projector SMART Board headphones microphone computer computer printer digital camera video camera bulletin board display board record player MP3 Player laminator puppet stage CPS System Other: What other supplies will you need? Where will you get them? If you are working with another teacher or community mentor, when will you meet? Explain how your project connects learning from at least two other subjects. (English, reading, math, science, social studies, PE/Health, Fine/Performing/Applied Arts, electives). Circle which intelligence(s) will be practiced when you develop AND share your project? Body/Kinesthetic Interpersonal Intrapersonal Logical/Mathematical Musical/Rhythmic Verbal/Linguistic Visual/Spatial Student Parent Teacher Project begins: Project is due: Project to be shared:
  3. 3. Kinesthetic Products apparatus hand puppet aquarium hat ballet instruments card game interpretive dance cardboard relief invention ceramics jigsaw puzzle charade kite clothing learning center collage machine dance macramé demonstration marionette device mime diorama mobile display model dramatization monument equipment movement game etching musical instrument experiment observations field trip origami finger puppets paper mache’ food prototype furniture puppet gadget puppet show game puzzle gauge quilt
  4. 4. Visual Products advertisement editorial cartoon painting album fabric pamphlet anagram film pattern animation filmstrip pennant annotated bibliography flag PERT chart area graph flannel board photo essay artifact collection flash card photograph award flip chart pictograph banner flowchart picture dictionary bar chart gallery pie chart block picture story graph plan blueprint graphic playing card book jacket greeting card polar chart booklet hieroglyphic poster bookmark high/low chart puzzle brochure hologram scatter graph bullet chart icon scenario bulletin board identification cards scrapbook calendar identification chart scroll cardboard relief illustration sign cartoon imprint silk screen chart information table slide show checklist jigsaw puzzle stencil collage layout stick puppet collection line chart television commercial column chart lithograph timeline comic book map transparency costume mask travel advertisement cross-section meter travel log crossword puzzle mobile tree chart design mosaic video/podcast/blog diagram movie wall hanging diorama mural weather map display museum web display case newscast window shade double-y chart newspaper ad word game drawing outline word search
  5. 5. Written Products advertisement joke quatrain autobiography joke book questionnaire biography journal questions book report journal article quiz booklet label radio script brochure law rationale business letter lesson plan recipe celebrity profile letter reference characterization letter of request report checklist letter to editor research report classification list limerick review classified advertisement list rewritten ending comic book log riddle commercial script lyrics satire comparison magazine science fiction computer program magazine article scroll couplet manual short story creative writing memorandum skit critique metaphor slogan database myth speech description new story ending story dialogue newsletter story problems diary newspaper survey dictionary newspaper article tall tale editorial notes taxonomy essay novel telegram fact file oath television script fairy tale observation sheet term paper field manual outline test free verse pamphlet textbook friendly letter parody theory glossary patent title poem guidebook pen pal travel log handbook petition triangle poem handout plan triplet headline play vocabulary list history poem worksheet index prediction yearbook interview script profile job description puppet show
  6. 6. Oral Products anecdote lecture audio tape recording lesson ballad limerick book report mock interview campaign speech monologue characterization myth choral reading/speech newscast cinquain nursery rhyme comedy act oral report comparison quatrain conference presentation radio announcement couplet radio commentary debate radio commercial description rap dialog recorded dialog discussion rhyme documentary riddle dramatization role-play explanation song fairy tale speech free verse story telling jingle symposium discussion joke
  7. 7. Catalysts Actions Products advertisements accepts advertisements artistic performances adapts advice column autobiographical stories, sketches changes book jackets cartoons displays brochures commercials explores bus/walking tours computer software analyzes cartoons cultural experiences compares collages demonstrations designs consumer reports diagrams, charts evaluates debates fables, folk tales, myths hypothesizes demonstrations interviews investigates dramatic reading music predicts experiments out of classroom experiences produces flow charts uncaptioned pictures adapts games picture books discusses illustrations scenarios volunteers jingles situational dilemmas collaborates masks slogans communicates mobiles television programs displays mock trial timelines engages pamphlets expresses photo essays integrates plays motivates puppet shows organizes round table responds simulation synthesizes survival packs communicates timelines discovers video/podcast/blog