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Journey press release update

  1. 1. THE JOURNEYThe Journey tells the compelling story of a youngmanhe l t2 5 yearsa Teen Chalenge U K has beF or t l the5cast , Teen Chalenge U K has F or ttrapped in , world of addiction, but he as t years as l for 2 land crew of thisni t ng tproduction, thisp op ul i more addi s i t U K . been w orki and m i 2 eri o t ever i ng s hour he ncreas i is faron of ng at drug ct n hethan a story.s It is ai harshcof sharrowing bus es andthat - cent , regul y con- Out reach t ng rom and hop s , m obie reality drop i eam op erat f f ee l n res arl nect ih des p erat young p eop l at t l .Rehabiiat p rogram m es i W al , E ngl & wt e e s reetevel lt i on n es andtheylhave lived through p and escapedrai ng. Scot p rovi l t s up ort and de ong erm from. and lfs kil t ni ie- lsMost orki formeri drugng t talcoholncreasaim ofop ul i of to depict ct i t U K .Out en w are and m ni t and he ever i The i p the musical is ng s eri o ng at on drug addiinsa n he reachaddicts op erat f cof s Teen , m obie bus es and drop - cent , regul y connect ih des - t s eam and graduates of f hop s i rom ng the ee visual format, these personal stories l i n res arl wtChallenge UKeopprogramme l at .Rehabiiat p rogramimpactingWaudiences and & Scot p ro- p erat young p e l at t e s reetevel the that have been m es i al , E ngl lt i on n es l andcharity’s Carmarthenshire lfs kil andniover many years as the team have vi l t s up p ort de ong erm base s t ng. and ie- l rai travelled around the UK to share theirother UK centres. Between them, they message of hope at organized eventsrepresent over a century of and problems.‘The Journey’ Although each individual’s experiencecombines music, drama and video as is different, there are commonwe witness one young man’s elements. As Paul explained: “ Many are allured into the drug lifestyle out ofdownward spiral into addiction. curiosity and peer pressure. ForLike most, he starts out full of dreams some, social use of drugs soon leadsand goals for his life. All that is lost to the trap of addiction, life crumbleswhen the lifestyle his friends offer around them and they are left toproves to be a temptation he cannot survive, doing anything necessary toresist exploring. Life spins out of feed the intense physical cravings. Often when the men share theircontrol and he finds himself on a stories, they recall the misery of life indestructive treadmill of drug abuse, a bed-sit with just a mattress on thecrime, addiction and despair. floor and only ever leaving the room toStruggling to survive, the nightmare somehow find their daily supply offeels like it will never end. That is when drugs. ‘The Journey’ depicts that sadhis search for hope and fight for scenario and the consequences of the addiction lifestyle, but also thefreedom begins. contrast of the new life that so many ofThe Journey’ is written by Paul Evans who our young men and women are nowhas worked with Teen Challenge for 17 years. experiencing” .His inspiration was the hundreds of incredible The cast and crew have all foundstories he has heard from the young men and freedom from the misery and slaverywomen who have gone through the of their addiction. Little wonder then,rehabilitation programme. He said, “ It has that they are passionate aboutalways been an amazing experience to see communicating that message of hopedrug addicts change both physically and to others.spiritually from a place of utter hoplessness ‘The Journey’ will entertain, inform,to become young men and women with a inspire and challenge and is suitablesense of purpose and destiny” for an ALL age audience.For the last 25 years, Teen Challenge UK has been working and ministering to the ever increasing populationof drug addicts in the UK. Outreach teams operating from coffee shops, moblie buses and drop-in centres,regularly connect with desperate young people at street level. Rehabilitation programmes in Wales, England &Scotland provide long term support and life-skills training.For further information on Teen Challenge UK call: 01269 844168.Email: and on the web: