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Selecting qessential for your research needs
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Selecting qessential for your research needs


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  • 1. Selecting Qessential for your Research NeedsSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions.
  • 2. Choose Qessential For Your Essential QuestionsSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 2
  • 3. Who is Qessential?Dedicated medical technology market research firm whose mission isto continually focus on our five core values:  EXCELLENCE  RESPECT  INNOVATION  INTEGRITY  COLLABORATIONSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 3
  • 4. Choosing Qessential?The leading research firm for turnkey solutions.Medical Focus & Experience  Specialists in medical technologies and pharmaceuticals for over 20 years  Work with all physician types including interventional cardiologists, radiologists, and OB-Gyn, orthopedic surgeons, and othersExcellence in Qual & Quant  Experienced and skilled in executing both qualitative and quantitative projects  Excel at projects that flow from qualitative work into quantitative methodologyResponsiveness  We are a nimble company that can quickly switch gears as projects evolve  We are in constant communication with you; there are no surprisesCritical Functions In-House  All aspects of projects are handled by the Qessential team  From recruitment, sample databases and programming to analytics and reporting, we do it allSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 4
  • 5. The Qessential Advantage: How Do We Fit?We collaborate with our clients throughout the project cycle, from initial researchdesign through final reporting. Superior High-End Strategic Data Collection Data Analysis Results Research Design (Guides/Surveys) Q-Select ™ Essential Data™ Recruitment Essential Reporting™ Moderating Essential Analytics™ (Phone/IDI/Focus Groups) Survey Programming (Pre-Test Process)Seeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 5
  • 6. The Qessential Advantage: Qualitative and Quantitative Expertise Quantitative Qualitative  Project results  Develop hypotheses Test specific hypotheses  Understand feelings, values, and perceptions Identify and size markets We integrate  Identify needssegments Characterize qualitative   Identify ideas and effect relationships Generate cause and  Recommend a final course of action Why do Both with Us? quantitative  Subject matter expertise research,  Reduced learning curve improving  Shorter project timeline results. Quantitative Qualitative  Project results  Maximum strategic partnership   Clarify feelings, values, and perceptions Test specific hypotheses  Understand context/meaning of quantitative Identify and size markets data  Characterize segments  Identify cause and effect relationships  Recommend a final course of actionSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 6
  • 7. Research Design The Qessential ApproachData collection that Answers Your Essential Questions:  Start with end goals, such as:  What business questions are you trying to answer?  How are you looking to report this information?  What kind of analytics may best answer your essential questions?Create research instruments that:  Uncover latent drivers of what is really important to decision making  Identify key customer requirements and unmet needs  Generate new ideas and ways of thinking about solutionsExtenders for your department and internal resources.Seeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 7
  • 8. Q-SelectTM Recruitment Higher StandardsThe Best Recruitment in the health care industry.  A unique process for maintaining databases  Our high touch approach generates response rates that are 5-10 times greater than the industry average  Our dedicated team of recruitment professionals knows each medical specialty well, enabling tactical adjustments during data collection to maximize response rates  Our strength with high incidence studies involving several hundred completes as well as those that require very specific respondents with very few in the sample universe.Seeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 8
  • 9. Q-SelectTM Recruitment Largest Sample Frame Research Panels: A sub-set of a population that has agreed to participate in research studies.  Not randomized, smaller sample frame that may not be representative Random Selection: Each member of the population is equally likely to be chosen.  Critical for many statistical tests that make assumptions about the distribution of the population With Q-Select, we sample and recruit from entire populations using our proprietary lists. The larger sample frames give our studies greater validity than those using research panels.Seeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 9
  • 10. Moderating Experienced TeamDedicated Team (over 5,000 interviews).  Phil Dean – 4,000+ interviews  Focus Groups  Tom Parker – 500+ interviews  In-Person IDIs  Isabelle Smith – 300+ interviews  Telephone IDIs  Phone with Web  Sheri Brochu – 100+ interviewsActive Listening and Reflective Questioning techniques  Yield thoughtful and compelling discussions  Uncover key insights  Develop a highly nuanced understanding of issuesDeliverables  HD Video and DVDs  Phone IDIs are digitally recorded and emailed daily  Transcripts are available in Excel or Word format  High impact reporting focused on Answering Essential QuestionsSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 10
  • 11. Survey Programming In-House CapabilitiesQessential provides advanced survey programming.  Real time programming/testing  Complicated skip patterns  Question branching/repeats/randomization  Video or images  Online reporting toolIn-house programming means:  Initial programming can be completed within 1-2 days  Programmer is part of the project team and is immediately involved in design and change discussions  Quality control is integrated, often turning around changes within a day  If recruitment process reveals necessary changes to screening criteria, changes to programming can be done immediatelySeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 11
  • 12. Survey Programming/Data Processing Commitment to Quality Quality assurance is our central focus. Our rigorous process includes: To ensure topic and Checking Those flagged for Pre-testing of design accuracy speeding are likely respondent surveys completion times to be removed Checking for We follow up with To ensure logic, skip respondents to nonsense Pilot launching patterns and piping confirm or correct responses and are correct outliers suspect data To ensure only Respondents flagged Password targeted individuals for providing limited Checking for protection complete the survey, straight-lining to no variation are and do so only once likely to be removedSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 12
  • 13. Survey Programming Pre-Test ProcessWe meet with respondents face-to-face to test the survey with us. Our processis to:  Introduce the goal of the survey  Conduct survey independently, compiling feedback  Client and project team view via backroom monitor  Interview respondent for feedback  Client and project team review of potential changes  Real time programming changes  Next respondent tests new version  Survey is finalized and ready for pilot launchSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 13
  • 14. Survey Programming Pre-Test BenefitsBy conducting this Pre-Test Process:  Respondents have a better sense of “ownership” in the process  Types of changes we see are:  Wording  Re-ordering questions  Unnecessary or missing answer options  New questions added  Questions deleted  Telephone interviews are likely to catch major flaws, while in-person also enable incremental survey improvements. Our unique Pre-Test Process creates a survey written the way that resonates best with respondents.Seeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 14
  • 15. Essential DataTM Data Dive SessionsOur first step is a Data Dive Session. This session involves:  Initial survey results in PowerPoint and in-person discussion  This collaborative data review enables us to tie results to business strategy  Additional analysis options emerge  Stronger final report with executive summary and recommendations tied to business implications, not just a summary of the dataSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 15
  • 16. Essential AnalyticsTM Analysis OfferingsOur analytical capabilities have expanded over the past two years with thecreation of the Director of Analytics & Insights role. Our analytical capabilitiesinclude:  Factor Analysis  Reliability Analysis  Stated vs. Derived Importance  Survival Analysis  Key Drivers  Trend Analysis  Competitive Mapping  Ad/Promotional Effectiveness Studies  Choice Modeling  Patient Flow Maps Even with Qualitative  Patient Referral Maps research, we have analyses  Market Sizing that can be run using  Market Segmentation/Cluster Analysis Nonparametric Statistics.  Pricing Analysis  Probit AnalysisSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 16
  • 17. Essential ReportingTM Supporting insights with dataAn appropriate mix of text and illustrations helps to create a more compellingstory. We link qualitative and quantitative phases together in a strategic report.While many physicians have differing opinions on efficacy based on their varied experience, ABCreceives great feedback and reviews. In comparison to low-powered microwave and high powered microwave, ABC is viewed as the most efficacious. Characteristic Ratings for ABC, DEF and GHI “There are 2 ways to measure efficacy - 1) Symptom score and 2) Bother index. Based on the literature, ABC wins. That’s my (% ranked best or tied for best therapy) impression from the literature.” (Physician) 73% 68% “Between low power and ABC, the ABC is more effective, and if it’s 64% more effective, you’ll have more patient satisfaction.” (Physician) 50% 50% “In regards to long term results- ABC if done right (compared to 46% 41% 41% DEF).” (Physisian) 36% 36% “Efficacy was maybe a little better with DEF, but I liked ABC better 27% 23% 23% for 2 reasons: for patients there was less bleeding and also treating the 18% 18% 18%18% symptoms was much easier with ABC than GHI.” (Physician) 14% 14% 5% “In terms of long-term efficacy my feeling is that the ABC is the most 0% efficacious.” (Physician)Takes less time Causes less More efficacious Physician can Lower cost to Reimbursement Better Pt. pain leave room physician is higher satisfaction GHI DEF ABC Seeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 17
  • 18. Essential ReportingTM Beyond the DataSeeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 18
  • 19. The Qessential Advantage: Looking for more information?To learn more about how Qessential can help you with your research initiatives, pleasecontact anyone of us and we’d be happy to help! We can setup a conference call oreven come out to see you in-person. 1-800-932-4249 or 603-775-9200 Philip Dean, President – Isabelle Smith, Director, Marketing & Operations – Tom Parker, Director of Analytics & Insights – Tom Seeing. Listening. Interpreting. Answering the Essential Questions. 19
  • 20. Answering the Essential Questions24 Front Street Exeter New Hampshire 03840 Tel (603) 775-9200 Fax (603) 775-9300 Web