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Hotshots marketing plan

  1. 1. 10 STEPS MARKETING PLAN for: HotShots Flame-grilled burgers Martin Dominic Reyes October 2010
  2. 2. MENU  PRIMARY TARGET MARKET  THE ULTIMATUM  competition  price vs. age matrix  ksf matrix  opportunity analysis  slice of the pie  product  price  promo  place  winning strategy
  3. 3. Primary target market deMographics 22 to 45 years old Male and Female Single Newly wedded couple Social classes A and B LIFESTYLE Working in business districts Employees who prefer working lunch Not good in cooking or no time to cook Health conscious – grilled burgers “Pa-arte” effect – gourmet burgers behavior Burger, Fries, Soda meal Twice a week Take-out or delivery Young professional s
  4. 4. Most of the time compensated by the CHEESE, MAYO, FRIES AND SODA  the ultimatum To satisfy a burger craving without feeling too much calorie-guilt by choosing grilled burgers with no extenders!!!
  5. 5. the COMPETITION DIRECT: GOURMET SPECIALTY BURGER STORES Brothers Burgers Wham Burgers Johnny Rockets – new player Sango Gourmet burgers in hotels INDIRECT: regular burger fastfood chains Jollibee McDonald’s Wendy’s Burger King Tropical Hut
  6. 6. the COMPETITION Alternatives: other chains who do not primarily sell burgers KFC Pizza Hut Shakey’s Variables: Accessibility - location Purchasing convenience – offers delivery or on-line ordering Price – value of money Brand – word of mouth
  7. 7. Price vs. age matrix BB HS W H BB HS W BB HS W S S S BB HS W S BB HS W S BB HS W S BB - Brothers burger HS – Hotshots W – Wham Burger S – Sango H – Hotels
  8. 8. Key success factors matrix Brothers Hotshots Wham Sango Johnny Offers wide variety of gourmet burger      Number of branches 18 10 8 4 1 Branches outside MM 3 4 1 0 0 Delivery   x x x Consistency to quality       extensive branches of Brothers Burger is their competitive advantage that’s why they grab the biggest market share
  9. 9. Opportunity analysis STRENGTHS Competitive price Consistency to quality Feedback mechanism Strategic alliance with Francorp. opportunities Upward trend of purchasing power Increasing number of health conscious people Emerging areas outside Metro Manila One-number delivery hotline Rapid growth of call centers and BPOs propositions:  Tap the emerging markets outside Metro Manila  Create one-number delivery hotline 24 hours delivery service
  10. 10. Slice of the pie Notes: Market share is based on aggregate sales of the four firms as reflected on their financial statements. The industry is pretty small playing around at aggregate sales of P195m.
  11. 11. The product and the players
  12. 12. product description  Hotshots is a gourmet burger food chain  Burgers are made from 100% pure beef; absolutely no extenders  The company promotes healthy options: GRILLED BURGERS  Buyers can choose from variety of tastes of burgers  Fish and chicken burgers are also available  Customers can create their own burger according to their preference
  13. 13. pricing  Cheapest burger: P105 Deluxe – quarter pound patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo  Most expensive burger: P195 Mozzarella burger – double quarter pound patties, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo, mozzarella cheese  Products of hotshots are at par with its competitors, where price ranges from P105 to P350 for a piece of burger
  14. 14. Promotion: proposed  Introduce combo meals Burger + Fries + Drinks  Create junior sized burgers  Tie-up with credit card firms  Launch discount cards
  15. 15. Promotion: competitors
  16. 16. place Metro manila Pearl drive, Ortigas Tomas Morato Robinsons Manila UST campus RCBC plaza Makati Outside Metro manila Enchanted Kingdom Subic SM City Clark Petron NLEX Baguio
  17. 17. strategy Hotshots, having the most number of branches outside Metro Manila, should continue expanding and seize its growth opportunities in other cities such as CEBU, DAVAO and other emerging areas such as NAGA
  18. 18. 10 STEPS MARKETING PLAN for: HotShots Flame-grilled burgers Martin Dominic Reyes October 2010