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Impact of ICT on globalisation of education. Lecture in GlobalEd summerschool in Falun, Sept 2009

Impact of ICT on globalisation of education. Lecture in GlobalEd summerschool in Falun, Sept 2009

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  • 1. Global Village School: the impact of ICT on globalisation of education Mart Laanpere Centre for Educational Technology, Tallinn University, Estonia
  • 2. Technology is the answer!
    • … but what was the question?
  • 3. Global Village
    • A term coined by Marshall McLuhan
    • Cyberbalkans, Global Theatre
    • Social networks - lightspeed rumors
    • Virtual communities - identity construction
    • Schools in the Global Village: what scenarios?
    • Radical change of the learning environment seems to be inescapable
  • 4. The learning environment defined
    • Narrow definition: classroom
    • Wider definition: physical and social environment that surrounds a learner, including learning resources, technical equipment, curriculum, fellow learners, teacher (with her implicit learning theories and teaching methods) etc.
  • 5. Changes in learning environment
    • 2400 years ago: Socrates banned the books
    • 500 years ago: learning environment = working environment
    • 150 years ago: village schools
    • 100 years ago: learning environment was rationalized/industrialized
    • 30 years ago: subject-specific classrooms
    • 10 years ago: institutional virtual learning environment
    • In 10 years: global learning environments, personal mobile clients?
  • 6. OECD scenarios of schooling 2020
    • Status Quo scenarios: no change (by choice or inability)
      • Bureaucratic school systems continue
      • Teacher Exodus - Meltdown scenario
    • Re-schooling scenarios: different schools
      • Schools as core social centres
      • Schools as focused learning organisations
    • De-schooling scenarios: no schools as we know them
      • Learning Networks and the Network Society
      • Extending the market model
  • 7. Three metaphors of learning
    • Acquisition, participation and knowledge creation metaphors (by Paavola, Lipponen & Hakkarainen 2004)
    • C.Bereiter: learning in “belief mode” and “design mode”
  • 8. FLE3 – Future Learning Environment
  • 9. Getting global
    • Learning networks: anywhere, anytime, with anyone
    • Digital Divide, OLPC project
    • Mobile Wikipedia in South Africa, UNESCO YDA project
    • Deer Leap in Georgia
    • Gori project by the pupils of Kolga village school
  • 10. Global communities of authors
    • Wikipedia
    • E-portfolio
  • 11. … but what was the question?