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Ephemera - Exploring the World of Old Paper
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Ephemera - Exploring the World of Old Paper



Sample posts from typical week in 2013

Sample posts from typical week in 2013



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    Ephemera - Exploring the World of Old Paper Ephemera - Exploring the World of Old Paper Document Transcript

    • ephemerahttp://ephemera.typepad.com/ephemera/ March 2, 2013Up for bid on eBay is an original 1931 Frankensteinmovie program from the Excelsior Theatres firstshowing on April 8th 1931.The seller says, "This is an all original, authentic, andrare movie program for one of the best known films ofall time. This is a great piece of movie history!...Frankenstein is a 1931 horror monster film fromUniversal Pictures directed by James Whale andadapted from the play by Peggy Webling, which in turnis based on the novel of the same name by MaryShelley."To own this movie program, cllick the link provided above and place your monsterous winning bid.Up for bid is this large Janis Joplin signed cut COA isfrom the prestigious Gallery of History, Inc.The seller says, "Original bill of sale was $2,999.00This is by far the largest and best cut I have ever seenon the open market. The Cut Measures About 4 1/2inches by 3 1/2 inches and as you can tell theAutograph takes up most of the cut."To own this Janis Joplin autograph, click the linkprovided and place your winning bid.Up for bid on eBay is this original letter from theestate of Mike Montogomery.The seller says, "...an original letter dated November14, 1923, from (and signed by) Ralph S Peer, and theOkeh Phonograph Company, to the Clarence WilliamsMusic Publishing Co., regarding Joe Olivers desire totransfer ownership rights to Clarence Williams for"Dipper Mouth Blues," "Canal Street Blues" and SnakeRag" - and adding that Louis Armstrong desires thesame for his composition "Where Did You Stay, lastNight?" He further adds that the requested transfershould not effect [sic] financial arrangements withGennett or Okeh regarding royalties for earlierrecordings of these compositions. Pencil note atbottom suggests the note was courtesy-copied toOliver and Alphonse Picou (co-writer on DippermouthBlues and Snake Rag).To owne this amazing, one-of-a-kind letter, click thelink and place your winning bid.
    • Up for bid on eBay is this silk bookmark was woven atthe Columbian Exposition in 1893 by the Phoenix SilkManufacturing Co.The seller says, "It depicts George Washington and iscalled The Father Of His Country. It measures 15 1/2"long by 3 1/2" inches wide."To own this bookmark, click the link and place yourwinning bid.Up for bid on eBay is this unique prop item from thetelevision show Spartacus.The seller says, "...Spartacuss (Liam McIntyre) screenused Italia Map from Season 3, Multiple episodes Thisitem is described of being made of thick paper stock. Itmeasures approximately 30.5 inches long by 39 incheswide. This item has been staged to look distressedand antique. It has a small tear on the lower left sideas photographed below. This is two of three largemaps received from productions."To own this Spartacus TV show map prop, click thelink and place your winning bid.This blog is traded on the fantasy blog stock site,Blogshares. I call it a ragging buy! Check outBlogshares and invest in something fleeting likeephemera. Theres no future in it, only the past. Ephemera was the subject of much speculation when analysts at several firms were heard to be very positive about its recent performance. Its share price rose from B$575.61 to B$886.45. Much of the hype was said to originate from twenty-threes whose Workroom (artefact) was said to be involved. twenty-threes.via www.blogshares.comcomic bookUp for bid on eBay is this Wyatt Earpcomic book (# 11) published in 1960.The seller says, "Brave, courageous and bold comicbook based on the hit 50s TV western starring HughOBrian. Manning art. Its almost like buying it freshfrom the newsstand in June 1960. Long may his storybe told!"
    • To own this comic book, click the link and place yourwinning bid.Up for bid is this autographed photo of actorChristopher Reeve, famous for his movie portrayal ofSuperman.Christopher Reeve was an American actor, filmdirector, producer, screenwriter, author, and activist.To win this item, click the link provided above andplace a Super bid.Up for bid on eBay, is this very nice old matchbox labelfrom Osaka Japan.Seller says, "Authentic."To own this matchbook label, get in on the bidding.Up for bid on ebay is this Grammy Awards programbook autographed backstage during rehearsals andshow day of the 55th Annual GRAMMY AwardsTelecast by the members of Mumford & Sons andothers.The seller says, "The program features the officialartwork of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards ascreated by artist Erika Iris Simmons. Signatures includeNiel Patrick Harris, Mumford & Sons (entire band), andEd Sheeran Tyrese."To own this autographed Grammy program, click thelink provided and place your winning bid.