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Dragon Naturally Speaking Lesson One
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Dragon Naturally Speaking Lesson One


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Introduction to installation and training

Introduction to installation and training

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Dragon Naturally Speaking
    Lesson One
    Installation & Introduction To Training
  • 2. Catherine Llwyd
    Supporting an inclusive and modern workforce, Catherine Llwyd’s Working Advantage provides online computer and assistive technologies training across North America. 
    We help people with different abilities gain access to employment using computers, software, hardware and assistive devices.
    Catherine Llwyd, Owner, Consultant, Trainer & Advocate
  • 3. Dragon Naturally Speaking Lesson 1Installing software & microphoneActivating Dragon Naturally SpeakingCreating a new userIntroduction to Training a new userAdapting to your writing style
  • 4. Installing Your Microphone
    MIC Jack or LINE IN
    USB Port
  • 5. Insert CD1 into the CD-ROM Drive
    CD-ROM Drive
    If installation does not start immediately, double-click on setup.exe in Windows Explorer . You may be asked to insert CD 2. Type all of your information, including your serial number given with Dragon Naturally Speaking packaging.
    Choose where you want to install Dragon Naturally Speaking.
    Use the default directory: C://Program FilesNuanceNaturally Speaking.
  • 6. How to choose Set-up Type
    There are three set-up types to choose from
    Click on one of the following:
    Typical – Installs all options and
    speech files
    Complete – Requires the most
    disk space
    Custom – Lets you choose which
    options and files to install.
    Click on custom to install other
    languages, dialects or enable
    Quick Start, which launches at
    system start-up.
  • 7. Set-up Continued…
    Continue to follow set-up instructions
    Register your copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking so that you can be notified of any updates
    Click on Check the internet for program updates after set-up is completed
    Start Dragon Naturally Speaking by clicking on the desktop icon. An activation box will then appear. Click Activate Now. Click Activate Automatically. Set-up is now complete!
  • 8. Creating A New User
    Type your name in the name field
    Click Next
  • 9. Headset Or Microphone
    Select your dictation device. This is usually your headset or microphone with the MIC In jack or the USB port
    Click Next
  • 10. New User Wizard
    Begin initial training by reading the text on the screen out loud for several minutes
    When Finished
    Click Next
  • 11. Set-up Your Microphone
    Position the headset microphone about a half inch from your mouth and a little to the side
    Position the Hand-held Microphone one-
    three inches from
    Your mouth
    When finished
    Click Next
  • 12. Volume And Sound Quality Check
    Click Start Volume Check and read the text in the dialogue box aloud. When the program beeps, click Next.Click Start Quality Check. Read the text again until the word “PASSED” is displayed. Click Next
  • 13. Welcome To General Training
    You will asked to read for several minutes, out loud . This enhances accuracy. Have a drink of water before you start and speak into the microphone with a normal voice. If you are struggling with a word press Skip. A yellow arrow tells you where to start. when you are ready to train click Go.
  • 14. Choose A Text To Read aloud and click OK
    Try to read exactly what is on the screen. If you make a mistake, repeat the words. The arrow will guide you. When you have read for about five minutes the New User Wizard displays a message of congratulations. Click OK and the programs starts to adapt your voice file. This will take several minutes. Take a break and have a drink of water.
  • 15. Adapting To Your Writing Style
    Now Dragon Naturally Speaking needs to adapt to your writing style. This tool scans all of your typed documents in your computer files to help with accuracy.
    Click Start
    This scan can take from five to thirty minutes
    When the scan is finished, click Next.
    Congratulations, you are ready for lesson 2!
  • 16. Catherine Llwyd’s -Working Advantage
    For Further Course Training in Dragon Naturally Speaking
    Or Email:
    Dragon Naturally Speaking Online Course Delivery $49. Plus GST
    Copyright 2009