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    • martkhtmcguire martkhtmcguire I'd love the version with the fancy animations. We use Macs and Keynote, and could buy the fonts. My email address is Dropbox or similar would also work. It would be great if I could show your pres to my class and talk about the event.  6 days ago
    • martkhtmcguire martkhtmcguire Excellent presentation. It's great to see a well considered use of typography and colour. I caught a link to the #SWTOLib event and followed the links. Love the Hub idea that won first place. I can imagine this kind of event taking place in libraries across the world. I'm currently working with students in a 300-level course who are investigating the future of our university library. I'll certainly use the #SWTOLib event as a discussion starter. We have an 'Audacious Business Challenge' here in Dunedin, but this kind of pitch-your-startup approach isn't used in the classroom. Could work, though. I'll make sure my students see your presentation (as much for the design as for the ideas!). Thanks very much for uploading it here.  1 week ago
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