Site iq website assessments overview 2012


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Site iq website assessments overview 2012

  1. 1. SITEIQ WEBSITE ASSESSMENTSOverview siteIQ Website Assessments are in-depth, multi-step evaluations of a company’s Website and selected competitive sites using a highly structured methodology that delivers actionable results. Detailed reports show Web teams how effectively their Website competes on the Web – and provide detailed action plans for improvement. 2012 siteIQ Website Best Practices
  2. 2. SiteIQ Website AssessmentssiteIQ Website Assessments are in-depth, multi-step evaluations of a company’sWebsite and selected competitive sites. Each Assessment starts with a comprehensive evaluation based on up to 1,300 types of content, features and capabilities. Continues with a second 119 point evaluation that measures usability & effectiveness from the visitors’ points of view.These data-driven results are the basis for a third, heuristic review that pinpoints theclick streams, design points, layout decisions, and behaviors that create challenges forusers and keep a site from achieving its objectives.Results that matterOur clients use siteIQ Website Assessment results to: Clearly define current industry and competitive requirements and pinpoint how their site compares and performs. Plan & prioritize projects and resources. Use industry & competitive proof points to obtain needed investments & executive sponsorship. Identify their Website’s most important strengths and challenges and see how other Websites have addressed them. Develop precise action plans that can be used to radically improve their sites. Establish a baseline to accurately track and report on the impact of Website improvements and investments. Educate team members and stakeholders to gain consensus on current challenges, and future projects and objectives. Program & Services Overview | Page 2
  3. 3. Accurate, actionable resultsOur detailed reports show Web teams how effectively their Websites compete on theWeb – and what they need to do to improve it. Accurate, comprehensive views of a company’s entire Website — and the interconnections & issues that affect the visitor’s experience. Detailed competitive comparisons that pinpoint competitive strengths and weaknesses. Thorough, documented reviews of a site’s most important mistakes and challenges, plus illustrations that show how the most skillful Web steams have already solved these problems. A detailed master plan that pinpoints requirements, shows competitive capabilities – and identifies the activities and innovations companies should plan for over the next 12- 18 months.Reports & DeliverablesExecutive Summary Report | Strategies, Trends & InsightsThe Executive Summary Report provides a high-levelsynopsis of our key findings and recommendations. Summaries that pinpoint key issues and challenges; evaluation results; scoring highlights; competitive comparisons and trending data. Best practice case studies illustrate your Website’s strengths & challenges; competitive case studies pinpoint important innovations and trends, and illustrate how other sites have solved the same or similar problems.Target Users | Digital marketing and LOB executives;managers, team leaders. Select Website zonestakeholders. Program & Services Overview | Page 3
  4. 4. Website Metrics & Scoring ReportsThree reports drill down into how your site performs when compared tocompetitive and industry requirements—and pinpoint its most important strengthsand challenges.The Usability & Effectiveness Reportdemonstrates your site’s usability strengths andchallenges based on 119 metrics that measureusability & effectiveness from the visitor’s pointof view. This report defines how effectively yoursite achieves your business and designobjectives, and outlines the interconnections &issues that affect user experience.The Website Requirements Report identifiesyour site’s content-, features- & capabilities-related strengths & challenges. Featuring acomplete copy of the benchmark used toevaluate your Website, this report is a masterplan that pinpoints industry requirements andcompetitive capabilities, and identifies theactivities and innovations your team should planfor over the next 12-18 months.The Overall Performance Report delivers asummary view of how your site compares to keycompetitors and industry best practices basedon its combined usability and contentperformance. This report provides a master view of your Website suitable forsharing with executives and stakeholders.Target Users | UX designers and managers, project managers, competitiveanalysts, Website analytics & metrics professionals. All Website zonestakeholders. Digital marketing and LOB executives. Program & Services Overview | Page 4
  5. 5. Competitive PerformanceThese optional views allow you to drill down into competitive strengths andweaknesses based on the results from evaluations conducted using the same siteIQBest Practices Benchmark.The Usability & Effectiveness Report datashows you how your competitors fare basedon the same usability & effectivenessmetrics. This report is used to pinpointwhere your site needs to improve, where ithas a distinct competitive advantage —and the sites to watch or emulate.The Website Requirements Report datapinpoints the types of content, features &capabilities your site is missing—andwhere your site is setting the competitivestandards. This report will also provideyou with a view into your competitors’content and business strategies, andwhere your company could capitalize oncurrent competitive weaknesses. Target Users | UX, site planning & strategy, competitive analysts, and Website metrics & analytics professionals.Learn MoreTo learn more about siteIQ’s Website evaluations and related services, visit us or contact us at Program & Services Overview | Page 5
  6. 6. About siteIQ ABOUT SITEIQ | The siteIQ Website Best Practices Group is an independent research company that conducts detailed Website evaluations, and provides expert analysis of Website best practices, trends, and requirements in the computer industry. Through its best practice case studies, reports, and custom Website evaluation services, siteIQ helps its global clients establish competitive and industry leadership on the Web. siteIQ sponsors and operates the siteIQ eBusiness Index, which provides semi- annual rankings of the best Websites in the computer industry. Since 1996, we have conducted over 2,500 Website evaluations for global Web teams managing the largest consumer and B2B-class Websites in the technology industry. The siteIQ Difference To accurately compare a Website’s performance to competitive sites and current industry best practices requires one thing. A highly-structured and documented “level playing field” that measures every Website equally — and constantly evolves as Website requirements change. This is the role of the siteIQ Best Practices Benchmarks.  These benchmarks identify and measure over 1,200 types of content, features & capabilities found on the most successful Websites in the computer industry.  Contain 119 metrics that measure a site’s usability & effectiveness from the visitor’s point of view. Our evaluations analyze the full spectrum of a Website. From design to marketing to Web 3.0 and social media. From e-selling to e-commerce to customer support. Detailed results pinpoint a Website’s real strengths and challenges. How it ranks compared to competitive sites. The facts Web teams need to prioritize activities and plan for future investments. For more information about siteIQ Website best practice research, programs, syndicated reports, and insights, visit our Website at Program & Services Overview | Page 6