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Digital writing1

  1. 1. Digital Writing: Collaborate, Reflect, and Publish Presented by: Catlin Tucker Mary Barefoot ECOMP 6203
  2. 2. In an era of texting, tweeting, Facebook updates, and blogging, digital writing is a necessary skill to success beyond the classroom.
  3. 3. The Way We Communicate is Changing
  4. 4. ?? Pay Phones ??
  5. 5. Many of our studentsnow have never sent a letter in the mail orwritten a formal letter.
  6. 6. Educators have to adapt their practices to new technology
  7. 7. Our Digital WorldRequires Digital Writing
  8. 8. /
  9. 9. “It is a game-changing moment forteachers of writing. The very notion of what it means to write is shifting…” Sharon WashingtonDirector of National Writing Project.
  10. 10. Technology ToolsCollaborateReflectPublish
  11. 11. Collaborate Tools for for writing took the place of a lot of the pen and paper homework assigments. Students collaborate, debate respectfully.
  12. 12. Googledocs get real time collabrating ondocuments. Students can chatwhile they work on the Life Chat.
  13. 13. TitanPad.comvery similar to googledocs and has the live chat features.
  14. 14. Reflect online journal – ability to share orlock entries. Insert images, share entries.
  15. 15. Ohlife.comsimple introduction of blogging for kids (upper elementary).Ask questions and student can answer
  16. 16. group reflections with groupsdoing the same type activitiesand helping students figure outwhat went well and what needs more attention.
  17. 17. Publish Easy to publish to a global audienceWe can empower students bygiving them a voice and teachstudents how to communicate online.
  18. 18. “When students know other students will see their work, they want it to be good.When students know teacherswill see their work, they want it to be good enough.” Rushton Hurley
  19. 19. simple way to publish writing.Easy URL creation. Very good for upper elementary.
  20. 20. Storybird.compair writing with artwork. Take writing beyond and include images.
  21. 21. Storyjumper.comstudents can upload their own images.
  22. 22. Wix.comcreate easy websites
  23. 23. A few ways to use this information: You don’t need to grade everything Students are valuable resources More writing leads to better writing Grades are not the most motivating factor Technology creates more visibility & accountability.
  24. 24. Digital Writing: Communicate, Collaborate & Create Catlin Tucker English Teacher, Curriculum Design Specialist & Author Blended Learning in Grade 4-12Leveraging the power of Technology to Create Student-Centered Classroom