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organisational study on wire industry

organisational study on wire industry



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Mehul Mehul Document Transcript

  • JAIN COLLEGE, HUBLI Swarnagiri Wire Insulations Pvt Ltd 2012 [TYPE THE COMPANY ADDRESS]
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd INDEX SL NO. 1 CONTENTS PAGE NO. Acknowledgement Declaration 2 Section I 1. Importance of SSI in economy 2. Executive summary 3. Company’s slogan 4. Company’s profile 5. Infrastructure 6. Company Vision 7. Company’s objectives 3 Section II 1. Organization structure 2. Management at Swarnagiri 3. Landmarks of the firm 2|Page
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd 4. Awards & achievements 5. Company’s credential 4 Section III Departmental study 5 Section IV 1. Director’s report 2. Customers 3. SWOT analysis 4. Conclusion 5. Finding & suggestion 6. Bibliography 3|Page View slide
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The satisfaction that accompanies the successful of any tasks would be incomplete without mentioning the people who made it possible. To them, we express the words of immense gratitude imprinted deep within our heart. I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to Prof. MAYA KULHALLI, Principal, of JAIN College Hubli, who gave me an opportunity and useful guidance to undergo my project work. I sincerely express my gratitude towards my Project Guide Prof. Rama k., JAIN College Hubli, for their kind encouragement, guidance & valuable suggestion in the preparation of the project. I also thankful to Mr. M.V. Prakash (Manager Commercial of M/s Swarnagiri Wire Insulations Pvt Ltd) for his valuable suggestions, co-operation in preparation of the project work. My sincere thanks are owed to all teachers for their suggestions, cooperation during my studies in the course. Besides I would like to acknowledge our faculty members, my parents and friends for their help in every possible way, without them this project would never been completed. Place: Hubli Mehul Gohil Date:__/__/____ (BBA 3rd sem) 4|Page View slide
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd DECLARATION I hereby declare the project report entitled “organization study” IN M/s SWARNAGIRI WIRE INSULATIONS PVT LTD” Has been prepared by me under the guidance of Prof. MAYA KULHALLI, Principal, of JAIN College Hubli, as a part of my study in partial fulfillment Of BBA Course. I further declare that the findings in the report have been the result of my own efforts and this report has not formed a basis for award of any other degree of any university. Date: __/__/____ Place: Hubli Mehul Gohil (BBA 3rd sem) 5|Page
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd SECTION 1 6|Page
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd IMPORTANCE OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY The SSIs have emerged as a dynamic sector in the economy accounting to 55% of the total value of Industrial production. Large part of exports has emerged from the products produced by SSIs. The SSIs have played a vital role in development and growth of Indian Economy. The SSIs are based on principles of communal ownership utilizing the local lab our and material to a great extent, so providing large employment opportunities. It is a general finding that, small firms have an winning edge in Industries where there is a great need for personalized service and attention to detail, further they have a flexibility to adapt quickly to change in business and technological environment. The reason behind this rapid development of small units is promotion of capital formation and development of entrepreneurial talents, skills and abilities among the people. The small industries are further helping fulfill substantial demand of the consumer goods. The integration of small and big units through the rapid trend of ancillarisation has further brought a reasonable cut in charges of tax rate and duties under the customs excise and sales tax acts. This has also widened the marketing and finance opportunities for both the large and small scale units. The SSI also serves by providing substitutes for various goods that were previously being imported from other foreign countries. Another observation that development of SSI has brought along increased efficiency of cottage industry‟s leading to higher production and export capacities. 7|Page
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd EXECUTIVE SUMMARY M/s Swarnagiri Wire Insulations Pvt ltd is one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of various ranges of copper conductors and wires. The unit is a professionally managed small scale industry located in Industrial Estate on Gokul Road. The company is situated at around 2kms from Pune-Bangalore National High way, No NH 4. The city is well connected by Rail, Road and Air. The unit established in the year 1985 has now equipped with sophisticated Indigenous wire production facilities and sophisticated laboratory for carrying out required tests for products. Other facilities include first aid and basic amenities. It is a SSI unit manufactured wide range of best Quality Insulated Copper Conductors and wires started in the year 1987 by a group Industries in Hubli. Swarnagiri has been manufacturing Super Enameled Copper Winding Wires and Poly / PVC Insulated Submersible winding wires since last 15 years catering to the specific requirement of there customers. Over 1000 tones of winding wires produced in a year covering a wide range such as polyester, modified polyester, polyesterimide, Dual coated etc. (130° C / 155° C / 180° C / 200° C / 220° C) in different grades and sizes for a variety of application for all type of industries. There concern towards customers in catering to their needs and There Quality products have established unbreakable bond with them. Innovative technical development is an ongoing process to keep in tune with changing time. There products have been approved by R.D.S.O for Indian Railways, Lucknow. Due to there dedication for maintaining consistency in quality, Productivity, Innovation & Management Co. has been conferred with EXCELLENCE AWARD by Institute of Economy Studies, New Delhi. Due to well management and good performance company managing director has received UDYOG RATNA AWARD by Institute of Economy Studies, New Delhi. 8|Page
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd The specifications which the Enameled Copper Winding Wires are manufactured by us are IS, IEC, BSS, JSS, DIN AND NEEMA besides these we also undertake the manufacturing as per specific requirements of there customers .For keeping close vigil on the quality of there product, we have well equipped Quality Control Laboratory for caring out all the tests on there product including the Tan Delta Measuring System. Apart from testing the product at there end for further ensure we get there sample tested through ERTL, Mumbai, Dr. Beck Lab, Pune etc. at periodic interval. D&B D-U-N-S 91-518-0555 Certified. The list of there clients includes the major OEMs, Public Limited Undertakings and Central / State Government Departments. The company is managed by the Directors with vast experience in copper wire for more than 3 decades. They are ably assisted by well experienced shop floor personnel and office staff. Within a span of 19 yrs the company has been able to produce consistently high quality products consistently high quality products and apart from buyers such as OEMs( Original Equipment Manufacturers) of electrical motor manufactures, the company has regular buyer such as Railway and Rewinding Industries. 9|Page
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd COMPANY’S SLOGAN Our Wire Coils Not but only Winds also our binds Relationship With you…. 10 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd PROFILE Name Swarnagiri Wire Insulations Pvt Ltd Located At N/10, Industrial Estate Gokul Road. Hubli Total Area 21000 sqft. Type of company Private ltd company Phone Number 0836-332780 Fax 0836-331780 Products Super Enameled Copper Winding wires Class 130 to 200 Name of Directors Shah Shesmal Jain Shah BabulalJain Akshay .B. Jain Year of Establishment 1987 Workers employed at 45 present Initial Capital Investment 38.5 lakh 11 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd Production on 10-12 tones establishment Bankers State Bank of India, Commercial Bank Hubli T I N No 2900002078 C S T No 4030165-8 C E R No 320402009 Directors Meeting Half Yearly Management Review Meet Quarterly Sister concerns Swastik Wire Industries Swastik Winding Wires. Office Hours 9am to 6pm Working Shifts 3 shifts a day. i.e., 6am to 2pm 2pm to 10pm & 10pm to 6am 12 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd INFRASTRUCTURE 1) Plant area provided 21000 sq ft 2) Clean drinking water facility 3) Storage facility for materials For all employees drawing, files, finished goods, customer‟s property & property of workman. 4) Online computers set up for all the Racks & cupboards 8 PCs departments. 5) Telephone lines 6 lines 6) Internet facility For sales department 13 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd COMPANY’S VISION  To provide high quality products that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with their customers and their suppliers.  To constantly strive to meet or exceed their customer needs and expectations of price, service, and quality.  To stay ahead of the competition by quality products based on the needs of their customers and market demand.  There vision is to maximize customer value through world class manufacturing practices: continually striving for excellence in the products we provide.  There vision is to lead by example through a commitment that empowers the organization at every level to strive for the highest levels of quality, customer care and suppliers value. COMPANY’S OBJECTIVES  To Maintain the Total Quality System.  To Implement Quality Policy through people involvement at all levels in the Organization.  To achieve and accept in Leadership for Quality in the World Wide Market for their product range and set the standard for Industry.  To Strive to reduce the Cost without Compromise on Quality. 14 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd SECTION 2 15 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd MANAGEMENT AT SWARNAGIRI Management is the Economic Organ of the Industrial Society. It‟s taking actions to get the desired Result. “In other word management is centered on the administrators or managers of the firm involved integrating Men, Material and Money into an effective operating unit. At Swarnagiri the hierarchy of management can be explained as follows. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVES HEAD OF DEPARTMENT SUPERVISOR 17 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd COMPANY‘S LANDMARK  Their products have been approved by RDSO Lucknow.  Due to their dedication for maintaining consistency in quality, productivity, innovation and management conferred with EXELLENCE AWARD company have by Institute of been Economy Studies, New Delhi.  Due to the well management and good performance company‟s managing Director has received UDYOG RATNA AWARD by Institute of Economy studies, New Delhi.  The company gets their samples tested through ERTL, Mumbai, Dr. Bech Lab, Pune etc at periodicals intervals.  The list of their clients includes the major OEMs Public limited Undertakings and central/state Government Departments. AWARDS AND ACHIEVMENTS COMPANY’S CREDENTIAL 1. The company is pleased to inform that their products have been approved by RDSO for Railways and other Departments. 2. The Company has been certified as the best supplier by KEC Hubli for prompt Delivery in Quality and Quality at Competitive prices. 3. The Company is equipped with total Set of machineries and in house testing Facilities for enters ranges of products Manufactured. Process quality is minutely monitored and Raw materials are produced from reputed reliable source only. All suppliers are accompanied by Test Reports. 18 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd SECTION 3 19 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd PURCHASE DEPARTMENT This form initial and the most important part of production. In the lien of changing business environment, growing competition, escalation input costs, purchasing has gained status equal to other functions in an Organization. “Purchase is procuring of raw materials, suppliers of machine tools and services required for manufacture of product, maintenance of machines and uninterrupted running of manufacture process in a manner guarantying, marketing of a Company‟s products in qualities desired and at a competitive prices, consistent with a desired quality”. Scientific purchasing method involves procuring at a competitive prices the required materials, suppliers of machinery and tools at competitive prices. After receiving the price list, if Swarnagiri finds the terms and conditions favorable , a Questionnaire is sent to the vendors confirming the validity of details furnished and checking the competitiveness of the vendors for order execution. Next step involves verification of the materials/parts received according to the specifications. Evaluation of vendors with regard to the suppliers, quality and price competitiveness is made and the vendors are related accordingly. They also maintain list of unapproved vendors. The documents required for execution of Purchase Orders Enquiry Purchase Order/ Amendment Vendor Questionnaire. Purchase of Machinery:The machines required were purchased after seeking the advice of specialized engineers. They guided the entrepreneurs for the purchase of machinery according to suitability and requirements of the plant. 21 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd The machines Are:1. Bull Block Machine 2. Wire Drawing Machine 3. Dies 4. Vertical Enameling Machine 5. Rewinding and die polishing Machine 6. Butt Welding Machine 7. Weighing Machine Few of the suppliers being Alind Ltd, Shree Krishna, Krintor. The spare parts required for replacement Purpose is brought from Bangalore and the Hubli markets. Purchase of test equipments:Properties tested with the help of the equipments are: 1. Mechanical 2. chemical 3. Electrical 4. Thermal. The testing machines required are supplied by Micro dyne, Temaco, Therlek and others. Materials required:1. Copper Rods- Purchased from HCL, Sterlite Industry. 2. Varnish- Purchased from Bech India Ltd. 3. Thinner – Purchased from Bech India Ltd. Procedure Involved:They maintain approved vendors list and update it when required. New vendors are traced from the Advertisement on the World Wide Web and other business magazines. 22 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Products manufactured at Swarnagiri:- Enameled Copper Wire Magnet Wire Bare Copper Wires and Strips Nomax Cotton Covered Copper Wires and Strips Nomax Cotton Covered Aluminum Wires and Strips Polyester Film Covered Copper Wires and Strips PVC Insulated Copper Wires and Cables Bare Aluminium Wires and Strips Polyester Film Covered Aluminium Wires and Strips Paper Covered Copper Wires and Strips Paper Covered Aluminum Wires and Strips Corona Resistant Enameled Winding Wire Fiberglass Insulated Copper Wires and Strips 23 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd ITEM SPECIFICATION APPLICATION Nomax Covered BIS 11174 – 1984 UPS Systems Round and (Temperature Index Winding of Rectangular Copper 220ºc) Transformers / Aluminium Conductors Paper Covered BIS 7404 parti and II Winding of Round and (Temperature Index Transformers Rectangular Copper 90º & 105º) Conductors Cotton Covered BIS 7391 Part I & II Winding of dry type Round and (Temperature Index transformers Rectangular Copper 90º) / Aluminum Conductors Bare Round and BIS 6160, BIS 1897 Winding coils of Electric Machines Rectangular Copper / Aluminium Conductors Paper Covered BIS 6161 Part I & II Winding of Round and (Temperature Index Transformers Rectangular 90º & 105º) Aluminium Conductors Nomax / Paper / Manufactured as per Special type Cotton Insulated customer transformers, Twin / Triple / specifications. Electrical Machines. Bunched round and Rectangular Copper and Aluminium Conductors 24 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd LIST OF MACHINARIES AND EQUIPMENTS: SL.NO NAME OF MACHINERY QTY 1 Pointing Machine 2 Bull Block 3 Intermediate Wire Drawing machine 4 But welder machine 5 Fine Wire drawing machine 6 Enamel plant No.1 7 Enamel plant No.2 8 Enamel plant No.3 9 Fine but welding 10 Packing machine 11 Die polishing machine 12 Manual weighing scale 300 kgs 13 Electronic weighing scale 50 kgs 14 Rewinding machine 15 Generator 200KVA 16 Transformer 400 KVA 17 Generator 250 & 350 25 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd 26 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd 27 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd Production process:“Production process involves conversion of Raw materials to finished goods” The production process begins with store and purchase of raw materials. The raw materials basically required are copper rode, varnish, thinner. The Bull Blocks Machine/ Wet Type Wire Drawings Machine:Here the wire reduce to 4.95 mm which goes all most 20% of the original 8.25 mm. The wire is passed through the winding wheels at six levels. The Dry Type Wire Winding Machine:It further helps reducing the width down to 3.25 mm after the process is complete the wire gets fine. This fine wire is then further sent for insulation. Enameling Machine:Enameling process is where the Wires are sent for insulation of varnish. There are 3 enameling machines in the plant. These Machines have different capacities. The Wire passed through the metal tunnel / tank where the steaming and aeration process is carried on. This helps in further softening the Wires. The Wire is then passed through the distilled water tank for cleaning. Next the Wires are passed through vertical metal tunnel where the Wires are further cooled and passed down for Enameling. The Enameling of Wires is by passing through the die of suitable Sizes. The dies are used for enameling. The Wires with Varnish, This is a continuous process. The dies are changed, according to the thickness of insulation as and when required. The Insulated Wires are then passed on for Winding on Bobbins. The Bobbins are packed in Suitable Packing, keeping the mode of transport of transport in view and they are sent for the Execution of Orders. 28 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT Accounts define the legality, financial Soundness and the liquidity of a company. Accounts at Swarnagiri is maintained in form of inward and outward files, ledger, cash book, profit and loss account, balance sheet. Further they also follow other procedures with regard to the Central and State tax acts and the excise duties. Another advantage of following these procedures is that it helps prove legality and get tax reductions and Interstate benefits. The forms and registers maintained according to the Karnataka and Central Sales Tax Acts and Central Excise include. STORES DEPARTMENT Stores department is the departments where the raw materials are kept which are to be used for the production process. Stores department in Swarnagiri consists of 2 types of goods stores. 1) Raw materials 2) Finished goods Raw materials stored are of 3 types:1) Varnish -210 drums per month 2) Copper-2.5 tones of coils a month. 3) Thinner. Small bobbins are used for finished goods. Here 25 kgs of bobbins are used for a month. 30 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT In Modern markets “The customers is the king” the customers demand products with cost Competitive to quality of the products offered. Looking at these requirements, government has set up various quality certifications and standards. Gradually the development of technology information centers, SSI associations, Indian Institute of Technology and other selected regional colleges and institutes have been serving as technological design and development centers for the Small Scale units. Quality plays a very important role at Swarnagiri: Verification of the Raw materials is carried out with the objectives of: 1. Minimizing Non Conformances at the procurement level. 2. Encouragement inspection at Vendors premise with prior intimation 3. Adopting vendor rating methods to avoid such occurrences in the future. 4. Swarnagiri also maintains documented procedure for Quality Control and ensures effective functioning of records maintained. Further the inward material testing procedure involves maintaining of: 1. Indent and Material Receipt Note. 2. Production plan sheet. 3. Non Conformances records. 4. Internal Quality Award. The Procedure involved is classified according to: 1. The Identification of materials received. 2. Avail the tadded material for verification of the purchase Order and the Documentary Credit. 3. Entering the relevant details. All the quality records maintained include documented procedure ensuring “Quality Results” Maintained for effective functioning. They also maintained system document with inter office memos. 31 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd Procedure involved in this respect includes detailed analysis of Non- Conformances by:1. Preparation of Quality reports, process capability and control defects analysis along with Management Information System. 2. Methods used for analyzing include Control Charts, Sampling Plans, and others. 3. Further based on the techniques a preparation of detailed analysis. 4. Maintenances of Statistical Analysis Report. 5. Maintenance of Quality Records in the Quality Plan Sheet. 6. Quality System Documents are maintained for recording the details. 7. Monitor the system for continuous maintenance. These Non Conformances materials are sent for Scarp or rework according to their respective Feasibility The Non Conformances may be at levels of:1. Procurement. 2. In Process Stage on the Shop Floor. 3. After Production or at the Stores. Quality System Involves:Appointing a Quality head who drafts a Quality Policy for the Company in view of the ISO-9000 Procedures. The Policy set up by the department head has to be presented in the Management Review Meet which involves discussion and suggestion to practically implement the policy. Discussion of the Quality System includes Organization Charts, along with responsibility and hierarchical Authority Plans. Amend the QSM according to the ISO-9000 Procedures. Prepare drafts of Quality System Procedures, Quality System Manuals, etc. Monitor System for continuous maintenance. External Agency Assistant will know the effectiveness of the System. 32 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd LIST OF MEASURING AND TESTING FACILITIES: SL NAME OF MEASURING AND NO QTY TESTING FACILITIES 1 Micrometer 2 Mandrel winding machine 3 Twisting device 4 Break down voltage test 5 Heat shock test 6 Cut through temperature test 7 Elongation test 8 Spring back Test 9 Jerk Test 10 Peel Test 11 D C Pin Hole Test 12 Solvent Test 13 Unidirectional scrap Test 14 Resistance Test 15 Magna scope 16 Viscosity Test (B-4 cup) 33 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd SALES DEPARTMENT “The Sales play a major role to ascertain a Company‟s Development, Growth patterns”. A Company with a Vision always aims at increasing Production and Sales Simultaneously. Sales may be on Order basis, or in the form of Sub-Contracting. The Sales figures determine Profits, and they show a clear picture with regard to a Company‟s Market standing Capacities. Sales at Swarnagiri begins with sending of „INTRODUCTION LETTER‟ to the future buyers. In Some cases personnel visits by Company‟s representatives is also entertained. Besides this, receive Enquiry‟s from the future Customers, where they are asked to send Price List and terms and Conditions for execution of the Order. Further if the terms and conditions some reasonable to the buyers they get their orders confirmed with Swarnagiri after which Quotations are sent to them. The Invoice is the document of Order Execution which is the final bill sent along with the Wires. Objectives of sales department are as follows: 1) To achieve customers satisfaction to highest level by 100%. 2) To achieve a business growth minimum 20% every year. 34 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Recruitment & Selection Process Introduction: The HR is the most important assets of an organization. In order to achieve goal the activities of an organization, every organization need to recruit people with requisite skills, qualifications & experience so, ”Recruitment & Selection” process is the basic root of the every organization. Definition: It is the process to discover sources of manpower to meet the requirement of staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in an equal numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force”. Purpose & Importance of Recruitment:  Attract & encourage more and more candidates to apply in the organization.  Create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organization.  Determine present & future requirements of the organizations in conjunction with its personnel planning & job analysis activities.  Recruitment is the process which links the employees with the employees.  Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost.  Increase organization & individual‟s effectiveness of various recruiting techniques & sources for all types of job applications. Procedures involved in selection: Keeping the costs of selection down Making sure that the skills & qualities being sought have been identified Developing a process for identifying them in candidates Making sure that the candidates selected will want the job & will stay with the co‟s 35 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd Recruitment & Selection Right person for the right job is the basic principal in recruitment and selection .Every organization should give attention to the selection of its manpower, especially its manager. The operative manpower is equally important and essential for the orderly working of an enterprise. Every business unit needs manpower for carrying different business activities smoothly and efficiently and for candidates are essential.HRM is an organization will not be possible if unsuitable persons are selected and employment is a business unit. Definition: According to Flippo,”Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organist ions”. Recruitment Process:  Planning  Strategy development  Searching  Screening  Evaluation & controls Scientific Recruitment & Selection: The importance of selection recruitment & selection of staff is now accepted in the business world. Selection is important as it has its impact on work performance & employee cost. As result scientific methods of recruitment & selection are extensively for the selection of managers and the supervisory staff. The assistance of experts such as industrial psychologist and management consultants are also taken for the purpose of scientific selection. As a result the objective of “right man for the right job” is achieved in much organization. Moreover, “right job” is the basic principle in manpower procurement. Selection: Selection is defined as the process of differentiating between applicants in order to identify those with a greater likelihood of success in a job 36 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd Sources of Managerial Recruitment: Internal sources:  Promotion  Transfers  Internal notifications  Retirement  Recall  Former employee  Miscellaneous external source External sources:  Campus recruitment  Press ads  Management consultancy services  Management training scheme  Walk-ins, write-ins, talk-ins  Deputation of personnel or transfers from one enterprise to another. Workers allotted in each departments:SL. DEPARTMENTS NO. OF WORKERS NO 1 Management 3 no. 2 Purchase department 3 no. 3 Marketing department 3 no. 4 Accounts department 1 no. 5 Quality department 5 no. 6 Stores and production department 30 no. TOTAL 45 workers 37 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd LIST OF PERSONNEL WITH QUALIFICATION:NAME DEPARTMENT QUALIFICATION EXPERI ENCE Shah Babulalji Director B.A.L.L.B 25 years Executive B.E. 5 years Jain Akshay B. Jain director Abhay B. Jain Marketing 10 years M.V Prakash HOD marketing/ 20 years 20 years Purchase P.M. Bardwar HOD Accounts M.M. Mathew HOD production H.R. 20 years & QA C.V. Thoppal Production & QA Diploma 10 years Satish H. Kumar QA H.R. sec 15 years Jose Verghese H.R sec 25 years Production 38 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd SECTION 4 39 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd DIRECTOR’S REPORT Dividends: Directors recommend declaration of 15% dividend on the fully paid up equity shares of the company which dividend if approved by the members will be paid to those members as on the date of the Annual General Meeting. Compliance Certificate: Secretarial Compliances Certificate for the financial year ending 31st March 08 is attached here to forms part of Directors report. Additional information: There are no employees who were in receipt of remuneration in excess of the limits prescribed under sec 277(2A) of the companies Act 1956. A) Energy Conservation: Constant efforts are being made to educate the workmen on the importance of conservation of Energy necessary changes in the Machinery is being made to reduce heat loss there by conserving energy. B) Research and Development: The company has set up its own in house Research and Development wing to constantly upgrade Technology. C). Foreign Exchange Income and Outgo nil. 40 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd LIST OF SOME VALUED CUSTOMERS 1. Asha Electrical, Hubli. 2. Bharat Magnetic, Bangalore. 3. Rajmane and Hegde Services Pvt Ltd, Kundara Kerela. 4. DB Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune. 5. Elgi Electric Industries Ltd, Pallachi. 6. Key Tee Switch Gears Pvt, Hubli. 7. Kerela Electrical and Allied Engg co Ltd,Kerela 8. Marine Electrical Agencies, Vasco Goa. 9. PSG Industrial Institute, Coimbattur Kerela. 10.Stesalite Ltd, Baddi Himachal Pradesh. 11. Smitha Engg Works, Vasco, Goa. 12. ABB Ltd, Bangalore. 13. Indian Railways. 41 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd SWOT analysis STRENTH:  Quality oriented products  Good services  Staff  The company has more than 15 years of experience  Exports its products to the countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and UK  It has expanded its production level by importing a capital asset. WEAKNESS:  It does market its product locally  No advertisement OPPURTUNITIES:  Due to heavy demand for the products it can market its product not only for OEM‟s & reindeers but it can sell its product locally also. THREATS:  The company can sell its products locally also due to huge demand for the product. 42 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd CONCLUSIONS After an extensive study and analysis of the study we can conclude that M/s Swarnagiri Wire Insulations Pvt Ltd has successfully established itself as a complete and popular among the Copper Winding Wire and PVC Insulated Winding Wire as stated by the company holds good its performance. Organization study in M/s Swarnagiri Wire Insulations Pvt Ltd is comparatively good. We should try to become better “Success is a Journey not an end” and hence we have to continuously go for improvement and reach there goals in a better way and maintain the proper level they are the heart of an organization. As a whole I felt that exercise was very fruitful and I have learnt a lot more than I knew before I joined the practical training. I enjoyed the project training in its true spirit. That is all what I have to say. FINDINGS 1) Material copper cc roads fond to be fast moving. 2) There is more number of orders which will increase the order cost 3) Materials receipt note, which are prepared in three copies. 4) This company make attesting of employee on the machine to see whether the knows how to operate it. 5) In the M/S Swarnagiri wire insulation Pvt Ltd,insulated Thinner raw material usage is not proper. 6) The company has not maintained any recorder level, minimum level and maximum level. 7) Company will rate the supplies on the basis of quality ,continuity of supply and price of the material. 43 | P a g e
  • Swarnagiri Wire Insulators Pvt Ltd SUGGESTIONS 1) If company is able to get the material by minimizing its ordering cost per order then it is advice to place the order on a frequent basis. 2) Insulated thinner does not have much importance hence it can be purchased once in a year at bulk which atleast will reduce ordering cost. 3) Maintaining high inventory will block the working capital of the company so that it is better of maintain not more than the required level of inventory. BIBLIOGRAPHY  Company Magazines  Annual reports  From the notes prepared while in the process of implant training  http:/ / 44 | P a g e