Marketing to Oncologist


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In an interview for MedAd News, I highlight some trends I think will help pharmaceutical companies market products as media channels continue to evolve.

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Marketing to Oncologist

  1. 1. Simp ify and fortify Pharmaceutical mariceters have an important role to working wi th ~ trusted ~nd well.respected medical-educuion play in easing tho informarion overtoad burdening group - one wi th an oncology tC3JTI wi th 2 deep heriClb'C in on- cology markaing, including as many highly trained scientificSCf- nurses to interface: with prospective: p.ltiems and their caregivers; 0f'K0k)gy professionals and patients. vice members 3S possible- is a critical faaor forcreatingsciemific the need for pa.tiem-assisclIlcc progr:um to adapt to ~ model in platforms th:1I are clear, dfecti't::. b:,hnced. and object i't::.~ which prescribing occurs in one organization :Uld treatment in By Gina-Louise Monari gino· Among the challenges 10 deli't::ring tOf>'n01ch programming 2llOther; 2nd the need for risk Muation 2nd managemem 5tt:lt- are the changing pharm.'Iccmical guidelines. which h.1'C made it egy programs to :u.ljUSt to Ihis fragmentation of Clre. ancer medicine is a complex, clTlC'T'&ing more difficult to gain acass to oncologists and their sraffs. Many Oncology pmcriccs have significant expenses for d rugs and C ronsul!ali~ sciencr laJuiring pharmaceutical markC'lCfS ro pro- vide solmiol1$ dUl simplil}> prnctia:cconomics .mile enhancing ,he patiem and salcsfon:c experience with dynamic new media. Mort: agencies all: providing services wilh ~rd (0 toting, reimbursemcm. and cost analysis for oncologists and are using multimedia ro ill1pl'O~ messaging in paliem-ooocaiion malcriili and salesfon:c commu- academic illS(ilUtions 2nd:Ul increasing number of community- related supplies. Citing ~ 2007 Onmark survey, Sarah Mittag. ac- based pf:C1ica h.'I't:: limited or cumiled cont:lC1 baween oncol- COUnt dircaor, AbclsonT2yfor Inc. ( !:t}'sun- ogy sales reps and healthcare professional onrology staf[ like Il'IOSt medical specialties. a lillie more th.'II1 60% of total on- Because: nuny of the nev.'l:f therapies 2re complex and r«juire cology practice OIpenses ate al1ribmed to drug COSts. As a result, aah'C p;ttient pa.nicipa.tion in their administration, the types of timely re:imbursemen t for the dirM COSt of the drug; themseh'CS programs being dt::"C!oped by ad't::ftising agencies need to sup- is crucial to the fin:mcial health of an oncology prxtice. pan th~ need. Effecti't:: pa.tiem-wpport programs not only rein- The decisions that go into determining cUlcer p.uiem care nic:ltions. fon:c the instructions palicnu are: rctti';ng frolll their treatment are driven by safety and dIlcacy as pl'O'en in dinical trials. In Hcallhcarc ad agencies arc recogniiing the importance of cdu- reams, but are also hd ping them bridge the gaps in thei r ability treatment decisions in"ot.·ing choica of drug; of similar class. calion in ,he area of oncology IC5ting as peoonali1.N 1l1«iicinc and confidence 10 better manage their health. For the Ollcology effiC:l.C)', and safety. however, fina ncial considerations ma), come comes to ,he fore. Exciremcni :thom the JXXcnlial of personalized pa.tient. knowing what side effects m~y look like or when they into play. In these Cl.'iCS, il is often (he office prxtia: ma nager medicine continues, with the SucctSS of the handful of appro'w may occur an nuke the difference betwccn fetling confident or who performs a COSt analysis and makes a recommendation to Ihcrapics !lUI target specific biomarkers - Genentem [nc.'s anxious or even betw~n lire and death. Knowing what to an- the oncologisu in the prxtice. Herttptin (or H ERl o,ero:prc:ssion: AsuaZtneca's Arimidc tkipate em afln pa.tients with the skills and confidence to make Abelson Taylor is helping to differentiate product and cofJ)()- and Novartis Phannaccutic:dsCorp.'s Feman. for hormone-pos- infomlC'd decisions about thei r treatment. rate brands by strategicalty and creati"C!y pa.nnering wit h clients i(l'c breast Clueer. Novartis' GIClelU ror Philadelphia chromo- "When creating a branded patient suppon program that ad- 2nd their rei nlbursernent services compa.nics in the de-.-dopment somc-positi~ chronic myeloid leukemia; and ImOone Sysrcms dresses the issues associated wit h a nO'C1 or t:lrgeted Ollcoogy of comprehcnsi~ Web-based and call center programs that help Inc.. Bristol-Myer$ Squibb Co.. and Merck Scrono's Erbinu dms. we bdie'>'t:: it is imperati'C to undersctnd the needs of the prxticcs with rei mbursement issues such as insuran~ 'CrifiCl- for EC FR o'erexpn::ssion in color cancer. pa.tients. can:gi~rs, and the HC !'s, as well as the marketing chal- tion, dai ms denials, and patient assist:lntt. Only recently, hoY.'C'l:f. has any attention been gi"en to the lenges and objecti>'CS for the brand,~ says Ide Mills. senior VP "We are: also Gl.rgcting office s[:I.ff who can be inAuenliai in problems of puning that prom ~ into prxtice. OncoJoro' mar- of health education at Encore, which is a HeahhEd (heahhed. drug purchasing decisions wit hin oncoloro' plXliccs.~ Ms. Mit- keting has typically focused on hcalthcare prxtitionm, paym, com)compa.ny, "S">'- and p3tientS. but the pathologist audience is I«y to :Kcur:ItC tCSt- HealthEd leaden: hl'c found that p3tient-supron programs ;ngand ;ocrually seu;ns padents plao.:d on appropriate themp,.. with aUl ~n lers ma"'" a significant, positi'C differcn~ for many Medta dynamks E'en the St:l.ndard t:l.rget audicnces r«j uire educational mes- of these p.lIicnts. In addition to the eduCltiorul resources that saging on both the nero for tcsti ng ;md their rok in ensuring ac- heahhClre providers are: using to counsel thei r patientS. fXllients Although henutologists and oncologists are "''t::lt ,'Cl'Sed in CIll('rg- curate tcsting, according to Helen An, associ:ue CfC:l.ti...e dirtttor, are receivi ng scheduled Cllis to J'C'iew dosing schedules, describe ing clinical dlta, laytts ci restrictions :md collSCJ'''C legaII copy. Aashpoint Medica ( side df'cas, and suggest adhercocc tips for a n(1I."C! treatment. medical Tt::'iew on tOp of core branded messages make: [he 5:.lIes Ch:.ulene Prou nis, managing p3nner. Flashpoirll Medica. sa)'S Educated patients c:m more readily take an aah'C role in thei r dialogue about what is new or imeresting more: difficul t. As a re:- since much of oncology has 10 do with pmonalittd medicine, treatment, which can positi"C!y affect outcomes. sult. marketing (rends are more educational in !l;lfl re. somaimes xcurale [csling is r«jui rcd. at the COSt of bcing unbranded. ~ I t's a critical aspc:a of pcrsonali7.ed. medicine that hasn't got- Procrice economics Many ph uTnXl:lical compa.nies are producing unbranded ten the men tion it <ksctvcs.~ Ms. Prou nis says. ~We'C k:.trned patient disease st:lte materials :md Websilcs to supplement cli· tlut the key to success - whet her ensuri ng [hat the right fXltient Healthare ad agencies are also playing a more significant role nicbn tcaching, according to Juna Sayles, president and CEO, gC't'l acass to the medicine or buildi ng2 successful market in on- in the area of economia for oncology practices. The implica- URA Rx Group Inc. ( lhere: is difficulty in measu r- cology - is not just aboul drug messaging as usll2l. it's:also abou t tions for this trend include the nC' t:ltga audience of practice ing the cfficacyof these materia1s, hoY.'t''t'f, r::sper:iaIly pri m nutl!- helping to identify the patients who will acrually benefit th rough group managers; consolidation of cuslomer bases imo larger rial. ~h :i.lmost seems easier lhese da}'!l for pharma companies to initbti...cs tlut bolster high-qu.1.Iity tcsting.~ group practices; an increased focus on professional fees and pro- reach patients than clinicuns - launch a d rug-specific Website Cenentech ( cs[:l.biished irself as a pionet'T in dl(' duai'ity, providing less time for panicipation in communication for patients and they will come," Ms. Sayles S:I.)'S. - lhe: Website dC'CIopmem of ctrgcred therapies, most not:lbly wilh Hercq:)(in, initiati'C:S; the imp:mance of community-basul physicians :Uld usuatly has a link for ' HCllthcare Profi:::s.sionals' on the p3tient the first H ER1+ t:l.rgeted ther:tpy for breast canOO' - and the compa.ny is aggressively working to transl:lIe these ad':I.nces imo clinical prxtice. Flashpoim Medica has worked closely with TIIr,.t ... ~. M agl., foc'$ m MtdiaClla"'$ Cenemech to unden:cl.Ild all :.upccu of a complex issue: tha t en- ~ compasses eveT)'Ihing from differences baween appl'O-OO tests ~ l• Top 10 products "l 2nd laboratOry-dC'eloped testS :lIId their reguI:Jtion, to in-depth by 2009 Revenue 1 j hi r ! technical knowledge of t::'t::ry Step of the testing pr0a5S and dl(' effect of heterogeneous tis.'iue. As Herccptin 11lO'CS to':I.rd launch in a new indiCltion in PHAR M A i j ,; ~ J i ·f ~ .. iE J: .:; ~ j HER2+ metasQtk gastric Clneer, understanding the importance of toting issucs ~nd how they may differ from Cll1Ct::r type to Cln- 31 .7% 1.4% 14. 1% 14.8% ." on, 15% ... 1% ccr type iscritical for the brand. Fbshpoim MediClleaders believe that paticms who are appropriate Clndid:l1cs to rctti'e the pfO't::n benefits of Herceptin mould not be excluded because of tcsting 22 .7% 25.5% 4.3% 3.6% 9. 1% 20.0% 7.4% 19. 1% ... 2'" 25% 41'% 17% ,,% , % issues. In addition, patients who are: n01 ~ppropriate Cllldid:l1cs should not be exposed to the risks of unneasS:lry treatmem and 48.4% 9.7% 16. 1% 22.6% 19.4% 12.5% 37.5% 12.5% 37.5% 12.5% 39% 50% 16% 0% 29% 50% 6% 0% 1('" 0% the h~hhctre: systenl should not bear those costs. 17.0% 1.9% 3.8% 28.3% 13.2% 23% 17% 26% 0% With :m increased focus o n t:l.rgt:led therapies that 2ft:: !cad- illg to a pcrson:i.littd appro.'lCh to treatment. the stud), dcsign 34.1% 9. 1% 2.3% 38.6% 9. 1% 25% ,,% ,, % 16% 0%"" language and the science are becoming more complex. Sonia 18.6% O.O'lI. O.O'lI. 14.0% 7.0'lI. 30'l1. 0'lI. 41'% ,, % Morris, senior V1~ Science :I.Ild Mtdicine (, a division of Publicis Medial Education Group (, 65.2% 15.2% 13.0% ' .7% 4.3% 26% 0% 37% believes that this has created the need for account tl':l.fllS2nd sci- 19_2% 2.7% 5.5% 13.7% 5.5% entific writing staff that ha't:: ~n in-depth underst:l.ndi ng of the complexity of the science and how to interpret and translate it ' 0'lI. '" "" into dTroi'C communication platforms. PhormoVOXX chort.d U.S. promotional a ctivity of the top 10 oncology brands by 2009 J.O Itt. revenue. The chart include . target oudie nce. messaging focu •• and medio channe ls, s.....:.: ".",..,vaa {pIo-............COI>Ij ~aear and focused communication platfornu are critical to educating hcahharc: professionals.~ Ms. Morris says. "'fhat's wh)' , 8 • MED AJ) NEWS Al.IGOST 2010
  2. 2. nY~isO'l8~elArirrQx'$orh ---- --- -_ _-- ".,....,.,..,."""'. Websile, so oflC~n Ihe clinician is IOld aboul Ihe -.--------- .... ron'ers;ltion is dynamk, Mr. !Xr.'e says. Be- ing able ro link materials logether quickly and Websile by the p,'uielll. II should be the OIher DeveIcped by so.a & Medicine, "Doyel Promi5e: A 1'oIiIn'$.b.mey" (WtJ IooMd on prtMding potient5 scamlcsslyas the convcrs:ltion shifts dcm:mds a way around." ond angiven will 0$$i5lonce, v.hile he E~ ~ip portoI (righII oimed kl~ inc:recI:5ed ond medium that can rapidly shifl and Stay on lrack Genera.l awarcnCS$ among Ihe broad demo- oorui5lentCOlTVlUl~ will key"*,**" elO'l8 ~$ b"geI oudience. with the rolWCrsa{)on. graphic oflikely cancer palienlS can be expensive" "Tablet PCsarebeing increasingly used: how- 10 build, 50 efficiem media r.ugt:ting by adver- Ogil")' Co mmonHe~hh Worldwide isem- Marvin J. 13o-.'e, senior VI~ CfQtive dift'Clor, (;'o'er, those devices 'ere plagued wilh problems, lising agencies is a key challenge. Lloyd Sheep, pJoying more mullimedia non-personal promo- The Navicor Group LLC (, stan up times. ballery life, pl'Oa5Sing speeds. senior VI~ chief Slrmcgist and gencral manager, tion to allow customers to consume tducuion communication platforms, such as sman phone ({C.,W Mr. Bowe says. "NCv digital devices like HC&B Health= Communications (hel>- on their temlS. Oiems are also invotigaring lhe applicalions. online-rep detailing and vinual an HI' Sb[e or iPad should be able provide a, bdiC'C$ an agency needs to be ex- appropriate use of viral and social media. conferences, alC antkipattd 10 grow in rhe nar more usable Row of infOnllation." ceptionally ....-dl-versed in Web marketing ~nd "Right now the hottest new promotional fuNIC, while journal ad'Cnising and prim sak:s For {he sales fom:, video confcrencing can social media techniques roservconeofthc most piettS are almost always serendipirous inter- aids will decre:ase. enable a connection when it is more convenient. motiva{ed and vulnerable audiences, views or patient testimonials on YouTube,~ says Irutitu{iotlS. physician prncticcs. and sc:m Sman phones. pico-projectors. and the new "The emire campaign needs to be sensitive Tel'T'Cfl« Rouse, group strategic plall~r. Ogil"}' States ha'e b.1nntd oncologists from engaging in slate devices are all making selling aids more dy- - and in our view, not expioitati'C - 10 the in- Common Hcalth Worldwide (commonhcalth, promotional speaker progranlS. either as speak- namic, mimicking the Row of a na{ural COIl'Cr- tense emotional comext of the entire subject of com). "Its 'ery challenging and also 'ery fright- ers. pankipants. or bolh. These limitation$, sation. ~Fo r years sales reps ha'e Struggled with cancer,~ Mr, Sheep says. - rhis calls for a deep ening to COntrol." coupled with the increasing internal and exter- lugging around the right detail aids for (he call,~ explora{ion and understanding of the psychol- [n oncoloro" the tendency towanl the need nal lime demands being placed on oncologists Mr. 130-.'( says. "MOle nilllhle devices gi'e reps ogy of {he fear and hope in fighting callCCl".~ to conlOllmicate with others through social me- and their support staff, necessitare the demand the Aexibility of a dynamic com'CtSation with OienlS need {O ha'C the patience to in'CSt in dia is pronounced du ring cancer diagnosis and for creating innO"; ways 10 reach and ddi'a' the ease of print selling IOOIs.~ their brand for the long tenn, and agencies need treatment. '["his market romprises a motivated progromming to {hese target audiences. ~ leaders say -rhc EnlpoYo'a' Leadership to oo'elop a rigorous and colllinually updated audience for information sh.,ring and emotion- According 10 Mr. Bo..'C, most ttelling on- netwOrk, developed by Science and Medicines SCI of meuic:s {O track the results of a brand al bonding. cologists arc aboul 45 yelrs old to 55 years old, oncokw t(:;lm for Johnson & Johnson fjnj. campaign O'er time, Some of the nlOSt original "Cancer Clre clients need 10 establish a gen- whkh means they ha'C hexn using conlpul- com), generaled increased - and more consis- and df~'CIi'C newer components are Web-based, eral TCpUcuion for excellence as well as be abk ers. Internet, and Other lechnological devices t(l1t - conllllunicuions wilh key members of providing patients imn.roiale and Cl<tensiVC' in- to immediately provide authoritalivc informa- Ihroughout their entire Clrttl"S- Despite [ess the comp.mys target audience. foml;uion on their panicular type of ancer. tion for a wide range of Clncer diagnoses and lime wilh sales represenrati'C$, Ihe demand for "This included ckwlopment of a Web-based For instance, MO Ander$()n (mdanderson. treatments to the desperately sccking patient,~ new infom13tion about the latest theropies con- portal to 5eT'C as the ccntral communication org) and US Oncology ( och Mr. Sheq> says.. "1hat mons building a com- linuo 10 rise - the perfect circumstances for a vehicle, providing real-lime and asynchronous deploy exfensi'C online libraries of cancer types bination of awareness-building brand commu- den13nd in online-rep details. collaboralion while allowing for scalability and and lreatn~ts. US Oncology took th:1I o~ nicnions and exlensive infonnalion resources. "Each year Web-conferrocing lechnologies easy future expansion 10 satisfY the growing Step further with the development of a tool that especially Wcb-basOO resources." are becoming more comp.uible and infLitive for business nccds,~ Ms. Morris says. allowsCUlcer pal~ts 10 input &ailtd informa- Dynamic media is influencing brand com- all of US 10 use more readily," Mr. Bov.-c says. Th~ ponal allowed the clients oncoloro- lion about lheir diagnosis 10 &:1 an overview of munications. Rlxent sludies su~ th.'1 oncol- Trends ha'C shown oncologists making a marketing tcam to up(ble on initiatives. hosl lrealllleni optioru aboul which they might ask ogists ~ the most engaged with digiral IIItdia shin from reading review ankles in magazines real-lime Webcasrs and vinual advisory boards, lheir can:gi'er. compared with other specialists. Acconling 10 10 using online sources. This shin may rtduce execute :uynchronouseAdvisor modules, l'C'iCv - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , lheamoulll of journal advenisingspend. and comment on dorumenrs and malerials on- On the Ail' side, onlinc media allows for ad- line; n13n:tge medical science liaison/ imuliga- Brand Institute's Track Record venising 10 be moreefficiem and dynamic. Now ror sl ide content, provide constalll COntact OJ>- .-....... .....~ .-....... ..... ~ a skYSCI':lpet' ad cm be placed at a lesser COSt and have more relevance. In addition, the Internet has allowoo for btand-on-demand derailing. According ro PbanllaVOXX (phannavoxx, p::!nunities Ihrough e-mail, and communicate with thOl~llI leaders. In addition lOoncologists. oncology nurses, and oncoloro- pharmacistS, lhe oncoloro' paliem isanotherviral target audicna. 74% 72% com). in 2009 the majority ofV.S. promotional Unlike nun)' OIher IhetapClnicareas, in oncolo- .- --- gy p-1ticms and caregivers are :aai'e pankipanrs .- messaging targeted the healthcare professional among the top 10 oncology brands. The excep- in understanding the medical condition and lhe lions among the lOp JO brands ....'Cf(; Abbott tteltmenl5 lhat are available. ~--- .... laborarories' ( L.upron for prostate l be '3.'it number of oncology p-lliem-ad'O- cancer and AsuaZcnoca's Arinlidex for breast cacy groups provide numerous ways for palienrs cancer. Luprons promotional activil}' was split and caTCgI'ers 10 access this infonnalion. 1Fu)'~ equally between hcalthcare providers and non- "Recognizing this, our oncoloro- group de- ,,-~"'. ....,~ .-...... ....,~ healthcare providers. About 63% of Arimidex messaging targeted non-hcalthcare profession- als. Web advertisements for Arimidex promote a fitt online suppon progrom offering advice and inspirotion from bTCISt cancer survi'Ors. A<h'CfliscmenlSare linkt-d to lnYOUMmer (in- ...doped a program tided, 'A Day of Promise: A Patknts Joumt:y: which was intended to creare p-1Mnenh:ps with a patient-advocacy group. :II communil}' oncology practice, and a phanna. ceutical compan}',~ Ms. Morris says.. lhe program focused on providing palienrs ~-- .- 305.374.2500 www.brand.n~htut(!.com, an Arimidex patient-suppon site. 1he mosl VlIlncrable type of ad'ntising going fOf'aru is journal advenising. whkh re- quires significant mtdia spend to be suc:a:ssfid and caregivers with assistance in all5'Cring their quotions about specific typC'$ of cancer. show- casing the pharmaceu{icaI company as being commiuo:! to patient education. and giving patients information on how specific company Health Santi! ~~ Japan's Ministry of compared with online advertising. Onli~ ad- productS call help to treat their disease. l 'he Canada Canada , I Heatth, labour & Welfare 'Cftising can be more efficient because adver- program also provided community-basOO phy- tisements can be targeted and linked to specific sicians and nurses an opponunity to inte~ Commilleci Your Brand NameApprovals! 10 ankles and {opia. unlike being in the begin- ning or end of a print journal. with prospcoh'C patients and (heir caregivers. _u.oc.,~~IondonIos~.-.._)Ort;on­ In onoolOID" as with other specialties. the ~rodMIe"",hnoKotoI<)oOI'OIIU) major Raw with print collateral - (''(fl clinical reprints - is that they are Static whereas a sales Pharmall(, 20 " MED AD NEWS AlNOST 2010