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  1. 2. Business Hyper Link is a web based platform that allows anyone to upload virtually any type of file (i.e. pdf, mov, flv, jpeg, etc…), title the hyper-link whatever they choose to name it and then have the file live on the internet for easy access. The hyper-link can be e-mailed to anyone and once the link is clicked onto the file will then download to the users computer. What is Business Hyper Link ?
  2. 3. The primary core benefit is in the reduction in the need to use valuable and sometimes limited resources to print, produce and/or ship the information that can be contained within an easy to access hyper-link. The use of a hyper-link saves resources, reduces the users carbon footprint on the environment and ultimately saves the user time and money. What are the core benefits?
  3. 4. The “driver” is in the idea of Business Hyper Link being both innovative and a service that is in demand. The “fuel” is in the passion of the Owner, the acumen in the concept and design and the capital that will allow us to gain exposure. The “vehicle” is in the fact that Business Hyper Link will provide great products and services through an easy to use on-line platform. These three factors will result in Business Hyper Link arriving at a “destination” of success and profitability. What are our Success Characteristics?
  4. 5. The Business Hyper Link Team will consist of the following Members: Our Team will be small and efficient as there is no need for a complex infrastructure due to the automation of the website. Business Hyper Link has prescreened both development and support Teams who will be retained and paid for their services. Our Team for Success!
  5. 6. Business hyper-link will sell the service of hyper-link creation at a predetermined price point that will ensure profitability while allowing us to maintain a surplus to develop new products to offer with our services. This chart outlines the income potential that Business Hyper Link has. How will Business Hyper Link be Profitable?
  6. 7. The core of Business Hyper Link’s website functionality is in the easy to use system that will allow anyone to upload any type of file, name the link and instantly have that hyper-link live on-line in a normal or secured manner for others to access. The Services offered by Business Hyper Link!
  7. 8. Business Hyper Link will use a seasoned design firm to custom build our platform that will ensure the following 6 steps of the process are easy for everyone; The Technology and Process!
  8. 9. There are 8 Customer categories that will be served by Business Hyper Link. Customer Profiles!
  9. 10. The services and eventually the products offered by Business Hyper Link are not limited to any specific geographical location and are in fact useful to anyone on a Global basis. It is feasible to assume that once awareness spreads the demand will increase. Our Global Potential!
  10. 11. There are no known competitors to Business Hyper Link at this time and the primary reason is in the fact that a platform to offer the functionality our website demands is not available in “open-source” and thusly has to be custom designed and configured. Our Research shows that for companies who do offer similar, but not exact types of services Business Hyper Link will be far easier to use and provide features and options others do not currently offer. Competition? What competition?
  11. 12. Business Hyper Link will implement an aggressive exposure campaign that will incorporate the following; Exposure through Advertising & Marketing!
  12. 13. Business Hyper Link is seeking a private loan or to partner with someone who will provide capital in exchange for an equity share of all pre-tax, post expenditure profitability. Business Hyper Link is prepared to offer the following 3 ROI Structures for consideration; Investor options for consideration!
  13. 14. Business Hyper Link is owned and operated by Johnny Bryan Giles (the individual) who is the sole owner of Johnny Bryan Giles (the entity). The entity is a sole-proprietorship without debt, employees or other obligations. Additional Information!
  14. 15. Please review our Business Synopsis and our Video. For more information…