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IP CCTV Introduction
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IP CCTV Introduction


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Introduction to IP CCTV systems and Network convergence using Milestone Systems Software.

Introduction to IP CCTV systems and Network convergence using Milestone Systems Software.

Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. IP CCTV : Doing more than you can imagine... In Association with Milestone Systems & IBM
    • 2. Overview
      • What is IP CCTV?
        • Example of a typical IP CCTV Application
      • Why is IP CCTV better?
      • What are the possibilities of IP CCTV?
      • Add-On Software
      • IKEA change to IP CCTV
    • 3. What is IP CCTV?
      • Convergence of Network Technology
      • Advanced Features and Add-On Software
      • Flexible and Scalable system to meet future demands
      • Future Proof through Software Updates
      • Utilise Power Over Ethernet Technology for Cameras
      • Integration with other systems e.g
        • Access Control
        • Fire Alarm
      • Based on Standard PC Architecture
      “ A major shift in technology...”
    • 4. Typical IP CCTV Application (Example)
    • 5. Why is IP CCTV Better? Traditional CCTV System IP CCTV System Intuitive User Interface X √ Can Integrate with other Systems X √ Open Technology X √ High Quality Image Viewing X √ Can Operate through IT Infrastructure X √ Easy to view Historical Footage X √ Future Proof X √ Scalable and Flexible X √ Software Driven X √ Reduces Carbon Footprint X √
    • 6. PC Viewing Using Different Layout Views
    • 7. Image/Event Browser
    • 8. Smart Search Based on Motion
    • 9. Additional Software with Applications for your business... Add-On Software
    • 10. Perimeter Fence Monitoring
    • 11. Object/People Tracking
    • 12. Access Control Integration
    • 13. Video Wall & Map Integration
    • 14. EPOS & Till Integration
    • 15. License Plate Recognition
    • 16. IKEA Pilot Store: Change for the Better! Before After
    • 17. And the left over? PLUS an 8 Month Return on Investment (ROI) PLUS a Total Saving of €225k on Internal Shrinkage (In the First Year)
    • 18. IP CCTV for Education @
      • Installed by King Communications & Security Ltd; Storage by Seric Systems Ltd
      • Upgraded from an 8 Camera System to a 40 Camera System
      • Runs along the universities existing network
      • Future proof solution that will evolve over time.
        • IP CCTV offers that scalability and flexibility
        • User friendly and simple to learn!
    • 19. Demonstration Dates Available....
      • Feel free to get in touch for further information and a Demonstration of IP CCTV to see how it can benefit your business.
      Martyn King Managing Director [email_address] Tel: 01236 429 445 Fax: 01236 707 929 Mob: 07976 810 339 Graham McArthur Marketing Manager [email_address] Tel: 01236 429 445 Fax: 01236 707 929 Mob: 07725 471 044