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  • AGNOSCO is a powerful human resource organization of a core group, having flagship interests in IT education, professional and management arena. The group enjoys strategic alliance with leading entities within India. This first hand exposure to some of the world’s most demanding and discerning environments has enabled AGNOSCO to integrate today’s market trends and industrial requirements for the optimum benefit of our clientele. AGNOSCO close links with institutions and industries helps it maintain a source pool of quality human resource belonging to an exhaustive range of sectors- IT, Management, Engineering, Marketing, Service, Healthcare-Enabling you to meet your requirements fast and excellent. The organization of AGNOSCO is constituted by the most professional crème layer personnel having vast exposure in professional & IT enable services. We are a team driven by the highest standards of quality, integrity, trust and commitment to provide services beyond compare. Our professionals are religiously trained in the core values of client satisfaction, always sensitive to the client’s requirements and assiduously keep the interests of the client foremost. We are perfectly poised to address any kind of HR Requirement in manpower consulting and HR business.
  • Agnosco IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

    1. 1.  An HR consulting company working in various domain for small & mediumenterprises dealing in : IT services, Management, Engineering, Marketing, Healthcare etc. Providing 360 degree HR Solutions in: Recruitment Training, Career management Employee evaluation and career counseling.
    2. 2. Quality Manpower through comprehensive selection process.Increase productivity by placing the right person in the job.Effective transition/orientation and induction programs.Manage effective performance .Undertake career management and counseling for professionals.Minimize recruitment costs and Reduce employee turnover."Make individuals proactive by ironing out the differences in behavioraltraits"- by subjecting the candidate to relevant psychometric testing.
    3. 3.  Mission To touch the horizon where our capabilities may successfully meet with the requirements of our clients, that too with ultimate transparency and cost- effectivenessVision To become the Best Service Provider known for its Proactive Attitude and Ethical Behavior while doing business in a Trustworthy & Fair manner in the area of HR Consulting Values Integrity, Competence and Leadership combined with a sense of Teamwork are the core values which will take us through our journey.
    4. 4. Code It applies to all: Employees Honesty Consultants Officers CODE Independent Directors contractors EthicalLawful behavioconduct r Agents
    5. 5. Human Resources ConsultingHuman resources managementRetained consulting servicesEmployee relationsJob descriptionsTraining for corporate employeesWeb-based training programsEmployment and RecruitmentRecruitment and staffing assistance
    6. 6.  Approaching the candidate for the job according to the requirement of the company. Identify the best candidate from the database to suit the best needs of the client. Conducting the first round of interviews for the client or screening the profile of the candidate according to clients need. Line up the face to face interview of the candidates with the HR of the company. Select the suitable candidate for the right job at the right time . Place the candidate at the right job & orientation programs is to be held. Follow up from the candidates & clients for best results .
    7. 7. The answer is simple – we care about our customers – i.e. employers as well as job seekers and our philosophy sets us apart from competition.Delivering value to organizations by providing competent PEOPLE.Driving the industry forward through our research of current talentrequirements in the workplace and in the development of innovative tools forpeople assessment.Exploiting new technologies so that our products and services can bedelivered cost-effectively. Head Hunting Our Gleaming Turnkey Recruitment Projects Features  Database Management Candidate Evaluation
    8. 8. Contact Us:Mr. Maruti NandanManager- Client RelationsFixed Line: 91-120-6496451/52/53/54Mobile: 91-9211725604E-Mail: maruti.nandan@agnosco.inWebsite:,