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At the EducationUSA Forum, as one of 5 different skills lab sessions, with the help of Jim Goonan from Embry-Riddle University and Sarah Heminger from Springfield College, we tackled the importance issues in marketing via social media, as well as how to manage the flow of information. Demoing three primary tools, HootSuite, Crowdbooster, and Mention, participants were exposed to useful examples of how to make the most of what they have. EducationUSA also shared results from a recent global social media survey that highlighted the importance of social media for international students looking to come to the U.S.

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  • Poll Title: What social media are you using in international student recruitment/admissions?

  • Poll Title: What kind of information/services do you use on your international student-focused social media?

  • Poll Title: What time of day do you generally post to your social media channels?
  • Social Media Management & Marketing Skills Lab

    1. 1. Skills Lab: Social Media Management &Marketing Marty Bennett Institute of International Education James Goonan Embry-Riddle University Sarah Heminger Springfield College
    2. 2. Wireless access for this sessions • Hhonors meeting wireless network – Username – cardozo627 – Password – 2013
    3. 3. Plan for today • Share our experiences • Get your feedback • Demo some useful tools • Identify some takeaways
    4. 4. Quick Survey of Your Social Media
    5. 5. Global Social Media Survey 2013 • Began late May • Tracking students per country • 91 nations responding so far • Assesses how, when, and on what devices students use social media including US college & university sites
    6. 6. 91% use social media Global Social Media Survey Results
    7. 7. Global Social Media Survey Results
    8. 8. Global Social Media Survey Results
    9. 9. Global Social Media Survey Results
    10. 10. Global Social Media Survey: What the data shows • Social media is key to student communications – Most have 2-3 accounts – 91% have Facebook • Students look primarily online for US college info – Over 70% use social media to find info about institutions • Greater majority interact directly with institutional social media – They want: • to see aid available • Ask questions/get answers • While PCs & laptops are still dominant way students access social media, mobile phones (increasingly smart phones) are used by nearly 50%
    11. 11. Global Social Media Survey: Take-Aways • Know Where Your Students “Live” Online • Focus Your Attention Accordingly • Provide Opportunities to Interact • Engage in Conversations • Start Thinking Mobile • Time / Target Messages
    12. 12. ERAU Overview • Target for International & Graduate Admissions is: Those that have influence over prospective students. • HS Counselors, University Administrators & Faculty, Scholarship Administrators, EducationUSA Advisors, Alumni, Colleagues
    13. 13. ERAU Content & Sources • Office of Public Relations & Marketing • ERAU Youtube Channel • Edu News (e.g., Inside, Chronicle, International News, etc.) • Live Events (Education Fairs, Conferences, Meetings, Recruitment Travel), My Blog.
    14. 14. Major Posts • LinkedIn (individuals, groups) • Twitter • Facebook (friends and groups) • Blog •
    15. 15. Springfield College & Study Western Massachusetts Social Media in the Wild Wild West
    16. 16. Platforms Springfield College Study Western Mass Coming soon:
    17. 17. Content- where we get it Springfield College • MarCom staff members – On campus- events, campus pics, stories, celebrations – Monitor news for stories mentioning SC – Cross-promotion of FB posts – Main page, departmental, class- specific. (70+ total) – Posters on campus drive students to pages- join/contribute • Class pages/QQ group – Student-driven content • Weibo- pull from FB pages + international student content Study Western Mass • Twitter lists (Hootsuite) – Member schools, news, tourism info • Members – Awards, news stories, pics, FB posts • SWM events – Counselor Tour, meetings, conferences, t ravel
    18. 18. Marketing & Managing Content Springfield College • Facebook – MarCom- FB Pages Manager – Departments control content of own FB pages – Intl Center- page & group • All main SC profiles- MarCom – little to no cross-posting • Desktop /Mobile-Hootsuite, FB Pages Manager, all platforms + QQ, Weibo, WeChat Study Western Mass • Hootsuite – Twitter lists – Cross posting – Scheduled posting – Manage interactions • Facebook Pages Manager – Promote posts, monitor • Desktop & Mobile
    19. 19. Approvals Springfield College- MarCom SWM- Marketing Coordinator • Know your institutional/organizational policy (if there is one) • With no official policy in place, we follow some basics: – Restrictions? Get creative. – Stick with the core goals- if it doesn’t fit, don’t post it. • Recruitment, Branding – Collaborate with colleagues – Be flexible and find balance- scheduled vs. spontaneous – What do you know about your audience?
    20. 20. Mention
    21. 21. Crowdbooster
    22. 22. HootSuite
    23. 23. EducationUSA Weekly Update • Free to US reps with login access • 500 stories in 2012 • 20,000+ clicks a month
    24. 24. EducationUSA Weekly Update
    25. 25. Thinking Mobile? • What content makes sense? • Mobile site v. mobile app? Both?
    26. 26. Thank You!