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  • 1. Todays most popular search engines:Google, Yahoo, and BingFocus SEO efforts on Google:- #1 search engine- enormous number of users
  • 2. Search Engines are like Librarians!- Find and catalog worldswebpage content- Give users the mostrelevant search results- For every search preformed on a search enginethere are thousands, if not millions, of webpageswith matching content.
  • 3. Search engine optimization is about making small modifications to parts of your website to increasethe rank of your website in search results.
  • 4. Position in the search results is “determined byover 200 factors, one of which is the PageRankfor a given page” ("Google basics: Learn," 2012).
  • 5. HTML -Content - Quality, Titles Relevant matter,keywords, Engaged Description, users Headers, Images Architecture Links – – Crawl, Quality, Text, Speed, URLS, Navigation Number Trust- Domain Social – extension, Reputation, History, Shares Country Violations - Violations - Thin content, Hidden words, Keyword Cloaking, Paid stuffing, links, Link Spam
  • 6. » Content Quality: Does your page have substantial amount of original, well-written content? Relevant keywords: Does your content include your targeted keywords? Engaged users: Do visitors stay to read your content or leave the page promptly? Newness: How often is new content added and pages updated?
  • 7. » HTML Titles matter: Does your title tag include relevant keywords? Description Headers: Do headlines include relevant keywords? Images: Image description
  • 8. » Architecture Crawl: Can the content be crawled by search engines? Speed: How fast does your site load? It takes from avg 4 to 8 seconds to load travel2change website, if it takes 30 or more Googlebot will not index the website. URLS: Are links short and include relevant keywords? Navigation: It is easy to navigate? Does it have a site map?
  • 9. » Links Quality: Are links from trusted, quality and respected websites? Links would be preferably from pages with a page rank higher than that of your website. Text: Are links hyperlinked with relevant keywords? Number: How many links are pointing to your website?
  • 10. » Social Reputation: Do respected people or organizations share your content on social networks? Shares: How many share your content?
  • 11. » Trust Domain extension: .org, and .gov domains are trusted more than other types of domains, such as .com, .info, etc. History: How long has the domain been around? Country: Where is the domain name registered?
  • 12. » Violations  Thin content  Keyword stuffing  Hidden words  Cloaking  Paid links  Link Spam» Blocking  Users blocking the website from their search results.
  • 13. 3,415 People Visited Travel2Change from Search Engines
  • 14. Current travel2change keywords: Suggested new target keywords:
  • 15. Search engine optimization is an excellent way of reaching prospective users and growing the travel2change community! Free SEO Travel2 Change Growing # of users
  • 16. Works Cited:Check page rank of web site pages instantly. (n.d.). Retrieved from basics: Learn how google discovers, crawls, and serves web pages .(2012, August 08). Retrieved from analytics: Traffic sources overview. (apr 1, 2011 - oct 8, 2012).Google search engine optimization. (2012). Retrieved from