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The Study Georgia consortium has been around for 2 years and has made great progress, with 30 institutional members. Amy Ryan from the US Dept of Commerce has been an essential component to this group's success. EducationUSA is committed to assisting state groups get organized and providing opportunities to extend their reach through our network of 400 advising centers, and our domestic resources.

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  • Join us on Facebook – globally and with your countries of particular interest. In addition our center FB pages reach over 201000 fans, profiles and groups reach an additional 9500 members, and our profiles touch 8600+ friends
  • Our advising centers are also adopting YouTube as a key platform for reaching their students. Currently 10 centers mostly in Europe are heavy YT users with over 141000+ views.
  • Follow EducationUSA on Twitter to gather useful information for yourself and to read information pertinent for international students. The link will take you to a list of our center/embassy/consulate Twitter feeds that push out our content to students. With 70+ active center Twitter feeds, we’ve got 84K followers, in addition to what we reach through our global feeds.
  • Submit Financial Aid and Campus News to our Weekly Update which is distributed weekly to over 400 EducationUSA advising centers in 170 countries. These centers will, in turn, post your submission in various newsletters, websites, social media channels, email groups, advising sessions, radio/tv/print announcements, and more!Also, your information will be included in the new EducationUSA Financial Aid Search Engine and Website RSS Feeds.
  • EducationUSA & State Consortia-Study Georgia 2-10-2012

    1. 1. EducationUSA & State/Regional Consortia Working together toward internationalizing U.S. campuses Study Georgia MeetingYour Official Source on U.S. Higher
    2. 2. • Almost 400 centers in 170 countries• Assist students in person and virtually• Provide regular introductory group sessions• Offer details on financial aid and visa processes• Present Pre-Departure Orientation programs Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education www.EducationUSA.state.go v
    3. 3. Goals of EducationUSA1. Promote U.S. higher education to international students2. Provide comprehensive, impartial information to help students find a school that is a good fit3. Assist U.S. higher education community with recruitment and retention plans Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    4. 4. What other consortia do?• Dozen plus states • Missouri – State international education – Annual state int’l ed day proclamation • Indiana – Hosting EducationUSA – Tour overseas in small group advisers – Mail posters to centers – Work with either state – Event on Capitol Hill in DC commerce rep or US Dept of Commerce reps – Live Video College Fairs (DVCs)• Oregon • Kentucky & California – Virtual magazine – Student video• Mississippi & others contest/scholarship prize – Joint conferences with state IE organizations Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    5. 5. How EducationUSA Can Help?• Social Media• Online Resources• Webinars• EdUSA Conferences & Forum• Virtual College Fairs• Hosting Advisers Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    6. 6. Facebook Page• Over 32,000 fans or ‘Likes’• Events and Links posted• Photos/Videos•• Links to 160+ individual EducationUSA center Facebook profiles, groups, & pages Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    7. 7. YouTube Channel• 120 college & university videos profiled• Ten playlists of our network’s content• 114,000+ uploaded views (as of February 2012)• 100+ uploaded videos Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    8. 8. Twitter feeds• For U.S. institutions… • For students…!/EdUSAtips/educationusa/members Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    9. 9. Submit Information to Weekly Update 400 + Centers in 170 Countries  Newsletters  Websites  Social Media  Email Groups  Advising Sessions  Radio/TV/Print  New:  Financial Aid Search Engine  RSS Feeds! Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    10. 10. HEI eNews• Monthly updates on EducationUSA events• Regional Conferences• Major College Fairs• New Opportunities• 1850+ subscribers Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    11. 11. Request Our Logo• Get our logo on your international admissions site and state/regional consortium site• Comes with a two line description of what our centers do, who we are• Directs your prospective students at the beginning of the process to work with centers• On the ground support, in-country you can’t buy Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    12. 12. Send Materials to Our Centers• Downloadable spreadsheet – Includes mailing addresses (some of which are domestic pouch or APO addresses) – Lists exactly which items can be received – Lists maximum quantities of each item that can be sent Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    13. 13. EdUSA ConnectsYour Official Source on U.S. Higher
    14. 14. EdUSA Connects Expertise Database• Do general interest sessions for our centers• Recorded• Available to all 400+ centers• Monthly sessions for students and advising centers:• Please leave a business card with me with the topic you could present written on the back or sign up online (for those who have login access): Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    15. 15. EdUSA Connects• Phase I – Began December 2010 – U.S. institutional reps to students & EducationUSA advisers• Phase II – Began April 2011 – EducationUSA REACs & Advisers to U.S. higher ed community• Phase III – Began November 2011 – Virtual College Fair environment for consortia to have admissions conversations with prospective students overseas Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    16. 16. Future EdUSA Regional Conferences• March 31-April 2, 2012 Kuala Lumpur – East Asia & Pacific• October, 2012 Kathmandu, Nepal (tentative) – South Central Asia Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    17. 17. EducationUSA Forum• June 27-29, 2012 Washington DC• 3rd annual• Registration Opens Feb. 15 Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    18. 18. Live Video College Fair• 1st event this past November• 130 institutions representing 12 different state/regional consortia presented to approximately 700 students on each of the 2-day event• Interactive sessions recorded• Additional events planned for the next few months Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    19. 19. Hosting OpportunitiesConsortium can apply to host groups ofadvisers for campus visits…1. Informally a. Before/After NAFSA National b. Before EducationUSA Forum c. Before/After OACAC Summer Conference2. Formally … …as part of formalized adviser professional development programs Your Official Source on U.S. Higher Education
    20. 20. Questions & Thanks Marty Bennett EducationUSA Outreach Coordinator Institute of International Education : Skype: iiembennettYour Official Source on U.S. Higher